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Following A Healthy Diet Plan While Staying At Home

Diet plan at home. Yes guys. Because of this whole corona chaos that’s been going on in the entire world for more than one and a half year, We understand how all these is affecting our health. That is why we are here bringing you the perfect healthy diet and the way you should eat your food while staying at home. Weight gaining and obesity has been one of the most problematic issues of staying at home in quarantine.

Being dangerous, this can affect people not only physically but also mentally. Whenever we talk about diet we think that it will be something that is tough to uphold. But the truth is once you get to control your cravings, or once you know how important it is for you to lose weight, it is not really very hard to get your body through a healthy diet.

There are a lot of myths about a diet being something in which you should eat only salads and stay alive on water. But in the generalising world we Live Today, this is certainly wrong. Now, you can have a healthy diet with the taste surrounding your tongue and not make you feel as if you’re putting your body through too much pain. Let’s read further to know how to maintain your eating habits while staying at home.

1. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting concept with blue alarm clock
Intermittent fasting concept

Through years intermittent fasting has been one of the most used and one of the most positive resulted process for having a healthy diet and also for losing weight. Research shows that your body should fast for about 16 hours a day and the rest 8 hour should be for your meals. That means at the least you should be having a 16 hours of a difference before having another of your meals. It can sound a little tough but trust us when I say, that intermittent fasting will show you the most positive the results and it is not really very difficult to go through with it.

2. Eat small portions and focus on your food while eating

Usually, whenever we sit down to have our meals, we are generally busy in gossiping with others, looking at the TV screens, are using and chatting on the phone. This leads to you not focusing on what you are eating and how much exactly are you eating. Even though you feel that your tummy is full, you are busy and focused elsewhere which allows you to eat as much as you want and lose your focus. That is why it is very important to focus on your food while you are eating. This will help you to eat smaller portions more easily.

Smaller portions generally do not mean starving yourself. Smaller portions just mean that once when you sit down to eat coma eat little by little. You can eat multiple times in the 8 hours that you have got, but you have to be careful of the amount of the food you are allowing your body to intake.

3. It’s not always right to kill your cravings

Lastly, we would like to talk about cravings. Whenever people talk about controlling your cravings generally take it in a way that makes them think that they have to kill their cravings all the time. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, this is a myth.

Killing your cravings all the time will maybe allow your body to be healthy for a while but it will certainly decrease your mood, affect your energy, create more negativity than positivity inside you and around you and let me tell you it is wrong. It’s not always correct to give in to your cravings and nor it is correct to kill your cravings. A balanced diet is a diet where you have to keep your wants desires and your need and health in balance.

4. Switch Your Snacks From Oily To Healthy

It’s a very genuine thing that we get hungry in between working and after having our meals. It’s totally fine to keep some snacks handy to avoid getting the hunger and craving pangs. However one of the biggest mistakes we commit is that we eat the snacks that eventually get harmful for our health and contribute to weight gain. The best thing you can do is switch your unhealthy snacks from healthy one.

For instance, you can switch the biscuits and cookies that you eat with baked oats and you can switch the constant wafers to salads and fruits and you can change the fries to makhana. It doesn’t matter if you eat repeatedly, you just have to make sure that you would say healthy. You have to promise that whatever thing will go inside your mouth would be healthy.

We hope that we with these small yet easy tips we help you to clear some of the false statements and myths that you have learned about having a balanced diet at home. We help you to know and learn something that is new, something that everyone should know about, and that is why these are some of the myths that should be cleared from everyone’s minds.

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