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Yoga poses that can be done by everyone

When life gets you down, just remember yoga

Yoga being the oldest form of exercise being existed in our country holds a very essential part of our ancient history as well mentioned in the Vedas being beneficial for humans to conduct in order to have both healthy bodies as well healthy minds.

Yoga does not belong to any specific age, gender, or body type barrier. It can be performed, accepted, or even adapted by anyone as whoever wants to accept it as part of life. Because it helps in developing a healthy mind and body status. Our revolutionary society where each and every development in every field of technology is helping to achieve the impossibilities that we have ever thought to have existed but alongside it is also creating a very hectic and stress full lives for everyone in our daily routine.

Benefits of practicing yoga


By doing Yoga on a regular basis can help you increase flexibility in your body because when you do Yoga poses it causes a stretch in your muscles that will make your range of movement better and reduce stiffness in your body.


So many people know that there are several types of Yoga poses which some are more relatively difficult to do than others but there is nothing you can achieve with practice. Like this, there are several yoga poses like Ashtanga and power yoga that require more physical activity but practicing these poses will help to improve le tone.

There are many types of Yoga poses that will benefit you differently when you practice them such as downward dog, plank pose and the upward dog will help to gain upper body strength and lower back.

Yoga pose like standing poses when you practice them while holding your breath for several minutes will help to improve strength in your hamstrings, core muscles, and quadriceps.


While practicing Yoga will not only improve your strength and flexibility but also help to improve your posture. Many Yoga poses that are of standing and sitting will help to build your core strength because you will need your core muscles to balance yourself while maintaining these poses.

Improves breathing

While practicing yoga you have to focus your attention on breathing as well that helps you to relax after doing a pose under which many breathing techniques are included specifically according to the Yoga poses which is not similar to aerobic exercises or running.

Healthy hearth

As we have already discussed other health benefits there is another as while practicing Yoga is that it also improves your heart health by lowering your blood pressure and reducing the heart rate but not dangerously. People who are suffering from any heart conditions will be most benefit by doing Yoga as it also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and develops better immunity.

Yoga poses that can be done by everyone

Gentle flow

This Yoga pose is also known as the Cat-Cow position in which you have to be on all your 4 limbs on the floor and have to change the movement repeatedly by facing forward and changing your back movement from arching outwards to curving inside like when water flows.

This movement will improve the blood and lymphatic flow in your body and help to mobilize all your joints. You can do this about 10-15 times for 5-10 minutes with 2 minutes of interval or as you like it depending on your body strength and flexibility. For guidance, you can refer to this picture on how to do this pose.

Mountain pose

This pose is very important in improving your posture because it also affects your breathing, digestion as well as your mood for the day. In this you have to stand erect with back arched, facing forward straight, externally rotate the quads aligned with hips and knees with arms on the sides and hand facing forward.

 You can maintain this position for 4-5 minutes along with deep breathing for at least 15 minutes in total with 2 minutes of interval or as your body strength and flexibility allows it. For guidance, you can refer to this picture on how to do this pose.

Downward facing dog

In this pose, you have to be on all four limbs on the floor whit face facing downwards i.e. towards the ground.

Support yourself, lift your body upwards from the waist weighing your body weight on your shoulders and extend your legs by grasping the floor by your toes just like a downward dog so this pose has given this name.

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds till 1 minute, repeat this at least 10-15 minutes with 2-4 minutes intervals or as your body strength and flexibility allows it. For guidance, you can refer to this picture on how to do this pose.

Standing balance pose

This pose helps you to gain more strength in your limbs as well as improves your core strength. This pose is also called Tree pose (Vrkasana) or Eagle pose (Garudasana) which helps to develop body awareness and strength in your body.

This pose can be done for each side one at a time, in which you have to stand straight with your back arched, join your hands in a Namaste pose, balance yourself by placing your left side foot on your right thigh inwards firstly for at least 30 seconds till 1 minute for 10-15 times depending on your body strength and flexibility allows it.

 Repeat this for the other side where you have to put your right foot on your left thigh inwards and hold the position again for the same duration. For guidance, you can refer to this picture on how to do this pose.

Supine position twist

This is a very easy pose as compared to the downward dog pose and the Standing balances pose. In this pose, you have to lie down on the floor or mat straight also called the supine position with your arms spread out straight on both sides. After this, you will bend your knees in the same position with your foot on the ground.

Here you have to twist your waist or lower back and turn yourself from the waist down towards one side let’s say on the right side till the whole leg touches the ground and at the same time turn your head in the opposite direction of the legs, which is where the left side.

This pose helps to improve the flexibility in your back and relieves tension. Practice this pose at least 10-15 times for at least 15 minutes with 1-2 minutes interval or as your body strength and flexibility allows it.

Repeat this exercise or pose for the other side also that is twisting your lower half body on the right side with turning the head on the right side for the same duration.

Practicing Yoga in your daily life will not only improve your body physically but also improve your mental health also so let’s give it a try and you are going to make it in a routine in no less time.

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