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Why do foreign countries have better education systems than India?

Flawed Education System

Schooling is that the most vital innovative part of a person’s life and it’s not only about academics but over that. An area (education) where one grows learns and nurtures the fundamental values of life. What if the fundamental years of life have just been wasted only learning the scripted course but not any practical knowledge and lack of usage to use within the outside world? Then what’s the employment of wasting spending plenty of cash only for the sake of cramming the textbooks?

The thing is that the school is more focussing on cramming things instead of applying them thereto in student life. Furthermore, there are what the matter and flaws belong to the Indian education system. The explanation why we head to school isn’t to be told quadratic formula or Pythagoreans theorem, the real reason we move to school is to be ready to know to unravel the issues because in our future we are going to must face the obstacles and this is often the explanation one goes to high school. The foremost crucial period of our life just gets over from getting good grades to being a studious student but never about learn the fundamentals of our life.

To change the education system plenty of effort is put in and brought from all folks. Yeah, it takes lots of effort but that’s not the identical thing that we expect from our kids? We’d like to measure within the future and make India an improved place for students to not only memorize but also grow.

Myths of education system

Why one gets educated? For a much better future, secure job, financial security, name, and fame. It’s even true almost everyone studies with this mindset only which is correct. Now, this process continues for our future generations too.

  • No creativity– creativity isn’t about the turmoil, it’s about learning from our mistakes and learn something new so on till forth. This is often how one tries new things and becomes creative. Being creative isn’t a component of our education system so students don’t know if they’re creative or not which really kills creativity in students.
  • Afraid to form mistakes– usually students are afraid to create mistakes because from their childhood they’re being told and scolded that creating mistakes isn’t right but they never teach and make them understand that it’s an element of learning and growing and what life is all about.
  • Certificates and trophies won’t allow you to win the race of life– many of us might not have procured certifications and rewards in life but do have more knowledge than someone who got certifications. So, intelligence cannot be measured or judged supported the degree or certifications someone is holding though it’s far more than that.

Why do other countries have better education systems than India?

Not only to advancement in technology to higher norms of living and education system are other countries more developed than India including China, Japan, Australia, America, Germany, and Gulf countries. The thing is that they don’t focus much on exams and mugging things up rather than learning and intensifying the student’s intelligence and capabilities. The United States has been ranked no. 1 for having the most effective education system.

  • More emphasis on curriculum activities– Foreign countries indulge their students more into sports, art or dance with studies but whereas if we the scenario of India than the most and ultimatum goal is merely to review with no other curriculum activities.
  • Memorizing things rather than learning them– Another drawback of our system is that our education system just focuses on memorizing formulas and figures but don’t have that individual to use within the outside world and if see foreign countries they are doing have both the theoretical knowledge and know-how to use also.
  • Outdated technology– Since independence, the Indian education system has always failed in adopting new technologies and convey the desired up-gradation. And if we see other foreign countries they periodically keep changing the education techniques and technologies.

There may be infinite reasons why foreign countries being better than us, these are some of them, and not only changing the technologies will bring a change together with that the teachers, students, and parents must understand and push together to create India a more robust place for education.

Failures of the education system

The major failures that have led to the wicked system of the education system are

  • COMPARISON– Comparison kills productivity in a person. Probably we all must have faced the situation where we are being compared with others and that are some things frustrating and annoying. Comparing one student with other isn’t appropriate jointly specializes in learning and grasping things but the opposite could be good in something better than that. Rather than comparing they start appreciating for what they’re and it boosts and builds up self-confidence instead find ways to motivate and cheer them up.
  • STOP CRABIMG AND MUGGING UP– The evil root of our education system is that the schools always specialize in learning and cramming things rather than understanding and applying them to our real world and also the outside world. The matter why our youth is educated but still unemployed is because we’ve got degrees in our hands but stills lack skills and apply them.
  • MISSING EDUCATION– We do learn trigonometric formulas to periodic tables but if we are asked to put in writing an e-mail during a professional way many people do fail. this stuff are the fundamental things a student should know but fail to because our so-called convent schools never taught us the fundamental things and missing from our faculty syllabus.
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS AND SPORTS– our brain gets sharper after we do physical activities and play games which increase the stamina and system of our body. But these are missing in schools like puzzles, mental sports should be mandatory within the everyday timetable.
  • RESERVATION SYSTEM– Reservation has always been a difficulty in our country because the scholars that are more deserving than others should suffer the loss as they don’t have any quota. Also, if the reservation is given then it should be provided to one generation and not all subsequent generations. After we speak about equality then why do the scholars must be kept in privilege because of this system? The government has to change this reservation system and instead, the reservation are going to be provided supported economic condition.
“Students cheats in tests because the system values grades over student values learning” - Neil Degrasse Tyson

At the top of the day, it doesn’t matter who scores how much, what’s our CGPA, who can memorize the foremost information? The sole thing that matters is who learns the information most and applies it to the real world and be ready to face obstacles and problems.

Our education system should be more focused on how students to be more creative and enthusiastic in the world than giving the exams and not studying and spending out with the fear of getting failed. Life is much more than getting good grades and being a topper in front of everyone’s eyes.

One last question to ask teachers and also the education system at what aspect in our lives today we are using differentiation and integration? Ask a student what they’re studying and why they’re studying they don’t know the solution because their teachers told them to memorize the formulas and solve the questions.

Do you get the purpose memorizing some things is vital that’s what our education system says and teaches us? It’s about how good you remember things, just only memorizing and not understanding the essential concepts.


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