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Obesity and Overweight: Threat to Mankind

Weight loss strategy

Obesity is an epidemic that has affected adolescents and children the most. Out of three people are facing the problem of obesity and if we glance in a deeper view then about one out of 13 people face extreme obesity. Children are the ones who are most stricken with the problem of overweight and obesity. We are in midst of the obesity and. There may be different perceptions made in a people’s mind how the person is affected by obesity which might hurt the other person. It can leave a negative impact on the person’s health physically and mentally both ways.

Nothing new these even the person affected with obesity have to face all this bias in their everyday life, bias from their workplace to friends to have a health care system. It is assumed that obesity is caused due to poor healthcare and lifestyle habits, rather than judging people out trying to assist them to boost their health. The main target has to be on the individual patient who goes through this. They have been gone a lot through it if we can’t help them out then we must always also not be on the who just pass judgments and march on, as for you it’s going to not affect except for the opposite person it’d affect a lot.

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People think that losing weight is easy and eating less food and exercise more can help them to lose weight. Calories in and calories out that’s how we lose weight? No, it isn’t people think eating less would be a weight loss strategy which definitely isn’t. Now obesity has become so serious that while having an adverse effect on physical health it’s also ruining people’s psychological state too resulting in depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Consequences associated with obesity

People facing the matter of obesity are much likely to be affected more by diseases and poor health conditions.

  • Heart diseases
  • Asthma problems
  • Lung infections
  • Early death
  • Cancer

There are other many diseases that are being faced but beyond that, a person’s social and mental state is affected they are being criticized, judged, and bullied for his or her weight that they may not be held responsible resulting in poor quality of life.

Is obesity glorifying?

We cannot say that obesity is glorifying as many people who are obese is due to their genetic reasons and it really becomes difficult to change state. It doesn’t matter how you gained the weight or not, but an individual should be working in a very healthier way daily and have body positivity within themselves. Most obese people need help and that they are cognizant of that fact and it should start with basic education on healthy eating habits and nutrition intake.

Many individuals think that if someone is not supporting the lifestyle of fat people then they are body shaming them. Body fat is unhealthy, nobody should be bullied for what they are not chargeable for but everyone wants to be a victim therefore fat people think it’s that they’re being bullied. Sometimes a person who is obese may not be facing the issues of diabetics, high pressure levels then why are they fat?

How genetics results in obesity?

There are many of us out who don’t seem to be held chargeable for obesity instead because their genetics are to blame for obesity in them. The variants that we feature from our parents play a major role in contributing to our anatomical structure and also the inherited however they directly don’t influence but your environment and physical activity to contribute to obesity.

How overweight is calculated by BMI?

A calculation called BMI (Body Mass Index) helps to calculate and breaks down, BMI could be a helpful tool to estimate the healthy weight of a person. The formula for calculating is a person’s weight in kilogram divided by the square of heights in meters. If the BMI of an individual is high then it indicates that there’s high body fatness. The calculator will give the thought of whether you must have control over your diet or not.

Sometimes your BMI might not be accurate whether you are overweight or not but the opposite thing that may be done is to live the waist circumference or waist to height ratio or waist to hip ratio for desired results.

Ways to lose body fat


Losing weight takes time and patience it cannot be done overnight, losing fat and staying fit isn’t something that may be accomplished sitting ahead of your television for tat an individual’s dedication and determination can fix it to a healthy body and there are quite a few ways which a person can follow to slim.

  • Having a healthy diet – the most reason behind excess body fat is because of our unhealthy eating habits. If not taking an adequate amount of fibres, proteins and only consuming food won’t visiting help but also increases our weight causing high levels of cholesterol, pressure level, and lots of diseases. So, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to beat the matter of obesity.
  • Workout routine – a healthy body ends up in a healthy mind-set and lifestyle, the more you work out the more your body are going to be fit and active which helps in removing your body fat a daily workout and exercise must be in our daily routine.
  • Making active choices – the more physical work one does the more healthy our body will become to run, swim, run, and engaging in sports will make your body more active.
  • Be consistent – our body doesn’t stay within the same sort so for it to remain in a lively position it’s to figure out consistently.
  • High-intensity interval training – it’s one among the most effective results to lose body fat it includes workouts and cardio to cut back body fat in less period of your time.

There are many commercial weight loss programs or media which guarantee that you simply will lose the load although it’s nothing but fraud itself and other people starting believing them. After doing all the items once we don’t get the required results we tend to be just about unsatisfied. The sole way is to believe and see to accomplish what you desire.


The topic of obesity is incredibly complex but we should start already, the reality is that in life we should always have certain limits that we should always not exceed. Being obese could be a global crisis it is affecting humans in one way or another. There is a need to balance our diet, intake of unprocessed and raw food should be minimized and calorie intake should be a must to keep the body fit and healthy.

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