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Top 10 Online Learning Platforms

Online Learning Platforms and Its Advantages

The online learning platforms have existed for a while now but due to the pandemic it has gained popularity and usage. These platforms have changed the mode of education. One can learn any subject or skill of their choice at their own time and speed.

Some platforms focus on academic subjects while others focus on skills and specific topics or markets.

online learning

An individual is able to learn from prestigious universities without having to worry about admissions and large fees.

These online platforms have proven that education and learning is possible even under the most difficult situations and events.

The top ten online learning platforms

1. Skillshare

online learning

Skillshare wishes to share and enhance the creativity trapped inside an individual. They aim to embrace the skills people have that would complement their expression, learning and application. Skillshare focuses on classes that pique the interests for creative and curious people. They offer courses on topics/skills such as design, illustration, photography, film and video, creative writing, music, freelance and entrepreneurship, languages and more.

Their benefits are not only restricted to learners. They offer various benefits to the team that provides assistance and coordinates the functions of Skillshare. Few of the benefits include-competitive salaries; health, dental and vision coverage; unlimited vacation (they also require a minimum vacation time); 14 weeks of parental leave and much more.

Skillshare is a medium one can use to hone and embrace their creative personalities.

2. LinkedIn Learning

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LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that focuses on three main categories-Business, Creatives and Technology. The courses offered on this platform are video courses that are taught by individuals who are experts in the industry or the subject.

LinkedIn Learning was originally known as which then came to be known as LinkedIn Learning in 2017, when LinkedIn merged with the parent company.

The courses offered by this platform focus on teaching skills and subjects that are and can be utilised in an industrial setting.

3. Masterclass

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Masterclass is a platform that provides classes that embrace one’s skills and pique one’s interest to find hobbies and probably turn those hobbies into an advantageous opportunity. It also provides classes that focus on self-indulgence. Their classes include the Art of Storytelling, Creativity and Leadership, Cooking Italian and Japanese courses, Wine appreciation, Graphic design, Yoga, Interior Design and much more.

These classes are taught by renowned professionals, businessmen/women and experts in the field.

4. Udemy

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Udemy believes that talent is universal and that everyone is entitled to pursue it and transform their talents into meaningful skills.

It is an online learning platform that provides a collection of carefully curated courses. Their courses are usually business or technology oriented.

Their courses benefit professional adults and students. The courses are video courses and also include quizzes, weekly exercises, assignments and end examinations or projects.

The instructors are from diverse backgrounds and are experts in their fields thus providing a detailed insight into the subject.

5. edX

online learning

edX is a non-profit online learning platform whose vision is to set-up a world where education is accessible to all without the worry of costs and geographic locations. edX provides courses in Computer Science, Business and Management, Data Science, Humanities, Engineering and Numerous Languages. Their courses include video lectures which incorporate graphics, data visualizations and interactive elements. The courses come with an addition of quizzes, open response assessments and more.

6. Coursera

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Coursera believes in transformation through learning. It has partnered with more than two hundred leading universities and offers a diverse range of courses, specialization courses, hands-on projects and degree programs. Their courses and degree courses are affordable and accessible to everyone irrespective of the geographical location. The courses range from Business and Entrepreneurship and Information Technology to Personal development, Health, Languages and much more.

7. Upgrad

online learning

Upgrad is an online higher education platform that provides programs that increase knowledge and information in a particular field. Their programs are career-oriented and revolve around Business Administration, Health, Law, Marketing and more.

They are associated with the best universities and aim to help every individual reach their professional goals.

8. Udacity

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Udacity as an online learning platform focuses on technological programs. They teach the skills required to learn how technology is changing industries and focus on the skills that companies look for in their workforce. Their courses include Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and more.

9. Khan Academy

online learning

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to provide free and quality education to anyone regardless of the geographic location. The objective of this platform is to build strong foundations that help in building mastery in a subject. They provide content on subjects such as mathematics, science, computing, history, economics. Their content also includes test preparation of the SAT, LSAT and more. They also provide short classes/lessons in the form of videos. These videos also include features such as practice exercises. Progress tracking, extra teaching tools and study material which is provided by the teachers.

They also provide personalised learning resources for students regardless of their age. 

10. Byju’s

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Byju’s is an academic learning platform. They offer educational content for students right from grade one to grade twelve. They also provide one on one guidance/aid with teachers. They also train students for examinations in India such as IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS and international examinations such as GRE and GMAT. They specialise in creating a personalised learning experience for all types of learners. This makes learning easier and focuses on building stronger foundations.

Advantages of online learning platforms

i. Choices

Individuals are able to choose what they wish to learn. These platforms offer numerous programs and courses, where an individual can learn one or numerous skills. The platforms together are a river of knowledge and the focus is on learning and not getting an education or grades.

ii. Time-Management

Individuals can learn any skill at their own time and pace. They can learn while parenting a child, having a job, freelancing and more. This not only makes an individual more aware about the time-spent on activities and the time they require to learn but also reduces the pressure of completion and performance.

iii. Costs

An individual is free to learn and gain knowledge from experts and renowned universities without having to pay an enormous amount of money or tuition. This increases the access of education to many who have the willpower to learn but lack financial resources.

iv. Geographical Convenience

Since these programs and courses are on an online platform, they just require a device which is connected to wifi or data. Hence, the geographic location of the individual does not affect the learning. This increases the convenience of an individual to learn without having to worry about timings and submissions and more.

v. Customizable Learning Environment

Some of the learning platforms offer a personalized learning environment which is best suited according to the individual’s learning mechanisms and understanding capabilities. This increases the motivation of the student to learn and increases the efficiency of the platform.

The online learning platforms have proven to be extremely efficient and resourceful especially during the pandemic. The platforms cater to a large group of individuals which increases the diversity in the content taught and communicated on the conversation platforms.

Online learning is the mode of education and learning in the near future.

Veda Shroff
Veda Shroff
Veda Shroff is a second-year student studying liberal arts at NMIMS, Mumbai. Social, political, and psychological topics pique her interests.


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