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Perfect Skincare Routine, Facts and Myths

We all have been to a place where we think that skincare routines are too flashy, time taking and extremely expensive. But not only have we been really wrong about that we also are wrong about the thought that there’s no need to wash your face daily. The lifestyle that today’s generation is living is so fast-paced, we rush to places and to people all the time. And that very busy schedule and all the stress in our heads and all our other disoriented eating habits, all affect how our skin becomes.

But even after all of that, today why your nighttime skin routine is so important for you. Every day we visit numerous places and throughout the day while traveling in the car, auto-rickshaw, or bus our skin attracts all sorts of pollutants and germs. So all the dirt that gets stuck on our face creates breakouts, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and so on. That is why, when you do your night skincare, things become better. Let’s go and see what should be a perfect and very quick nighttime skincare routine.

Nighttime skincare routine

  • Cleanser: Your face might look clean, but it has dirt and pollutants sticking to it. No matter how much you think that your face is clean, actually, it’s not. And that is when you use a gentle cleanser to wash off all the dirt, sweat and debris from your skin. But always focus that you are using a cleanser that is not harsh for your skin and works perfectly fine for you. Always remember that harsh skin might affect the elasticity and ageing of your skin preventing skincare.
  • Toner For Hydration: After you clean your face with the cleanser, spray a non-alcoholic toner on your face and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Massage your face with the toner and let it dry out on it own. Toner allows your face to create a hydrating base helping to relax your pores and provide the nutrition your skin needs. It is a fast penetrating liquid that helps to clear off the dead skin from your face and makes it more glowing and boosts skincare.
  • Vitamin C Face Serum: After you are done with toner and it’s dried and absorbed by your face completely then it’s time for your face serum or face oil, whichever you prefer and are comfortable to apply. Massage the whole oil or serum on your face very gently but nicely. Rub and allow the blood flow to happen in not only your cheeks but your forehead and eyes too. Serum gives glow and the moisturizing your skin needs to absorb over the long period of the night you sleep.
  • Under Eye Serum: A lot of us face the problem of dark circles under our eyes. Dark circles happen because of many causes. It may be hereditary, it may be happening due to lack of perfect sleep cycle and many more. So before you sleep, make sure that you apply a good under eye serum and massage the same properly and gently. The under eye serum works through out the night and lightens the wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles that are their under your eyes, and is essential for good skincare. So after you are done with toner and face serum, apply the under eye cream or serum.
  • Moisturizer as the Last Coat: After you are done with all the above mentioned things, it’s time for a very light and hydrating moisturizer. Always make sure that the moisturizer you are using is lightweight and has a gel kind of consistency. The gel consistency is always better than a creamy heavy texture. The gel allows your skin to not only breathe freely but also it hydrates your face really well without making you feel as if you have put a lot of things on your face. This is the final coat of your night time routine after which you can perfectly go to sleep.

Facts and Myths

  • A Lot of Water – You might have heard that it’s important for a human being to drink at least six litres of water per day. Well, that’s true. Water helps your body to flush out all the toxins and helps you to get rid of acne and pimples and cleans your body from the inside. So drink as much water as you can in a day and be consistent.
  • Stay Away From Drug Abuses – Now you will say that everyone either smokes a cigarette or weed or drink alcohol or inhale drugs and still got a good skin. That might be true but that won’t last long too. A smoke or a drink in a month is okay. But regular consumption of these substances and for longer periods of time might ruin your skin and make it dull.
  • Eat Healthy Vegetables and Fruits –  Never ever think that fruits and vegetables are hyped up or old fashioned. A bowl of boiled vegetables and a plate of fruit can be so healthy for not only your skin but also your entire body. Fruits and vegetables makes the blood and blood flow both happen in a continuing procedure and gets rid of all the toxins.
  • Much Fast Food Might Ruin It All – Butter and ghee is fine. But always try to remember that oil is and can be really harmful for your skin and body. Consumption of too much of oily foods might result in breakouts acne and pimple on your face.
  • Always Stay Protected From The Sun –  The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun makes your skin age faster and provide tan that you might not want that much. So no matter if you are going out in winters or in summers a sunscreen on your face is a must. Always remember that.
  • Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer Might Just Be the Key – You think that your skin needs a lot if expensive products, but sorry, it doesn’t. Your skin just need a good cleanser and then a simple affordable toner and then a very light weight moisturizer. A routine of this circle everyday is all you need to make your skin look great.
  • Exercising It Out – Exercise or yoga any type of release is great for not only your body but for your skin too. The stress and sweat that exercise releases clears and cleans your pores from inside and make your skin glow. You do not need much. Just 30 minutes of any exercise can prove to be a miracle for your skin.
  • A Gentle Scrub Here & There – You read how your skin needs cleaner toner and Moisturizer. But because of our busy schedule and rush lifestyle it wouldn’t be so bad to use a homemade scrub if you don’t like a ready made one. Scrub gently twice a week and make your skin look flawless and gorgeous.

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