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14 Best Gifts for Yoga Teachers

Yoga being the oldest form of exercise being existed in our country holds a very essential part of our ancient history as well mentioned in the Vedas being beneficial for humans to conduct in order to have both healthy bodies as a well healthy mind.

Yoga being a very important part of our 5000-year culture is a practice of body and mind. There are various types of yoga combining with physical postures, asana, or poses with breathing techniques that help in meditation and relaxation.

Our ancestors have repeatedly over centuries continue to maintain the importance and need of yoga in our lives not only for a specific purpose to achieve but can be adapted in our daily routine also. Not much longer we have noticed that this has been reformed into a trend that has been uptaken by every person not only in our country but worldwide also to achieve a healthy mind and body.

Yoga does not belong to any specific age, gender, or body type barrier. It can be performed, accepted, or even adapted by anyone as whoever wants to accept it as part of life form because it helps in developing a healthy mind and body status which is somewhat becoming more and more difficult in our revolutionary society where each and every development in every field of technology is helping to achieve the impossibilities that we have ever thought to exist but alongside it is also creating a very hectic and stress full lives for everyone in our daily routine.

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Many cultural gurus, Brahmin priests, and sages have been continuously putting an effort over the centuries to keep our ancient glory into lights which were not so long were staged under limelight by our prime minister to make it acknowledge throughout the world taking the help of electronic and social media developing into an annual celebration day every year on 21st June in India.

Through this, we can say that the people who are helping our country and the world to acknowledge our historic glory with everyone are no less than teachers who are teaching us a glorious path to living a healthy life helping us to accept ourselves and also everyone around us.

Nonetheless, we can say that our yoga teachers should be appreciated that are helping us to achieve healthy minds, and bodies despite whether we know them personally or not, they all deserved to be appreciated and acknowledged. We can show our gratitude by giving them certain gifts that can help us to make them feel appreciated and acknowledged.

14 Best Gifts for Yoga Teachers

1. Coffee mug for teachers

On which it is written “it is not easy to find an awesome teacher, Thank You” also on the lid it can be written as “best teacher ever”. These are kind of heartwarming gifts that are easily available in your nearby store and also online which we can give the teachers to show our gratitude to them for sharing their knowledge with us.

The mugs can be used both in winters or summers for coffee, tea, milk, green tea, etc. anything they like. The mugs also have a lid and a spoon helps to make the beverage maintained at its desired temperature also spoon helps for mixing sugar or any other spices as they like. It poses as a fashionable mug that can be carried anywhere you like is easy to wash, and is suitable for all age groups.

2. Yoga mat bags

These mat bags are made of high-quality cotton canvas materials that help you to keep all the materials you required for a yoga session. It is very durable and can be used for a very long-lasting period.

It can hold yoga mats (obviously), water bottles can be put into the larger pockets; the keys, wallets & phones can be kept into the smaller pockets. It is very easy to use, prevents hassle-free travel with no unnecessary fasteners or buckles but only has a comfortable shoulder strap makes It very easy to use and store also.

These can come with various prints and designs makes them look very fashionable and can be kept anywhere. They are easy to wash but have to be kept in mind to avoid bleach in use while washing otherwise it can ruin the fabric, patterns, or embroidery designs.

3. Yoga key chains

Since we are talking about showing gratitude towards the yoga teachers to make them feel appreciated we can also gift them yoga keyrings engraved on them which can wither their name, some inspirational quote, any favorite movie dialogue, or poem line that makes them feel inspired and enthusiastic.

We can use a quote like “I teach yoga, what is your superpower?”, or any movie dialogue or something else that makes them inspired. This gift will be a warm hearting and beautiful gift that doesn’t need much saying.

4. Yoga dice

This will help you to relax and meditate with this enjoy full and engaging game experiencing a whole new way to keep you focused on your sessions and every time you roll the dice it will give different combinations of asana that you can try and practice for whatever duration you wanted.

These are not very expensive but sure are a great one-time gift you can give someone that will enjoy using for a very long time as well it is easy to store also.

