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All About Narcissist Personality Disorder

The word ‘Narcissism’ is the most overused and problematic word of our time. It is used to understand bad and toxic behavior generally. Narcissist personality disorder trait is a very serious mental health disorder with a desire to feel special. Narcissism isn’t about having confidence within yourself but it’s a secret feeling of insecurity. Sometimes a misconception takes place where people offend relate self-confidence with narcissism. It is a trait disorder that should be characterized by your lack of empathy, admiration, and validation seeking and effect on others not your level of self-esteem. Narcissist people always brag around people scrambling for attention, they are the arrogant, loud people who are usually our friends, relatives, and in our workplace. And these types of people do anything to get attention or to feel special.  

Research has proven that the world is facing a narcissism epidemic. Narcissism is wholly destructive and people think that their obsession with oneself is self-love, self-admiration, selfishness or self-centeredness is being toxic, not saying that fixation with oneself is bad because as humans we need to maintain social ties and self-love or care is basic in human nature but when this selfishness reaches to an end then it is venomous to oneself and others. Then there comes people who don’t have self-love and admiration are tend to face anxiety and depression in their lives. With that, it becomes hard for them to admire other people around them as they don’t have a wrong perception. 

The world is becoming more narcissistic and insecure and doesn’t let this global epidemic affect you. Instead, find people with a positive approach towards life, choose friends and neighbors who are willing to help and care for you. Become a person with kindness and empathy. 

How are “NARCISSISTIC” made?

It’s not that unusual that people become narcissistic to self-involved when one is under unusual pressure, although self-preservation is important. So, why are people becoming or born narcissistic or nurture like that which tends them to be narcissistic people? Why are they like this? How does it happen? There being a lot of questions for this but the reality for all of them is that narcissists are made by the environment they are surrounded with. The way we are parented depends out how we will outgrow and glow some people being introverts other extroverts or maybe a combination of both i.e. ambivert. The whole personality depends on who we are raised from healthy range to unhealthy.  

Narcissist people do not know how to respond or act to situations, problems, and stress in life. Their mindset is as children they believe that everything and everyone should work accordingly to them and when their expectations do not meet they become mean and harsh. Narcissistic people cannot think outside of themselves and their wants and needs are like of a child. They believe that people are out there to serve them there are adult bodies trapped with children’s mindset, who cannot consider other than themselves. 

How to avoid from becoming a Narcissist?

If you are dealing with narcissism, conflict is inevitable. Narcissism is usually found in people who are obsessed with themselves more or it can be a hereditary trait too. Becoming a narcissistic person is not only harmful to oneself but for others with whom you are being surrounded. People having narcissistic people disorder seems to have fragile high self-esteem and this esteem is from validation or self-deception. The fear of criticism is a way out of being a narcissistic person. 

Beware of people who do not seek conflict resolution. Usually, narcissistic personalities create and enjoy chaos, these are high-conflict personalities that is why they repeat behaviors that trigger people. They call people insecure, dramatic but in reality, these are the ones who create all this mess and never admit that they are the sole problem. Counseling or visiting a psychiatrist can help to change your way of perceiving things, patterns, and thinking abilities. And these things can help to change the way of your living and improve your quality of life.  

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Often it is seen that people having Narcissistic disorder traits consult a therapist or psychiatrist, which helps them to work on them and escalate their consideration and empathy. During this session what changes they go through makes them a different person than they were before: 

  • Being more realistic with the external environment
  • Insightful with managing and maintaining relationships
  • Tolerating criticism which usually NPD lacks
  • Lesser unlikely thoughts and thinking 

Sometimes it takes medical treatment also like antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs to overcome the problem of narcissism. Expecting it to show effects in a few days is quite difficult because in some cases it takes years to get control over it and it is like a long therapy session that takes time to exhibit negative energy within you. 

Are Narcissist people ‘PSYCHOPATHS’ or ‘SOCIOPATHS’?

Not every narcissistic person is a psychopath and not every psychopath person is narcissistic. So what’s the thing that makes a difference between the two? If we look at narcissism as a person who is arrogant, insecure, self-centered, and lacks empathy. And always acres what people would think about them so maintaining a good image in the public eyes as they fear to face the guilt. A psychopath is a person who doesn’t feel guilt or shame and this is the difference between the two. Narcissism is not so bad after all the need to feel validated and enjoy our lives to the utmost to higher potential so go on feel special and make others feel special too without being a narcissistic person. As a person with narcissistic disorder lack genuine personalities 

Common FAQ’s 

QUES 1. What drives narcissistic people crazy?

The thing that drives narcissistic people crazy is that they have high self-esteem with a lack of control in them which makes them aggressive because they think that they neither apologize nor accept that they are being wrong.

QUES 2. How to deal with a narcissistic person? 

The people that exhibit NPD traits are sensitive prone to themselves with high self-esteem. The only way to deal with such people is avoiding their existence and not giving them much importance as they lack empathy. So, if possible stay away from them. 

QUES 3. What is the weakness of a narcissistic person? 

Narcissism is a useful trait but not in a long run. The weakness associated with them is 

• They get triggered easily

• Distrustful

• Turns out to be an imposter

• Can’t see anyone superior to them 

• They lack gratitude 

Causes of Narcissists personality disorder?

Though there is no specific reason behind NPD there are quite a few factors that may be responsible for this trait disorder and that includes-

• Genetics from parents

• Parenting style and overprotectiveness or strictness 

• Abuse or trauma from parents, partner or friends

• Hypersensitivity from childhood

• Personality and temperament

• Lack of attention and validation from the surrounding environment

• Being excessively pampered 

We all have the right to feel happier and special but when this goes over the healthy range then it becomes dangerous. When your need to feel special increases it usually turns out to be the unhealthy side of functioning. The thing that people need to know is that disliking the pattern of behavior doesn’t make it a mental illness. 

We always don’t have to feel appreciated or in the shadow of someone for constant self-validation. As a human, we need to know and realize that whatever we will do or don’t will always be loved by our family and friends. The ultimate thing is that gives a positive and healthy environment since childhood in order so that they outgrow to be healthy and valuable in future.

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