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Importance of Fruits and Vegetables in Regular Diet for a Healthy Body

Healthy Diet

We all want a happy and healthy life. Generally, in our routine, we all take fruits and vegetables in our meals. But do you know how fruits and vegetables help our body? There are so many nutritious and vitamins in fruits and vegetables. In this context, we will learn about how it is important to eat fruits and vegetables in your everyday meal.

Fruits and vegetables contain so many vitamins and fibers that fight against so many deadly health problems like cancer, heart problems, and diabetes.

Importance of Fruits in our Diet

Fruits are refreshing and contain natural sugar that helps your body to get hydrated and help to fight against many health problems. Fruits are not only the items of food, they can also work as medicine.


We can eat fruits raw we do not have to cook them. Fruits are a great source of water and nutrition. It contains fresh and natural juices that help our body to get hydrated when our body needs it. Every individual can take fruits it has all benefits for our body. Fruits are very beneficial for pregnant ladies. Most doctors suggest to patients to take more fruits.

Not only fresh fruits are beneficial, dry fruits like dates and apricots also have many benefits for your bones and mussels. Eating fresh fruits will help you to get away from unhealthy processed fruits. Fruits are come from trees and plants, not from the factory that’s why they are closer nature. And the closer to nature, the better for your body health.

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Mostly these fruits are more beneficial for your child’s growth. It can protect your child from illnesses. There are some reasons why you need to eat more fruits.

  • When we eat fruits everyday it lowers the risk of several diseases. Fruits can also controls your blood pressure, and also lowers the risk of developing many types of cancers. So, we should eat more fruits.
  • Fruits can also helps make your muscles and bones strong. Eating dry fruits just like Dates and dried plums can prevent osteoporosis. Fruits are the great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin C can help you retain your muscle mass.
  • Fruits are the main source of water that our body gets from the most. That helps keep your body hydrated all day. Eating fruits can help you to reach your daily requirement. Fruits are like Oranges, watermelon, Strawberries contains more water than any other fruits.

Importance of Vegetables in our Diet


We know vegetables play a main role in our daily diet. But do you know vegetables are like medicines when we take them properly? We can take some veggies raw and some veggies we have to cook them properly then take them.

Researchers found that what we eat that connects with our mental health too. Good food is not only affects our body but our mind also. We can get Protein, Fibers, Iron, and zinc from vegetables that are very important for our body.

Vegetables are a great source of protein and our body needs protein to survive and vegetables can help you to get more protein. Not only vegetables are a source of protein they are also the source of many vitamins and minstrels.

Minerals and Vitamins

Vegetables have many vitamins and minerals and mostly vegetables are high in Vitamin-C. Vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, pears, and peppers are high in Vitamin-C.

  • Spinach have vitamins like vitamin K, C and rich in iron, folic acid and many other nutrients.
  • Broccoli is rich in fiber, iron and the source of calcium.
  • Lettuce is a great source of folic acid and vitamin B.
  • Tomatoes are the great source of Vitamin C and have fiber as well.

We are being so busy in our life that we do not have time for ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves and our health. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables avoid preservatives and frozen food packages. That may affect your body badly and cause much illnesses.

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