5. Woodstock chiems

It is believed to provide positive energies through this sound as sound carries magnetic fields as well that helps to calm ourselves especially when we are stressed or wanted to calm ourselves.

These come in different sizes and with different tones, whatever one suits like with single, double, triple or five bars each having their own different tone and pitch helps you to relax or even can be turned into a way of entertainment whenever you want.

It is very easy to store, does not require much care, and is not very expensive can be gifted by anyone to everyone meets the different needs for different people like trying to start a class with it, conducting a meeting, yoga practice, or calling people to dinner.

6. Scented candles

Every human has 6 senses, one of which is the smell. Most people have a high sense of smell and sometimes a pleasant smell can also be a way to relax yourselves. Scented candles are very effective for this, they can be purchased singularly or even in a combo.

It can be used by anyone but not for small children, gives a relaxing atmosphere to conduct your yoga session, or even it can help to meditate and focus on your session. These can come into different types of aromatic candles for example like lavender, gardenia, lily & rose that helps to relieve stress and relax.

These are easy to carry, store, or purchase from any nearby store or even online come in variable sizes and shapes that can burn up to approx 20 hrs. these can be decorative in look makes them charming and even acts a beautiful gift to present someone on many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays like Christmas, new year’s, Deepawali (in India), mother’s or father’s day along with enabling to be used in everyday like for meditation, yoga session, spa treatments, massage, reiki sessions, weddings or even in any room of the house whichever you like.

7. Yoga socks

These are types of socks that are made with natural combed cotton that helps to absorb sweat and prevents from slipping means easier to maintain your asana or poses without slipping. These are not only beneficial for yoga teachers but can also be very useful in performing other activities such as ballet, walking inside the home, for pregnant women, for older people are easy to walk in, soft material provides comfort, is elastic so can be worn by anyone.

It is not very expensive, very durable, can be used for many years, easy to wash and store. They come in other designs, colors and patterns make them very fashionable can be used easily, and can be gifted to anyone despite any age group.

8. Teaching yoga beyond the poses

It is a type of practical book that we can gift to the yoga teachers to make them feel more inspired and drive them to integrate themes and new ideas into their yoga sessions to make them more interactive and fun-loving for everyone attending the class.

It is a kind of a cookbook recipe where you first go through with the traditional courses, getting comfortable after knowing them, and then can use your own unique way in order to create different new ideas and themes using the traditional recipes into a fusion in order to achieve something new and unexpected.

It has 54 complete themes which can be used by them to find their inner voice and wisdom as it provides a guide to all the new and experienced teachers to start each time with a new session over voice, authenticity, emulation, phrasing, repetition, and gaining inspiration which can be used by any yoga teacher trainers or even at home practitioners who wants to learn something new and wants to spread the same knowledge to everyone around them.

9. Yoga makeup bags

These are very useful, affordable, easy to use, and store bags that can be used by women of any age group for whatever items to be taken in the bag depending on the person.

It is made of cotton with linen mix makes it durable for longer use, with waterproof coating that helps to remain damage less, with different designs, patterns, and colors that make it fashionable for everyone to use on every occasion.

It is not very expensive, can be gifted to anyone, with easy use features and ample amount of space for a small carry bag can be used 24*7.

10. Yoga workout tank tops

These are organic yoga tank tops made with cotton are very comfortable and easy to use for various women need’s like yoga, running, exercising, dance, pilates is stretchable gives a good fit.

These tank tops also have motivational quotes that give a positive vibe from teachers towards the students and gives inspiration to them to continue their work towards the betterment of other’s wellbeing.

These yoga tank tops come in different sizes means available in every size and color of your choice, you can choose for personal wear as well as a gift to others. it is affordable and also comes in combos if you want to have or give more than one.

Being comfortable it also has some fitted yoga tops available for women in different sizes and designs for every woman that is skin-friendly and are perfect to attain various asana or poses during yoga sessions like twisting, bending over, squatting, or sitting cross-legged.

11. Bamboo tumbler with tea infuser & strainer

These are vacuum insulated tumbler made exteriorly of bamboo and interiorly by stainless steels that helps to keep the beverage maintained on its desired temperature either cold or hot for at least 12 hrs in a day.

