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10 Bestselling Magazines in India

The topic of a healthier life is broad, and it has acquired a lot of attention recently as a result of the pandemic when everyone became concerned about their bodies’ health and fitness. As time has passed, people’s lifestyles have changed dramatically, including the food they consume and the clothing they wear.

Lifestyle magazines provide a cutting-edge look at what it takes to be a healthy person with a well-kept body. Furthermore, India’s fashion sector has recently seized the lead and is rapidly expanding. The magazines cover a wide range of topics, including celebrities, lifestyles, and relationships.


It is the best lifestyle magazine in the country, surpassing all others in terms of popularity and content, from being India’s first foreign-owned publication to being included in one of Snapchat’s filters. Being released on 20th September 2007 as the brightest magazine, pioneering Indian women in terms of fashion, trends, and other accessories owned national by Conde Nast India Pvt. Ltd., it is set to have a strong impact on the audience.


Women are the target audience for Savvy Magazine. Its purpose is to enhance your experience and compensate you for the time you spend with it each you visit. Any ideas or comments for improvement are welcome in the magazine. The magazine features articles on the newest fashion trends for women, as well as health and beauty advice, cooking suggestions, and workout advice.

Savvy Fashion Magazine has a plethora of videos, summer fashion ideas, and forthcoming trends to help you make your wardrobe a show-stopper. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, you need to look your best, and that’s exactly what they’re aiming for.


This Indian magazine, which was first published in July 1959, includes cultural and beauty recommendations, as well as hot celebrity news and their changing relationships. It gives ladies healthful and practical advice, and it’s even linked to the Femina Look Of The Year contest, which is a clear sponsor of the publication. Since 1964, it has also hosted the Femina Miss India Beauty Pageant. It also provides information on the numerous cousins which is simply amazing.


It is an international magazine that was founded in France in 1937 and has several versions in other countries, including India. It features conversations with women from around the world, as well as fashion and lifestyle updates from celebrities. It covers the latest fashion, beauty, celebrity, home, and lifestyle news and trends. Marie Claire has local versions in more than 28 countries across five continents.

Marie Claire is more than a magazine; it reaches 17 million readers worldwide each month and has a social media fan base of more than 26 million followers. Marie Claire also has an extended licensing program with more than 50 partners across the world, based on the brand’s global appeal, for products such as fashion accessories, ready-to-wear, home décor, cosmetics, perfumes, and beauty services.


This Indian magazine, which was founded in 1995, focuses on luxury lifestyles in India’s fashion industry. It allows users to find new talent while also delivering a wealth of Bollywood celebrity gossip and interviews. It is also well-known for its coverage of current national and international events. It celebrates the interests of the multidimensional contemporary global Indian, including fashion, beauty, style, glamour, arts and culture, travel, and wellness, as India’s first fashion and luxury monthly, aimed at the spirit of today’s woman.


The Indian magazine, which was founded in 1996 and is named after a French word that means ‘She,’ is closely identified with women’s lifestyle. Its primary focus is on national and local issues, and it is the best-selling women’s magazine in the world. It has a large following because its content is filled with both fun and beauty advice. Elle covers health and fitness, food, travel, relationships, celebrities, and current art, music, and books in addition to fashion, beauty, and style.

The publication also functions as a shopping guide for designer clothing, jewelry, skincare goods, and cosmetics. Its annual Elle Style Awards honor the most fashionable people on the planet. Elle is often regarded as one of the most sophisticated fashion publications in the world.


The American-based monthly magazine, first published in 1867, covers upper-class women’s fashion trends and gives readers an exclusive look at the latest designs on the market. Aside from that, it also features a photographic component and is a publication for various fashion gurus. Harper’s Bazaar is published by Hearst and considers itself to be the style resource for “women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture”. Aimed at what it calls “discerning ladies”, Bazaar is published monthly.


It is an Indian magazine edited by Hema Malini and published by Pioneer Book Company Pvt., Mumbai, in December 1996. It is comparable to worldwide women’s publications in terms of providing insight into the demands of women in society. It is strongly linked to a domestic industry. Other topics covered include women’s body reshaping and other healthy living advice.


It is an Indian magazine edited by Hema Malini and first published in December 1996 by Pioneer Book Company Pvt., Mumbai. In terms of providing insight into the demands of women in society, it is equivalent to international women’s periodicals. It is inextricably related to the domestic economy. Women’s body sculpting and other healthy living suggestions are among the other themes covered.

In the 1960s, it created controversy with its coverage of premarital sex, birth control, and corporate careers, but Brown’s unrelenting, forthright approach to the “Cosmo girl” lifestyle contributed to the slow shift of cultural standards. The journal was condemned by feminists and social conservatives in the following decades, but dozens of fashion and lifestyle magazines followed Brown’s tremendously successful approach.


The Indian women’s magazine is related to issues based on the current relationship counseling as well as daily living local goods like poetry, fiction, and other entertainment platforms, and was first published in 1973 in the Delhi Press. It features cooking recipes as well as fashion and lifestyle trends.

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