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Procrastination: Hurdle to Success

How to avoid procrastination?

‘Procrastination is the key to delayed success’ Well we are all quite aware of the terms procrastination and procrastinator and we all do procrastinate in our daily lives, and within which an individual usually puts off doing work. Whether it studying or performing some work procrastination always ruins things in one way or another. Controlling procrastination is more about mental activity than a physical one because continuous thoughts and avoiding or postponing the work affects the working and functioning of our mind. To regulate the method of procrastination one must have control over their thoughts or processing of the brain. Although, procrastination may be a vital part of life processes because it teaches us that these delays give us important lessons and information. Procrastination isn’t always about being lazy it’s a sense of being overwhelmed and not knowing which way to get into life and life is all about moments create and make them.

Has technology made us a procrastinator?

There are certain debates within which technology be blamed for creating human beings a procrastinator, advancement within the field of science and technology has made people less potential due to the tools and gadgets with them which make them distracted and people became procrastinating more than ever i.e. our smartphone the biggest distraction and giving people more ways to procrastinate out!

Though advancement in technology cannot be blamed for the evil roots of procrastination. As we the humans who are taking the wrong advantage of it and letting these gadgets take over our lives and productivity. We the humans are accountable for it because it depends on us a way to use and choose technology. It is proved that individuals who are mentally and socially conscious about their reputation in society will attempt to retain a self-portrayed image of theirs as they fear losing their image in society. Procrastination is not less than a drug to society as the more intake we take in the more unproductive and addictive. We, humans, are becoming slaves of technology and it is something that we don’t have control over it could be psychological behaviour but the only way it may be minimized is by working consistently on yourself.

How to avoid procrastination?

A few ways are there which could facilitate your bent quit procrastination and begin becoming a productive person in life.

  1. Set the table- set, mark, and judge what you truly want to try and do in your day write it down then determine accordingly. See how things will come to track once you set certain goals in your life to realize.
  2. Refuse to stop- sometimes our mind diverts us and makes us do quiet things. But you refuse to prevent because once you begin delaying your work it becomes a habit then creating a mess but if you work in line with your schedule it becomes your routine and you’ll see self-discipline within yourself.
  3. Practicing creative procrastination- procrastination can sometimes be creative as do procrastinate on things that are of no or less valuable to you. Be from that job that’s of no use to you and this manner procrastination is nice for you.
  4. Keeping momentum- the toughest part is starting to work then maintain that consistency in this and sometimes it’s the hard to part to grasp but once you started, ignoring distractions then you’ll definitely carry on that momentum in your life.
  5. Breaking the work into small tasks- another way which may see efficiently is to assist focus, breaking the task further into small groups then work accordingly from your convenience so each fragment will be done easily.
  6. Creating deadlines- making deadlines may be a good way to prevent procrastination and once you know that there’s a specific time restricted to doing a selected task you become more enthusiastic and energetic to finish within the deadline allotted.
  7. Meditation- it’s helpful to beat stress, anxiety and maintain focus apart from building focus it also boosts up the memory and freshens up the mind to perform the task well and avoid procrastination.

These are the few ways to avoid procrastination, the other things you can do are to start out reading books or novels, follow sports, maintaining a healthy lifestyle so you will be able to think and have a transparent vision. About what’s right and wrong then you realize that procrastination has left you away long!

Is procrastination really procrastination?

What appears to be a procrastinator? And are you a procrastinator for real? Is procrastination making you waste time? There might be many questions regarding it. But the most important question is procrastination really procrastination?

Each of them has some desires and dreams to attain in life and what if they are subject to procrastination that actually killing their productivity. Often procrastination may be a matter of polarization where one wants to realize something except for some reason cannot bed, there’s what we lack delaying the work task for days without even realizing that it stumbling our growth. We are busy living accordingly to a stream of a lifetime of which the general public don’t know anything this but everything in our life is subject to cause and effect of law and after you become attentive to the working law and recognize its process you will be free from ‘procrastination’ forever which should be your mantra in life.

Procrastination isn’t a weakness

Procrastination isn’t an indication of weakness or flaw in a person and after all, none of us know what exactly it terms out. There’s some extent in everyone’s life between the requirement to achieve success and also the fear of failure which is extremely true because as humans we have some desires and fantasies in life. But then again procrastination is usually a hurdle from achieving our goals leading us to unproductive life and it’s a lesson that is the result of negative emotions that are related to our work resulting in delayed and poor work management. Stop exploiting your roles and responsibilities, let your choices reflect your hopes but not fears.

Rest the selection is yours whether you would like to work out yourself as a perfectionist or procrastinator! Sometimes there are people that tend to be a perfectionist but the thing is that they covered or hidden under the blanket of a procrastinator, they can do but the thing that comes up their lazy behavior which makes them a procrastinator. Studies have proved that procrastinators or non-procrastinator both are perfectionists but it all depends on how they perceive and act.


When your ability isn’t equal to your worth is when you realize you being not productive. Having patient and having consistency in life, observing what the method of life is. Once you recognize the way to tackle procrastination within yourself it’ll lead you to a productive and healthy lifestyle. After you operate with the method of life and become tuned in to the working then there you’ll reach a stage of consciousness where life is lead without the constant struggle with the lower mind.

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Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana
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