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Over-population: Threat to mankind

At the time you read this text quite many lives have been taken birth on this planet and increasing the birth rate. The population has always been a subject matter of dialogue in India as sometimes it seems the subject of debate and therefore the other time it looks as if a subject of disguise. Consumption unlike population is an exponential rise. The population is determined by two things first one the no. of babies born in an exceedingly day and also the second is death rate or mortality the no. of individuals die in an exceedingly day and these are the factors which are being determined while searching for population count in a country or world. The no. of births and no. of death rate are neutralized and maintaining the equilibrium. The human population has a huge impact on the environmental changes resulting in disequilibrium within the environment.

Overpopulation could be a threat that disturbs and destroys the cycle on earth. More the population so more is that the requirement for food, education, jobs, shelter and basic to luxury needs. Known to the very fact that India being a developing country since the day from independence to today itself and it’s still in the developing pace. Other countries like the USA, Germany and foreign countries change their economy from developing to developed countries. But we are still stuck on developing hop. Will India be ever called a developed nation? And therefore the answer to the present question will be not known for the subsequent 100 years due to the population and development in India. 

Why India isn’t China

 Known to the very fact that overpopulation has always been a concerning topic. India and China collectively occupy around 36% population of the planet. But some studies say that the human population could be a myth. China and India being the foremost populous countries within the world and where China may be a developed nation with proper infrastructure, education facilities, food, and job security, and India remains at the pace of a developing nation. Coming to the point of India it’s always been a problem because here demand exceeds the availability of the resources resulting in scarcity and starvation.

According to the survey done, it’s estimated that India will surpass China’s population by 2027 and can remain the foremost populous country within the world. India has more potential youth than China, but the working population more and job opportunities less resulting in downfall within the economic process but if we glance at the case of China they need more job opportunities and everybody employed there. Indian democracy is vivacious than China remains the one-party rule, China over India, and one can decline this statement but India may be a country where people’s decisions, speech, rights matter the foremost. And China may be a country where the people can’t step into politics and make political and economic reforms.

Recently, China renewed its two-child policy to three-child policy in May 2021 because of the consecutive downfall within the birth rate. Due to which it led the govt. of China to decide to revise and renew viewing the current scenario of the aging population quite the working population where they were having a one-child policy in 1980 then they changed it to a two-child policy in 2015.

India could also be having drawbacks and fewer than China but that doesn’t mean that it’d not grow and prosper within the future the way china has. The most challenge is to catalyze and analyze and shortly India is going to be a developed nation.

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Solution to over-population

India with the second-most populous country where the increase may be a challenge for many years and finding an answer to the present is that the need of the hour.

  • Literacy rate- Education is what changes the angle of thinking and the way you perceive and understand things with a more literate population and therefore the spread of education will help in lowering population rates.
  • Job opportunities- with more employment and job chances the GDP and employment section of our country will rise and when income rises the quality of living gradually increases.
  • Family planning- birth prevention is crucial to regulate the birth rates and unnecessary completions that are faced by women of the society and to avoid all this there must be a well-structured decision about it.
  • Spreading awareness and campaigns – government should carry campaigns informing how the biological process isn’t where responsibilities end what number of the people are unable to produce a stable life, food, education, and shelter for their kids. Taking measures can control the population rate.
  • Gender imbalance- the sex ratio is rarely balanced in our country there’s always an enormous gap between males to females. This sex ratio needs to be balanced in our country to not face difficulty in the future. 

Is over-population a problem?

Population growth may be a misconception or myth? Controlling population numbers isn’t an ultimatum solution to overpopulation. Overpopulation has always been a sensational headline to debate about. But it doesn’t anytime mean population is counted as overpopulation. The more population on earth means the more demand on earth’s resources. Fewer people mean less demand and provide of resources, less pollution, more job opportunities, and a better standard of living.

The less population means less change in global temperature but it’s been proved theoretically but if checked out in practical view it isn’t possible. Population reduction makes a change but to not that extent that we are going to reduce emissions.

 Too many people, stop the people!

Finding a long-term solution to overpopulation is bringing down the human population which our earth can support and living with decent conditions is all that’s needed. If the equilibrium doesn’t maintain it creates a misbalance on the environment and economy. It’s a fancy issue for those that don’t know the way overpopulation could be a threat to mankind and our earth evolved changes within the past few decades. Somewhere the population increasing with the speed of sunshine and somewhere it’s minimal.

Overpopulation is an alarming threat and if not taken into control, it will cause severe consequences in the future. Literacy and poverty are the two main causes that should be taken in control with the right steps to avoid the misbalance. Overpopulation is the evil root for climate change, poverty, unemployment, and conflicts. There are a million children who don’t have family their adoption is an option and home or shelter will be provided to them and collectively as humans, we have the power to make a world a better place to live in.    

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