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How to Get Rid of Loneliness?

Loneliness and Happiness

Loneliness is not less than a pandemic at this time and it has more serious and damaging effects than smoking, alcohol, or drugs by this count only someone can understand how much damage it can cause to a human being. It doesn’t affect a person through their age, gender, or caste they belong it can happen to anyone. We all have been lonely at some phase of our life and it’s nothing unusual.

Loneliness is not just a sad feeling that one needs to get rid of something. It increases our stress, uneasiness, anxiety level, and feeling sad all the time. Loneliness has become so dangerous that it is affecting people’s mental health and putting them into a state of trauma and increasing the stress level which has even caused more severe consequences than this and leads to early death and it not only affects a person’s health mentally but physically too.

Finland has been named as the happiest country in the world and with India ranking at position 139 out of 149 countries in the list of UN world happiness records. And through this survey, we can estimate our country’s condition how the people are being traumatized with loneliness and depression. Studies have found that two out of five people tend to be lonely. But the question is even if we are having smartphones and social media where we can connect with our loved ones then why people are lonely? The fact is that these smartphones and social media have made us lonelier than ever. Now the people are more depressed, anxious, and lonelier. The solution for this is what people are looking out for is a therapy which is not an ultimatum solution for it instead the solution for this lies within us, our brain, and our thinking.

Technology cannot be blamed for people’s convenience and to make their lives more efficient and impactful. With changing world, we too need to get updated to move with the world. Getting lonely and don’t have anyone to talk to anyone where one can share their thoughts and feelings through which can make anyone in a state of loneliness.  

It is often seen that people who tend to be lonely blame themselves if things won’t work out for them or according to their desire, and if you are not lonely you don’t attribute the failure to yourself and think about the other options of how you can reach your goals in the future. Another thing that people don’t accept is the fact that they are lonely and live in their fantasy world.

Being alone is a choice but being lonely isn’t!

Loneliness is killing us for once we can have the cure for cancer, diabetics, and heart disease but not for loneliness and depression. Loneliness is risky as smoking 15 cigarettes in a day. We all crave human connection as we do crave food, clothes, and traveling but when we lack human connection we usually reach out to different unhealthy and mean ways to get rid of that. The risk of dies sooner increases with living a lonely life. 

Reaching to new people and initiating a talk can help you to get rid of loneliness, though we know that it’s not easy to suddenly appear and start a conversation with a random stranger on a street or a coffee shop and many of us didn’t approach as well. But at least giving it a try can introduce you to new people in your life. Often lonely people usually don’t reach or disclose to people about their thoughts and feelings instead keep everything inside them and reciprocate less. Instead of sinking in the emptiness of your thoughts wondering why you are alone and sad. Reach out to someone whom you love talking to and spend time and see how you will feel having a sense of satisfaction that you got somebody in your life.  

Loneliness is the evil root and a contributor to depression Lonely People have more suicidal thoughts and social peers to handle surprisingly loneliness is found between the youngest and the oldest generations and to which teenagers suffer the most. Making yourselves isolated and cutting connections from your friends and family disturbs you from within.  

What can be done?

The worst feeling is when you are surrounded by people but still can’t find anyone to talk to because you feel alone. And people make assumptions that you are being rude or weird as you are just trying to avoid making any contact. Usually, the thing that people themselves why are they even lonely even having a lot of people around them but still having the feel of loneliness?

  • Being happy with your own – self-company is the best company you can get where there will be no expectations, not getting hurt, and hopes with anyone just you only.
  • Not to be dependent on others – sometimes we see that for our happiness we start depending on others and if the same expectations didn’t meet up we started feeling sad and lonely because we human beings are fundamentally built to be part of a group and built to dependent on other.
  • Yoga and meditation – Doing yoga and meditation prove out to be beneficial from ancient times only and it not less than therapy. A daily dose of exercise and yoga is the cure to most of the medicines that are prevailing today.
  • Stay around positive people – we often heard staying in touch with positive people gives out positive vibes and feelings. Yeah, it does work because when you are surrounded by people who have a positive approach towards their life can be helpful to you also.
  • Stop repeating mistakes – the thing that most people do is to repeat their mistakes constantly even if the tactic is not working out and don’t try something or do an experiment. Realizing your mistakes and working on them is a key factor in how to be more positive and happy.

A person is never lonely because you are with yourself always. Be your best friend and see how life and things change. 


Happiness and suffering are all about our thinking and in our minds. Happiness is not out in people or things rather than it is in our head the way outlook and presume things. If one wants to stop being lonely that only can be done how we perceive and think about the things in our mind. This is how the difference between the people who are lonely and who are happy, the difference is how we think and act.

You should take your interactions and thoughts to people to let them know you well and with whom you have a comfort zone. Do share about yourself experiences and stories. Say what you will like give opinions take advice and take the risk to say exactly how you feel and that is when we create new connections and bond with the people outside our world. Set strategies and try don’t think what others will say and think about you because at last what matters you and your happiness.

Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana is a creative writer who explores new learnings. Her experience also got her interested in SEO and copywriting. Currently, she is pursuing her undergraduate at Delhi University.

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