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Money Making Ideas for Students

Who doesn’t like extra money? Everybody wants to earn some extra income or money besides what parents give as pocket money. And it would be amazing if earn that extra money or income by students only, then who wouldn’t want that? You can earn that money by giving some time from your daily schedule. Like if you are good at something or do have acquired some special skills or interests in that particular field. Then, you will definitely earn a good amount of money by doing what you’re expertise. If you don’t have many skills and knowledge then also it’s not a problem you can learn new skills and upgrade your talents because no one is born perfect and we all learn something new throughout our life.

Doing a part-time job, work and internships not only provides money but enhances your skills and experience it also boosts up your confidence level. Building your future interest through doing things you do expertise not only helps you to earn money and to take up your own expenses. If you are willing to learn and earn that it’s best to do it online work.  

Why Should Students Work?

In this article, we will know what are some ways you can earn extra money by working part-time or work-from-home? and why all this is getting more important in this time of pandemic? what is its benefit? why it has become so necessary that everyone going for it?.     

Before starting you must be clear enough why you are doing it. Probably you must be in your school or college and maybe having additional expenses of your own for which you need money and you can earn it by working on your own, you learn how to manage your time.

By earning it yourself, one not only becomes financially independent but can help their family, siblings and invest for future use. And know the importance of money and how it’s hard to earn money.

Pros and Cons 

Everyone wants to earn money but then there come its positive and negative side-effects too, so a person must be well aware of it to not face any kind of difficulties.


  • Learning new skills– The more skills you acquired the more you grow in life and there is no age for learning and it will be a future asset for the future. 
  • Add work experience– Getting more exposure to what’s happening around the globe and well aware of it gives you more experience of how things are being done and in the future it proves beneficial. 
  • Scope for building career– By doing a certain work or internship one gains knowledge and experience in that field. If interested can see and build a future in that field. 


  • Fraud– Fraud is too prevalent in India so one must be well aware of fraudulent sites and the payment procedure to not face any consequences in the future. 
  • Hacking– Hacking being illegal but still cases of hacking reported so while using online sites it is essential to read all the instructions and be aware of the hackers.

Ways to Make Money Online

So here are some of the ways through which can you easily make money making while sitting at your home.

1. Content Writing

If you are good at writing then you are gold because nowadays very few people write because there is demand for content and being a student who loves to write can put this interest to earn money and becoming a content writer is where you can prosper your skills.

Few of the websites you can visit to contact for content writing

There are many more sites to start as a content writer for free and once you started you will acquire knowledge in this field.

2. Internship

If you are a student then you must be well aware of the fact how important is for you to do internships while being a student, internships not only give you money but it helps to build your CV which will be going to help you in the future while applying for jobs and internships should be made mandatory for college students to do at least 3-4 internships besides there college work and it’s a new way to explore aside of your stream and learn something new to get experience in a completely different domain. This will give you a lot of clarity about the things you expertise in and you can apply through Internshala and LinkedIn.     

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is trending in India as the demand for this increasing at a rapid rate and companies offering ways for a student to enhance their skills and earn money by working part-time managing their social media platforms, promoting them on social media, and different sites to reach it to maximum people. You can easily get leads and make sales for them.

4. Web Development

If you can make websites then definitely you can build your career in it. In Web Development, you have to create awesome websites i.e. simple template-based websites for cheap rates or for free. Although, you can just simply create your portfolio which will quite help you a lot. As it comes with a lot of practice and experience. And Companies do hire you so for that you need to have some knowledge in programming and CSS. You can also sell your websites on Fiverr, Upwork, and other sites or even to companies or local shops and services.

5. Video Editing

Video Editing has exploded people as making are more into making content via videos and for that people need video editors for a student it’s a quite interesting thing to do and for that, you must know how to create transitions, add effects, highlighting and adding texts to videos then you can go for video editing and the video are in real demand at this point of time giving you money, experience and what else you want?

6. YouTube Channel

Earning money through YouTube proves to be a good source of income and can make a career in this field. YouTube being the most used social platform and if you do have the capability to make use of your talent then go for it and earn money. 

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Being a student we have to go through a lot of work, studies and other curriculum activities for which one has to manage everything but besides that, if you are determined to earn some money or want to learn new skills and experience new things. By earning money you can manage some of your expenses on your own.

Content creating is the best and most effective way of generating a source of extra income through rendering services. It sometimes looks difficult and takes time and I suggest one must try and never miss any opportunity to prosper in life.

Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana is a creative writer who explores new learnings. Her experience also got her interested in SEO and copywriting. Currently, she is pursuing her undergraduate at Delhi University.


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