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World’s Tallest Statue: The Statue of Unity

The iron man of India is not far away

The Statue of Unity was created on Sadhu Bet, an island in the proximity of the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada river in Gujarat, India It is twice in the size of the exemplary Statue of Liberty in New York and approximately five times as tall as the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. It has also outweighed the Buddha sculpture situated in the Spring Temple Budha (Lushan) Country in Henan, China, which carried the tallest statue in the world at 153 meters. The Statue is the icon of the great man history know as the iron man who seized the command in unifying the 562 princely states jointly and shaped one nation.

Sardar – Statue of Unity

Wearing the title of the world’s tallest statue, it’s the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel well known recalled as the “Iron man of India“. Statue of Unityexemplifies the unity in assortment and a way of showing the tribute to the iron man of India who collected the pieces and formed the nation together. Therefore the memorial is created to honor the courageous leader for his fierce contribution to India’s struggle for Independence.

The memorial of Sardar Patel lauds on the small island of Sadhu Bet close to the Narmada in the city of culturally rich Gujarat. It was unwrapped on 31 Oct 2018, which occurred to be the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Patel. An undertaking that was proclaimed as “Gujarat’s Tribute to the Nation” in 2013, is the chief attraction of our country currently. It has attained worldwide popularity in a very limited period. It has not only drawn the notoriety of thousands of visitors every month but also unlocked countless job vacancies for the people in India. The references say that the program gave employment alternatives to nearly 3000 workers. Moreover, around 250 engineers were entangled in the completion of this project for 42 months.

Entry Ticket for Statue of Unity

We have collected some information that will help you to guide your tour. The plan given below will help you to picture a complete idea of your journey.

Ticket details

Being the tallest statue and after having huge popularity, this traveler goal is flooded with countless tourists every day and weekends are the active days. Therefore, tickets can be effortlessly pre-booked online to prevent any kind of long lines. There are primarily three types of tickets accessible for the common public:

  1. ExpressTickets:The ticket prices around Rs1000 per individual and authorizes you to park your cars along with the counter inside the campus. It also enables one to entry the viewing gallery which is at an elevation of 135 m.
  2. Viewing Gallery Tickets:This tickets price around Rs 350 per individual and Rs 200 for children age group up to 15 years. Private vehicles are not entitled in this ticket and one has to jump in the shuttle auto to roam around. A spectacular belief of the captivating river the Narmada and the Sarovar Dam can be glimpsed from the gallery standpoint.
  3. General Tickets: These tickets price around Rs 120 per individual and Rs 60 for children age group up to 15 years. Buses are accessible at the ticket counter region and are fully air-conditioned. Just a phrase of warning that you may encounter a long line around the campus, nevertheless touring this extraordinary destination will entirely blow your mind.

Places to visit nearby Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

There are so many places to walk around other than the tremendous Statue of Unity, you may moreover like to tour these wonderful spots inside the campus.

  1. Wall of Unity:Wall of unity is a huge wall made near the primary statue of unity that has an extent of 50 ft *15 ft. The soil and iron here are collected by 1,69, 078 villages from various parts of India are utilized in its construction.
  1. Museum: The museum is mainly situated on the history of Sardar Vallbhai Patel that takes you to the realm of Sardar Patel, and an assortment of flashback pictures and tapes is shown to the tourists. His assistance as a freedom fighter is not concealed from any of us. This museum is a major show that looks to be a favourite source to understand more about him and lock the memories in our spirits permanently.
  1. Light and Sound Show: The other most sensational portion of this place is the light and sound performance that begins at 7 in the evening. It’s a one hour show illustrating the vitality of Sardar Patel and talks considering his contribution to our nation.
  1. Valley of Flower:The campus Covers almost an area of 230 hectares, approximately 17 km length of colourful flowers recollects you of the mesmerising Kashmir. This spot is situated near the Sarovar dam and is an incredible place to relinquish yourself to the mother nature and feels the stillness around. Valley of the flower is a charm for the nature lovers and photography lovers and has some selfie junctures for the selfie fans.
  1. Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewpoint: Talking about the viewpoint, one could relish a dramatic picture of one of the world’s biggest adhesive gravity dam. The Sarovar dam is 1.2 km long and includes a height of 163 ft. You may also choose to take a look at the Golden Gate that discharges water from the dam and the River Bed Power House that with a capacity of 1200 MW.
  1. Souvenir Shop:After spending your day well with the remembrances of a great leader of our country, you may lead the way towards the souvenir shop that has a variety of t-shirts and gifts.

Residence Inn

The unique thing about this place is that it provides a residential spot. There are two tent cities formulated right on the river bank with 51 tents in one tent city and another one with 250 tents. These expensive tents are entirely air-conditioned and have bathrooms connected with the rooms. Apart from the occupied city life, a night spent in these pleasing tents is a bonus to your trip. Moreover, one can book their halls in Shrestha Bharat which has nearly 52 rooms accessible for its visitors.

When to visit?

The best time to visit the Statue of unity can be the duration from November to February which is considered to be the favorable time to tour this spot as the pleasant weather would make your journey worthwhile. Nevertheless, the visitor place continues to be unlocked throughout the year for its guests. One more point to remember is that the statue of unity stays closed on Monday and is unlocked between 9 am to 5 pm on the remaining days.

How to Reach?

Air: The nearest airport to the statue of unity is situated in Vadodara which is just 3.5 km away

and Surat. Regardless, one may also fly down to Mumbai or Ahmedabad and then enjoy the freeway journey.

Train: The closest stations suggested to reach the Statue of Unity are Bharuch, Vadodara, and Ankleshwar. They have operative connectivity of trains from other portions of the country also.

Road: The Gujarat state road transport administration has started up many buses from;

  • Ahmedabad (197 km),
  • Surat (154 km),
  • Vadodara (90 km),
  • Bharuch (93 km) and
  • Rajpipla (25 km).

A road trip to the statue of unity will provide you an opportunity to scrutinize the lookout for some breath-taking waterfalls and Wildlife sanctuaries accompany by temples on your way.

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