Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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How to begin with the end in the mind?

If you don't have a destination, you're on a road to nowhere. Isn't it just stating the obvious? But, if it's so simple, why do so many of us struggle to choose our destination, a crucial step in every task?

Foods You Can Cook In Your Hostel Room To Survive The Day!

the least food that is edible can make it all a tad bit easier. Obviously, it’s not possible to create a perfect three course meal in the hostel because not all the hostels have gas stoves, but preparing some good and familiar snacks that can be easily counted as healthy too, might really be the only thing that you would need.

Fake feminism, does it exist in our society?

Ever some women fight for equality, but that equality means both for males and females, and not being gender-biased let's look at the feminism angle within this discourse.

8 Must Try Exquisite Indian Dishes

The food is the essence of India and you will see it everywhere - not only in bars and restaurants but also on the streets, around places of worship and even on the buses and trains. No matter how many western dishes gets introduced into our country these days, peace is found only when our fingers touch the food made at home.


Fashion and popular music have a creative partnership that is plentiful and mutual. Some of the most dramatic garment visuals ever developed in popular culture have arisen from reciprocal effects. Some are remarkable stage and music video creations, while others become long-lasting fashion fads that become notable, referential, and lasting in society.
These Asian web series in short are the packaged deal of thriller and romance merged in the most subtle of ways making the plot unique.


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