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Top 10 Inspirational Movies You Can’t Miss to Watch

They have the ability to make us laugh, cry, and even cheer! We may identify with underdogs who achieve amazing goals despite adversity and hardships. We all require motivation. When faced with neck-to-neck competition in today’s world, we get tired of striving and want to give up. These films, on the other hand, force us to reflect on ourselves and, in many situations, may be inspirational too. To that aim, we’ve put together a list of timepieces that aren’t your typical evening watch. These 10 films will undoubtedly motivate, inspire, and stay with us long after the credits have rolled.


Watch The Pursuit of Happyness | Netflix

Pursuit of Happiness has to be one of the most inspiring films of all time. It is based on the true tale of Chris Gardner, a single parent trying to better his life for his son Christopher. The Pursuit Of Happiness is an inspiring story of a father’s fight to build a happy future for his son. While the film focuses on the father-son relationship, it also conveys the idea of never giving up. Nonetheless, the film’s joyful plot is based on the small moments of enjoyment they find in their relationship.

SYNOPSIS: Chris Gardner, a single father, has a difficult life (Will Smith). He and his little son (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith) are left homeless after being evicted from their home. Chris ultimately obtains a position as an intern at a prestigious brokerage business, but the employment is unpaid. Despite the fact that they must live in shelters and endure several hardships, Chris refuses to give up hope as he attempts to make a better life for himself and his son.


Into the Wild: Why tourists are risking their lives to visit a bus - BBC  News

Into The Wild is a narrative about breaking free, as the title suggests. ‘I don’t believe in careers, Mr. Franz; I believe they were invented in the twentieth century,’ says one character. Christopher McCandless foregoes a lucrative career as an athlete in favor of donating his belongings to charity and embarking on a journey into the Alaskan wilderness. Into The Wild is an unusual treat because it is an encouraging story about selecting a different life path in today’s competitive environment.

SYNOPSIS: Christopher McCandless, a great student, and athlete at Emory University, abandons his possessions, donates his whole $24,000 savings account to charity, and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness after graduating. Along the way, Christopher meets a cast of characters who will have an impact on his life.


Why we loved - and hated - 'Forrest Gump' | CNN

Whether dominating the gridiron as a collegiate football star, fighting in the Vietnam war, or captaining a shrimp boat, Forrest leaves an indelible mark on people. Slow-witted Forrest never regarded himself to be disadvantaged because he grew up in a safe atmosphere with his supporting mother. He attempted in his own tiny way to make others happy, but he becomes perplexed while rescuing Jenny, his childhood sweetheart. The picture evokes feelings of innocence and love, reminding us to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

SYNOPSIS: From the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies, the Vietnam War, the Watergate affair, and other historical events unfold from the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, whose sole wish is to reconcile with his childhood sweetheart.



Henry Fonda puts doubts on the case’s aspects as a dozen men strive to reach a unanimous conclusion on a guilty verdict. This film restores our faith in debate and reasoning, demonstrating that no decision is irreversible. Personal factors emerge as the debate heats up, and the fate of the inner-city adolescent takes a back seat. Despite being shot entirely in one area, the film delves deeply into numerous elements of human behavior. 

SYNOPSIS: A lone member of a jury in a New York City murder trial frustrates the others by forcing them to study the facts more carefully before reaching a fast conclusion.


Watch The Blind Side | Netflix

Who said family bonds have to be founded just on blood ties? The Tuohys had no idea how much Micheal, a homeless black kid, would transform his life and theirs when they brought him home. The film sends out the idea of giving without expecting anything in return, and it’s a heartwarming picture that leaves its audience motivated and happy.

SYNOPSIS: The true story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized youngster who, with the support of a compassionate mother and her family, went on to become an All-American football player and a first-round NFL draught pick.


ROCKY BALBOA (1976 - 2022) Ultimate Trailer - YouTube

Not only is Rocky Balboa’s story about struggle and hard work, but it is also about boxing. The plot is well-crafted, and the film’s overall perspective on his life is what makes it so compelling. The plot’s well-knit components include the obstacles of daily living that he strives to earn for, his friendship with his best friend’s sister, and the construction of his career. This story of a man who goes from being “nothing” to becoming “someone” is extremely inspirational.

SYNOPSIS: When the unbeaten fighter’s designated opponent is injured, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), a small-time boxer from working-class Philadelphia, is arbitrarily chosen to face the reigning world heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Rocky gingerly begins a relationship with Adrian (Talia Shire), the wallflower sister of his meat-packer comrade Paulie, while training with feisty former bantamweight contender Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith) (Burt Young).

7. 127 HOURS

127 HOURS - Full Length Official Trailer HD - YouTube

What if you had to choose between having your hand amputated or dying? In 127 Hours, Aron Ralson had to make this decision. The story of a lone trekker imprisoned for five days and his amazing return to civilization is a tale of survival. This film not only motivates us, but it also makes us appreciate something we all take for granted: life.

SYNOPSIS: While canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah, a mountain climber becomes buried beneath a boulder and must resort to desperate means to survive.


Udaan - Official Trailer | Suriya, Aparna | Sudha Kongara | GV Prakash |  Amazon Prime Video| April 4 - YouTube

Udaan is a tragic film that will immediately make you cry. Rohan and his half-brother Arjun are forced to live with their alcoholic and violent father Bhairav in this film. Rohan is dismissed from boarding school, and his father pressures him to pursue a career as an engineer. He is astounded by Bhairav’s handling of Rohan and his younger sibling. They free themselves from the chains and run from Bhairav. Udaan will motivate you to speak up against injustices and empower you to take action.

SYNOPSIS:  Rohan (Rajat Barmecha) comes home after being expelled from boarding school to his severe and unyielding father (Ronit Roy) and Arjun (Aayan Boradia), a 6-year-old half brother whom no one cared to inform him about. Rohan wants to be a writer, despite his father’s insistence that he pursue engineering school. Between lessons and late-night drinking sessions at the bar, Rohan develops a friendship with Arjun, with whom he discovers he has more in common than he first imagined.


Shah Rukh Khan misses Kishori Amma of Swades: May Allah look after her -  Movies News

Swades is a motivational Bollywood film that is both hard-hitting and emotional. Through his screenplay, director Ashutosh Gowariker has deftly addressed issues such as casteism and societal inequity. Shahrukh Khan, our token non-resident Indian, plays a NASA scientist who travels to India in quest of his nanny. When he arrives in the community, he is taken aback by the situation and begins to take matters into his own hands. He also manages to solve their electricity problem. Swades is one of Bollywood’s best motivational films. It both motivates you and makes you feel a little proud of your nation.

SYNOPSIS: Mohan Bhargava is a successful NRI (non-resident Indian) who works for NASA in the United States at the cutting edge of technology. He returns to his roots, driven by nostalgia, in search of the nanny who reared him in his hometown, wanting to bring her back to America. His voyage takes him to Charanpur, a community in India’s rural heartland, and starts him on an external and inner quest to discover where he truly belongs. 


Watch English Vinglish Full HD Movie Online on ZEE5

English Vinglish helps you regain confidence in yourself and reminds you that it’s never too late to attain your goals! It’s the type of motivational Bollywood movie you should watch while having a self-pity party.

SYNOPSIS: Shashi is a saree-clad homemaker and businesswoman who is a little nervous. Her husband and children take her for granted and make jokes about her on a regular basis. She feels insignificant because of her inability to speak in English. Shashi then leaves without her family to attend her niece’s wedding in the United States. She rediscovers herself and finds her voice amid the bustling city of Manhattan.

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