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How and why does “FOMO” affects people? 

Replacing FOMO with JOMO

FOMO is a new word that has affected and affiliated humans than ever. It’s a feeling that one gets when they think everyone is enjoying themselves and having a fun time without you. Fear of missing out usually feels like that we are always missing out on something and fear out connecting with people but it does much more than we just think. It not only disconnects us from the outside world but drifts us away from enjoying our present moment with family, friends, and loved ones. 

Usually, FOMO has been more likely to be found in teens and young adults usually between 15-35 years of age. To overcome the feeling of missing out teens starting relying on alcohol and drugs to overcome this fear which worsens the situation. Blaming the technologies for the experience of fear of missing out is not appropriate as it is just a mere medium of connecting through the world.

Fear of missing out strikes us harder when we miss out the leisure than on work. Sometimes we start questioning ourselves do am I lovable? Am I up to everyone’s exceptions? what happens if I’m not like them and the most substantial am I worthy of all this? And when you don’t have answers to these questions then the person starts feeling the fear of missing out.  

Replacing FOMO with JOMO

JOMO or joy of missing out and FOMO or fear of missing out. JOMO should be replaced with FOMO as doing things in which you find pleasure and joy is what you need in life. Although JOMO doesn’t mean having joy and fun all the time it’s the acceptance of oneself rather than fear of missing out on something. Connecting with people is a great way of communicating but when we tend to over-connect we feel the strain. Distancing yourself from others is not being a solution to avoid the problems instead one starts thinking more about why they are less adequate than others. The solution for that is JOMO live happily enjoy the present moment and avoid people who make you feel worthless.

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Reasons for FOMO

  • The rise in the use of social media– the rise of social media in recent years have led to be people to more active on their social media platforms and somehow it’s a constant reminder of what they are missing in life, how they are less superior than other people and which is not quite good for a person’s health and self-confidence. And comparing yourselves to why you are not good or better than them. 

The thing is that people show the best on social media and they should not fall into the trap that they are the ones that are missing because everything that we see on social media is just a part of it but not than full reality.

  • Social exclusion– At one point or other, we might have faced the situation of being excluded from groups, discussions, and chats. Social exclusion can be negative and positive both ways in a positive way like one is a socially introverted person then they exclude themselves from social gatherings and talks, another is in a negative way where people exclude you from joining or having a conversation with them which can really affect and disturbs a person physically and mentally. 
  • Facing Anxiety and depression– People having anxiety and depression issues find little more difficulty with handling things. And usually have fear of missing out on things because they inferiority complex and fear among themselves. Criticizing oneself in a good way can be positive but if the same criticism is used negatively can affect a person’s mental health.  

FOMO and Mental health, how it is related?

The connection between fear of missing out and mental health is a well-known fact over the internet. People facing a fear of missing out tend to have faced problems like anxiety, anger issues, and depression which directly affects a person mentally as well as emotionally. In this situation, a person tends to think that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves leaving behind you. And it develops negative patterns and thoughts for which one starts thinking am I boring or less popular than them, or less attractive which cause damage to our mental health which is a really serious issue and it cannot be taken in a negligible way.

Instead one should make the choice that keeps them happy and appreciate oneself more because the world will always criticize you whether you do good or bad deeds some people are out there to make you worthless but it is up to us how we take that criticism in a positive approach and work on it to overcome the fear of missing out.

Tips to overcome FOMO

  • Maintaining healthy relations with friends and family– Being connected with your friends and family is the best way out to tell about our emotions and feeling. Studies have proved that sharing everything with our loved ones helps us to mentally healthy and happy. 
  • Staying less active on socials– The noble cause for fear of missing out is excessive use of social media handles for which we constantly keep checking what’s happening and sometimes might feel jealous of the things we don’t have. So better stay away or take a break from them and give more time to yourself and relax.
  • Spending time on leisure activities and hobbies– The more time you spend on things and activities you love the more tends you are happy. It not only improves the mood but also gives a sense of satisfaction. Doing this regularly can kill the root cause of FOMO.
  • Maintaining a journal– Bottling up your feelings is better than pen it down and it keeping a personal journal or diary for your best moments and experience so that you can appreciate what you are rather than comparing with others and it’s the best way to validate and appreciate oneself more.  

The question shouldn’t be how to overcome the fear of missing out? But why I am fearing out? The day you got the answer for this you will realize then it will guide us to live a more happy and peaceful life. 

The fear of missing out is what leads us to lose the moments of our lives. Although it’s not being a new experience to humans that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing or a bad sign. The only thing that one has to keep in mind and be careful is that fear of missing out makes out miss more kinds of stuff than we just were fine and make sure that we don’t lead to more FOMO or let it affects our lives completely.

It’s not illness or disease that isn’t curable but it’s a common feeling that people tend to think or feel in recent years. Although with the right consultation of a therapist, meditation, and yoga one can work and overcome the fear of missing out. But one thing one shouldn’t forget the fear of missing out compels us to love better ourselves and achieve more and live more. 

Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana
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