Sunday, September 19, 2021

Taliban’s War Against Women

With news of the Taliban’s new reign, every single nerve of every single woman living in Afghanistan is shrieking in fear and pain from past experiences. One can only imagine their situation, eager to leave their homeland, their jobs, and everything they ever worked for only to avoid the Taliban.

How and why does “FOMO” affects people? 

Fear of missing out (FOMO) strikes us harder when we miss out the leisure than on work. Sometimes we start questioning ourselves do am I lovable? Am I up to everyone’s exceptions?

How to Get Rid of Loneliness?

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Learnings from Environmental Disasters

On 11th March 2011, a powerful earthquake hit the coast of Honshu located in Japan. In less than an hour after the earthquake, a...

What is the Perspective of Education Today?

The concept of education has greatly evolved over the years. Education was first considered as the gain of knowledge from teacher to student.

Daryaganj – An Abode of Culture

Daryaganj is a heaven for the people who have fallen in love with them or are planning to. Daryaganj is everything you can ask for. It is a place for artists also!

VIRTUAL REALITY – The Artificial World Within Sight

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment with 3-dimensional images, gives us a lifelike experience similar to the real world.

Siliguri: Unknown and Hidden

Siliguri is a picturesque place set in the northeast Indian state of West Bengal. Sitting on the foot of the Himalayas, this place is besieged by large tea gardens and fragrances. It is home to the North Bengal Science Centre which is renowned for its planetarium. The beauty of Siliguri lies in the perfect mix of city and village.


There is a procedure in Yoga to thank or to show gratitude towards the sun. That procedure is known as Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation.
Yoga is also known as a process that unites and balances the thoughtful nature of mind, movement of body, and purity of soul.


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