Importance of Environment to Human Life

World Environment Day


The environment consists of all things-living or nonliving that influence human life. It plays a vital role in the functioning of our daily lives. The environment/nature and its wonderful species existed even before human habitat. Every species, be it on land or water, existed peacefully. 

The turmoil began after the dawn of human civilization and industrialization. Humans began to use the environment as a means to an end without giving much thought to the consequences of the abuse or respect that it should give to the facilitator of life on Earth. 

Why is the Environment Important to Human Life? 

  • The environment provides us with resources for production which include renewable and non-renewable resources
  • The environment includes sun, water, air, and soil without which human life would not exist. It sustains life by providing genetic diversity and biodiversity. 
  • Production and consumption of activities generate waste mainly in the manner of garbage that the environment helps get rid of. 
  • Humans enjoy the beauty of mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, and many other breathtaking natural elements only because of the existence of the environment. 

Why do we need to protect the Environment? 

  • Our environment is what houses and helps our ecosystem grow. Without protecting our environment animals, crops, and we all are in danger. 
  • If there is no Environment then we humans would have no place to live nor any other means to survive. 
  • If our environment is not protected then there would not exist forests which include trees that provide us with the basic means to survive such as oxygen to breathe, timber, wood, oils, and many other products. 
  • Every day we see a rise in the earth’s temperature. This is because we abuse the environment instead of protecting it. We, humans, have created a major amount of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide which has a major effect on climate change
  • The Environment also benefits the Economy. A healthy Environment promotes more nature-based tourism
  • Cases of Asthma and Bronchitis would decrease if we protect our Environment and provide one another a healthy environment to breathe in. 

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World Environment Day was founded on June 5, 1974. 

Every three seconds, the world loses enough forests that could cover a football pitch and over the last decade, we have ruined half of our wetlands. Therefore World Environment Day was formed with the main aim to revive billions of hectares from forests to farmlands and mountains to oceans.

Every year the world environment day is hosted in different cities and has a different theme such as: 

  • In 2016 the theme was “GO FOR WILD”. The aim was to reduce and prevent the illegal wildlife trade which was hosted in Paris.
  • In 2017 the theme was “CONNECTING PEOPLE TO NATURE”, intending to make people realize how important nature is and what all it provides us with. This was hosted in Canada.
  • In 2018 the theme was “BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION”. The main aim was for people to reduce the use of plastic and replace it with reusable items as plastic harms the climate when burnt or disposed of. This particular Agenda was hosted in India. 
  • In 2019 the theme was “BEAT AIR POLLUTION”. This topic was chosen as air pollution kills almost 7 million people annually. This was hosted in China. 
  • In 2020 the theme was “TIME FOR NATURE”, intending to protect the wildlife and prevent us from killing the animals. This was hosted in Columbia. 
  • In 2021 the theme is “ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION” to improve our Ecosystem. This theme is being held in Pakistan. 

In 2013, a World Environment Day Anthem was made by the Union Ministers Of India:

Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl 

The most beautiful planet in the universe 

All the continents and all the oceans 

United we stand as flora and fauna 

United we stand as species of one earth 

Different cultures, beliefs, and ways 

We are humans, the earth is our home 

All the people and the nations of the world 

All for one and one for all 

United we unfurl the blue marble flag 

Ideally, we should not require an Environment day to appreciate, protect, save and remember the utility of the environment. It should be a thought embedded in our minds and we should be grateful for its existence. Every action may cause harm to the environment and hence we should be mindful of all our actions and decisions.


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