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Why Scam 1992 Is A Must Watch Series?

Web series have been something that has kept the viewers glued to their seats, for years now. However, the trend of web series in India wasn’t so much at the edge until a few recent years ago. There were web series made, yes, but not every series acquired as much popularity nor did they gain that much audience and fan following. Then, the most perfect thing started to happen, and that was to see India upping its game in the world of television and web series, which isn’t just fabulous, but because of it, many new and upcoming artists are getting to do what they love the most.

That’s why, it’s important to put up here that Scam 1992, the story of the very real, and very regal, Harshad Mehta. This series has not only brought the viewers to their knees but it has also renewed the love for Indian cinema and series. Scam 1992 has gained the rating of once in a lifetime and has become the most loved and the most-watched series of 2020. It is a very true story, of a person who reached and took himself to the dizzying heights and in return had also faced a catastrophic downfall.

However, even after a lot of pros that surround the series there are people out there who ask the questions as to why one should watch Scam 1992. So let’s read further and give them the answer, let’s know why Harshad’s Mehta story – Scam 1992 became a story you need to know.

Reasons Why Scam 1992 Became A Must Watch Series Of 2020

It’s Relation With Truth

Scam 1992 is that series that is known to be not exaggerated and something that closely connects with the actual and factual truth. The whole series portrays the deepest and the darkest of the secrets exactly how it happened back then. Harshad Mehta’s story and the scam that took place under his supervision and his responsibility shook the whole of the stock market and the country of India as a whole.

Acting Of Pratik Gandhi

The viewers who have watched the series scam 1992 have not only fallen in love with the whole tragic story of Harshad Mehta but also with the way Pratik Gandhi brought him back to life. Pratik Gandhi has been said to have acted amazingly and the way he portrays every single emotion with such zeal and passion and with so much naturality, it took the OTT platform by storm. With the IMDb rating of a smashing 9.5, this is simply a series that none of you would want to miss.

Beautiful Theme Songs

You might have heard a lot of times and also might have experienced it yourself that some songs have the power to bring us to our knees and break our hearts and make us weep. Scam 1992 has exactly those songs that will force you to ponder and make you tear up at the tragedy and the reality of it all. Songs like “Matt kar Maya ko ahankaar” and “Kya lekar aaya jagat mein” are the types of songs that will make your surroundings feel so much more real for you. They will break your heart and make you question Everything that you have ever believed in.

Plot Writing

The writers of this show deserve a respectful standing ovation for being so brilliantly talented and for honoring or portraying Harshad Mehta’s story with such effectiveness that it has formed a home in the hearts of every single viewer out there who has had the honor of watching the series. Be it the dialogues or the character build-up and the relationship between each fold, the writers have done justice to every aspect of Mehta’s life. The development throughout the story and the formation of the whole cinematic experience was simply just amazing.

Subtle Yet Beautiful Romantic Setup

A lot of times you might have noticed that the Indian series or cinemas take the romance between the characters to a top-notch level and in the end make them cringe-worthy. However, the romantic angle and the chemistry portrayed between Harshad and his wife have truly been so subtle and yet so fulfilling and satisfying. Without having to show the nauseating and overdramatic love between the couples, it gently portrayed how relationships in real life develop.

Beautiful And Appropriate Ending

We all can agree that whatever and however Harshad Mehta raised his stakes and earned his money was through inappropriate and illegal ways and yet we all found ourselves connected and bonded to him differently. The way the series ends by portraying the death of the richest man at one time did not just break our hearts but also in a very non-preachy way gave us the moral that it was meant to give all along. A series and a story and s person like this, it was in every sense, truly, the end of an era.

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