Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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The Connection Between Environment and Human Health

The connection between protecting the environment and human health has been recognized for some time.

Data-driven application for improving an education in urban areas – Indian context

Education is a sphere which continuously needs to be analysed, evaluated and reformed if needed so that it can match today's competitive environment.

Using Dressing Styles to Stay at Edge of our Personality

Personality forms the distinctive character of an individual through their choices, qualities, likes, and dislikes. Personality is the projection of one’s outlook on life and the vision towards living a life majorly affects personality.

Proven ways to get proper sleep at night

If you are deprived of sleep due to whatever reason, let’s get into the ways to battle sleeplessness to give you a good night and a happy and productive morning. 


Quails are an important bird species in fragile ecosystems of South Odisha. Quails are categorized as endangered species under the IUCN Red list. Indigenous people hunt the birds using bird traps, during the summer months, mainly for food in the rural hinterlands of South Odisha. Quails are an important source of proteins in the local tribal diets. Commercial quail farming business in India has a great probability and is a profitable venture.
Palua is a wild edible tuber plant found in Odisha. Palua ladoo is one of the sweetest desserts of Odisha originated from the district of Bhadrak. Indigenous communities collect the wild tubers from the forest and process it through an elaborate process before consumption.


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