It is not only an insulated flask but it also has attachments like a tea infuser and strainer that means it can be used for tea or coffee storage also for a longer duration.

 It is not much expensive, easy to use and wash, can be carried around easily like as a travel bottle also. it is very durable and can be used for a very long period of time. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals or plastic material that will degrade when the beverage is stored. It is completely safe and easy to clean. It can be used by anyone of every age group and can be gifted by anyone to everyone.

12. Yoga pose figurines

There are different types of figurines of various yoga poses that we can gift to anyone made of different materials like if made with iron they are very durable and easy to accommodate with the furniture at any place in the house like a coffee table, bookshelf, side table, guest room or even living room.

Other than iron, figurines can be made of porcelain that looks stylish, can go anywhere with the house furniture, do not rust and if proper care is maintained will sustain for a very long period of time.

These are affordable gifts that can be given to anyone based on the occasions can be as birthdays, office parties, gifting to teachers.

One can use it for decoration or can follow as an inspirational figurine to look for or as a symbol of trust, friendship, respect, or even love.

13. Yoga eye pillows

These are kind of relaxing pillows one can gift to anyone are not like the ones we use regularly but are different as small in size and use for eyes.

These are made of soft cotton fabric filled with organic flax seed perfuse with the natural lavender aromas or can be any other type of aroma we can use like rose or lily when kept over the eyes provides relaxation that helps to have a good sleep, rejuvenate itchy or dried eyes, treats migraines or headaches, relieves stress, tension or even anxiety. It helps in curing insomnia and prevents the formation of puffy eyes and dark circles.

These are affordable, luxurious, easy to use with o strap can be gifted to anyone represents a great gift can be given on different occasions like Christmas, new year’s, house warming gift, birthday gifts, etc. to people like family, friends, teachers, spouses, and coworkers.

14. Funny Zen Buddha yoga t-shirt

It is a funny Zen logo t-shirt that is made of the cotton fabric mixed with polyester is suitable for all seasons and for everyone as it is available in all sizes and many colors can be opted for by anyone. It is affordable, comfortable for use for a very long time, can be bought by nearby store or online and can be gifted to anyone like family, friends or colleagues on various occasions like birthdays, office parties, anniversaries, house warming gifts, Christmas, new years, etc.

Being unisex makes it more in demand as it can be worn by anyone of any gender with no restrictions while doing various activities like running, stretching, yoga, meditation, sports activities, leisure time, etc. as it is stretchable and cotton breathing fabric soaks all the sweats you will fuel on while doing activities as mentioned before.

It is easy to wash and store, no needed much care but to avoid bleach as it can cause fading of the color of the fabric even can make it weak which will result in withering of the t-shirt early than expected.

These are different types of gifts that we can give to not only yoga teachers but to other people also. These are affordable, easy to use, maintain, and lovable products that are universally go along with every occasion and every person.

As long anyone keeps the purpose of giving a present not just merely a formality but a process or method to connect with someone at a much deeper level that allows creating a healthy bond between two individuals regardless of age and gender helps to establish the pillars of love and respect towards one another. These gifts represent the positive vibes anyone tries to pass on the person who they also wanted to have a happy life with a healthy mind and body same as the other person is doing for us.

We cannot say that these are ideal gifts but we can say that these are no less than the ideal ones as whosoever are presenting them with a good positive value giving them in a form of gift is a great thing to do and to make it easier if someone cannot express these feelings in words these gifts are the best ways in order to express your feeling to someone without saying much as these can be for anyone who you want to show respect, trust, love, console or even support them both in their good and bad situations in their lives.

There is a saying which is very famous “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that’s why it is called as present”. With these gifts, we can express our feelings and show them what is important most in life that we should live in the present not dwelling in the past, and not panic about the future because everything will align in time whenever it has to be.

Ayushi Niranjan
Ayushi Niranjan
Ayushi Niranjan is a physiotherapist and a writer who is keen on working in the area of healthcare, fitness, and health awareness. Completed Bachelor's in Physiotherapy and Master's in Hospital administration both from Amity University, Noida.

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