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Curiosity: The Key to Creativity

Be a creator of knowledge!

It is rightly said that “curiosity is the mother of inventions” Google and Siri can give answers to all our questions but do what’s the accuracy that it’s correct? Updated? Of course, it shows the info that’s being uploaded by someone so rather than looking forward to Google for each question start relying on our brain as in long term, it’ll be beneficial. So how are we going to be creative and imaginative if we looking to these computers and smartphones for each answer? Using your life experiences and others’ experience can help one to begin thinking more creatively together with exploring new things.

With smartphones and Google in our hands, it becomes pretty say to get the solution to any question in our mind with a straightforward click. But have we ever been given a deep insight thought that how we are as humans making our mind dump and neglecting that it got the potential to search out and think the answer? It is proved that human brains are way too fast and powerful than these gadgets. The power is that our brain got the creativity to ask questions, guess and wonder why this happens, how, and where? Because when these questions pop into our minds, then the person becomes more fascinated by looking up answers. Then there’ll be more creativity in our lives and each day we bump into new things.

Can’t decline the very fact with the world-changing with modern technology and input we can’t curtail and shut the technology but using it judiciously can see. Curious people are always thirsty for knowledge. Not being curious to understand things really kills your creativity.

Albert Einstein said “the important thing isn’t to prevent questioning” and this quote contains a deep meaning because the day we stop questioning is that the day we stop discovering things in life. Another quote by him was “I don’t have any special talent, I am passionately curious” curiosity are some things which one should not take for granted and fails to know that curious people tend to grow in their life.

Why do we have curiosity?

Born as groups of people we are curious from our childhood only to grasp about things because we all have different and peculiar questions in our mind and finding answers to them but as we tend to grow old our curiosity to grasp things dwindling. But if you are a curious person then there are lots of advantages to that. A person who wants to grasp the facts and reason behind the statement will clarify things out begin from the temperature to uncover the truth and therefore the logic and truth.

New experiences adding up in your life. The mind stimulates and works more efficiently to be curious, be daring, be alive to measure and see things. By being curious you may see the new dimensions and possibilities which are normally insufferable. Looking the beneath and see the new world. So be inquisitive about things to grow.

How to be a curious person?

  • Trying new things – once you found new things and explore to be told then your brain automatically aims for a replacement experience that stimulates your thinking capability.
  • Question yourself, not google – start questioning your brain first, and if impractical then lookup for a solution on Google because for once these devices won’t give accurate answers but your brain will so, stop counting on gadgets.
  • Act sort like a child – precisely not saying to begin behaving like children but start thinking the way they think sort of a beginner. Ask why? How? Why not? And also the world seems to possess infinite answers.
  • Face problems and challenges – while facing circumstances in life we stumbled on different sides and exploring them is interesting.
  • Never set boundries – learn, fall, repeat and begin again but never stop could be a golden rule for keeps. Setting boundaries hampers your growth and progress in life.

Be more curious

Curiosity, we want to be more curious go searching and ask questions why, how and who? During our childhood, we all had been curious to understand things and youngsters are more curious to understand things. But what happens now is we aren’t so curious then we want to because we slowly kill our interest in knowing things and began being more reliable on technology and devices. And at that time in life where we started letting our interest fade because we experience disapproval, failure, or people making fun of us for asking silly questions. But the very fact is that the more curious the person is that the more developed and sharp their mind works. When there is curiosity about how things work and solve it with their enchanted ideas and when there’s no curiosity to understand the items there’s no growth of our brain.
Never get satisfied that you just have found the solution because there’s no such thing as perfect always incorporates a possibility of betterment. Through being curious to understand the items it increases our brain stamina.

How curiosity does cures anxiety and fear?

We all have faced anxiety and fear at some point in our life where we started feeling stressed and in an anxious state, powerless to speak and let our feelings out. Then the answer for away are you able to decrease your anxiety is being curious. Start questioning your anxious experiences applying curiosity to our anxieties distract the human brain. As by distracting yourself from anxiety by applying mental energies to something we are inquisitive about. The thing one can do is rather than taking curiosity as an indication of illness start questioning the way to be inquisitive about anxiety ask yourself why you’re tensed, worried. Explore how are you are feeling inside your body and that’s how you distract yourself try learning a brand new skill or hobby.

We can’t let the devices start thinking for us not saying that stop using the technology but allow them to fade your curiosity to understand things and become slaves the Google. We do need devices but totally be obsessed with them isn’t good for our minds. The more we exercise our brain does, the more creative and sharp it’ll become. It’s not always about answering the proper correct always but finding and analyzing the answer is what creativity and discovering about.

Don’t be a consumer better be a creator of knowledge. If we glance back at history the great inventions had been possible because they were curious to seek out and lookup for solutions. How newton comes up with the thought that how an apple falls from the tree to the surface of the planet and came up with the concept of gravity. First, consider how things should work so use Google for it because our brain works better than them and people’s ideas will certainly change our lives.

“For every question there’s a straightforward, clear and unimaginative answer”
Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana is a creative writer who explores new learnings. Her experience also got her interested in SEO and copywriting. Currently, she is pursuing her undergraduate at Delhi University.

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