Monday, September 26, 2022

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Leaf Plates:  A Sustainable Livelihood Option for Tribals – Some Issues and Insights

Sal leaf is a major source of income for forest dwellers. The predominant source of leaf plates and containers are Sal (Shorea robusta), a tree and Siali (Bauhinia vahlii), a vine with big leaves. Sal have commercial values

Best Stress Management Techniques for College Students

Stress is a normal biological process meant to protect your body. For college students especially, stress is the pesky antagonist in every college student’s life story because there is so much to balance across school, work, pre-existing responsibilities and the constant consideration of the future.

Top 10 Indian Winter Foods You Can’t Risk Missing!

Winters are already here and have taken a toll on most of us. Our body temperature falls during winters and so does our metabolism. People face a lot of issues like cough, cold, congestion, etc. But with the seasonal change, India has its dietary change as well. There are many traditional Indian cuisines and foods that were incorporated by our ancestors in order to battle this seasonal change.

Myths Related to Water Intake

When you think about hydration, your mind automatically conjures up images of gushing water. Water, on the other hand, is an undeniably necessary lifeline that keeps us running.


A world that builds a communication channel among the various immobile elements in a forest through passing of chemical signals from their filaments. These networks often invisible to the naked eyes manifest themselves as fruiting bodies called toadstools or mushrooms and form an important component of most ecosystems.
A watershed is an area of land that drains rainfall and snowmelt into streams and rivers.


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