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Yoga: An Introduction

Yoga provides a path for the ultimate freedom or Moksha. It is said to have originated around 5000 years back in ancient India and has gained immense popularity in western culture.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Hot Chocolate, Plus a Delicious Recipe

Are you looking for a beverage for a cozy movie night? Or are you homesick? Do you want to sip on something delicious and...

Building Confidence: Top 10 Books to Empower Your Journey

Confidence is a quality that can make a world of difference in our personal and professional lives. It empowers us to take risks, face...



10 Best Fitness Apps to Easily Track Your Health

Health apps are programs that are specifically designed to help you take care of your body. Health apps can be used for a variety of things including finding workouts, helping you eat right, and even tracking your sleep patterns.

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Best Books to Read in Your 20s

If you're in your twenties, there are a few novels that your friends are likely to have read by now that can help you manage independence. It's never too late to catch up on reading if you've already passed this period of life!

Impact of Covid-19 on Farming Sector

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic pushed the whole world into a standstill situation and the lockdown period has coincided with peak harvesting season, imposing a threat to over 1 crore hectare land in India.

UP’s Draft Population Control Bill -Two-Child Policy

India has just 2% of the world’s mainland and 16% of the transnational population. It has been documented that India will soon surpass China’s population and will soon know to be the country with the largest population.

What Does a Good DSP Do for You?

A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is an essential component in modern technology that performs mathematical operations on digital signals in real time. It is...

What Jezebel Should Write About Abortion Laws?

The gestation period in humans is nine months or 42 weeks and this period is divided into three trimesters. Abortions techniques can range from taking an oral pill to grave surgical operations.


Green powders are the new trend. Everyone swears by their benefits and of course, you also want to know what it is about them!





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