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Best web series to watch in 2021 if you haven’t already!

Apart from everything that the corona pandemic has taught us, there is one more thing that we all are now very much used to. And it’s watching web series and movies all day long. When we were all locked up in our houses, bound to stay inside with exactly nothing to do, we all turned to web series for comfort. So let’s talk about the web series that actually touched our hearts, made it impossible for us to distract our attention from our screens, and gave us a sense of comfort.

Although things are getting better and our lives are coming back to normal, we don’t think that the obsession that we have gained from watching web series would ever stop. The series that we are going to talk about today is honestly the most loved and hyped-up series you would ever watch. We hope you like our recommendations. So look at the names and their genre and find yourself some amazing pieces of art to binge-watch.

End of the f***ing world

James and Alyssa, two emotionally imbalanced teenagers indulge in a series of events that would never allow them to stay the same. It all started with James planning to kill Alyssa because all his life, he had killed small animals and was looking forward to killing something big. Something real. And that’s how he fixated his gaze on Alyssa. As they started hanging out with each other, decisions that would ultimately change their lives forever and situations that can make them criminals arise in front of them. This short but really amazing series is one you wouldn’t want to miss.


Lucifer is a six-season, Drama based series that will make you equal parts laugh and equal parts cry. It all starts when Lucifer, the king of hell and the rebellious son of God who was vacationing in LA becomes a witness in the investigation of the murder of his friend. This series will hook you up in a way, that will make it difficult for you to remove your eyes from the screen. The jokes, the friendship, the scenes, and the perfect love story are something you would enjoy immensely. As big as it is in making you laugh, some sequence would just give you a bitter crying moment. And we think you might enjoy that too.

Orange is the new black

A woman named piper has to go to jail for a crime that she committed in her youth. There she meets women who have issues that are unimaginable and rules that are hard to follow. With her past mistakes looming in the same prison will she be able to make a future after all that is over? Friendships will be tested and loneliness might just make you go crazy, but with every other thrill, the ending will make you tear up so hard you will be sobbing whenever you hear the name. This eight-season-long series would make your days look like a blessing and the people around you more important.

Shadow and bone

Basically, shadow and bone is a three-part trilogy novel series named – shadow and bone, siege and storm, ruin and rising. These are the three novels written by the very popular Leigh Bardugo. The book series was so hyped up and rightfully so, that it was turned into a web series by Netflix.

It follows an orphan girl named Alina Starkov who was nothing but a mere soldier and map maker until she got to know the power she had inside her. She saves the entire regiment from dying and that’s how her story begins. But with every step of the way, she knows she needs to be careful. Because at the end of the day, she might just be the key to the ending.

Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 is nothing but just one of the best sitcoms you will ever watch. With stomach aching and belly clutching laughs and romance so romantic and friendships so pure, it comes with a perfect package deal. With its last season just released, the perfect dramedy comes to an end but would leave you in tears.

With Jake Peralta being an amazing detective, he is also the most immature one among them. And with every character so funny and yet flawed and perfect all at the same time, it is nothing, that will make you regret you watching this.

Made in heaven

We have talked about the English web series. But one thing we keep forgetting is that these past years Indian productions has also given us some of the best and the most genuine of themed drama issue. Among them is made in heaven.

With two people whose lives and relationships are completely different, and a wedding planning organization to blossom. These people entangle themselves into each other’s life in a way, that things would never be just the same. With cheating husbands and unknown genders and so many other wedding couples to take care of, you will be amazed at how beautifully it all comes together at the end.

Criminal justice

This Vikrant Massey starrer on Hotstar VIP – criminal justice is so thrilling and sometimes scary all at the same time. The theory is so twisted that it will make your mind spin with all sorts of theories of your own. Be it the acting, Pankaj Tiwari and his swag, or the whole plot in general, it’s really a great one to watch and choose. It all started when Vikrant Massey sleep with a girl and the next morning that girl is found dead on the bed beside him. He is innocent. But will the lawyers be able to prove it? Or will they give up? Will he be able to survive jail? Watch and find out yourself.

Girls hostel

Girls hostel is another one of the teen drama shows but we promise you would thoroughly enjoy it. It shows the real struggles of all the girls who live in a big girls’ hostel. The food they get, the rules and restrictions they have to face, the problems that surround them. But the show also portrays, the rules they break, the friendships they make, and the loyalty they serve. With all the epic plan failures and all the mastermind games comes a love that is as strong as a family. Short but really enjoyable series that would make you fall in love and give you major nostalgia if you ever were a part of a girls’ hostel.

Family man

Amazon Prime Video’s Family Man that starring Manoj Bajpayee is one of the most top-rated series of the whole year. Its first season was released in 2019 and that was also a major hit among the viewers. It was hyped up and people were so excited when they got the release date of the second season. And it did not crush our expectations. The storyline and the whole plot hit so hard and were genuinely so amazing that you would just love how it ended. And at the end, you would be begging for more. This one is definitely a must-watch guy.

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