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Must-read books of all time

Okay, so we are already reaching the climax of 2021, and 2022 is on its way. Time for each one of us to set the new year resolution list. So now it’s 2022 new year’s resolution achievement time. You promise to yourself that you are going to read a lot of books but oops! there are problems. Firstly, you hate reading. Secondly, you practically have no time to read books. Thirdly, books are expensive and lastly, you don’t even know what you should read. So we are here in order to solve all these problems and get you started with your reading journey. So here is a list of books that are addictive, amusing, inspirational, and knowledgeable that you would not just enjoy reading but also make you dive into the ocean of wisdom and life skills. So without any further ado let’s get started.

The monk who sold his Ferrari

For each one of us, it’s possible to live a life filled with all the joy, happiness, health, family, social relations, and rewards. As we explore this phenomenal book written by ‘Robin Sharma’, we come across the tale of the sumo wrestler and the seven virtues of the Sages of Sivana that will help us get rid of all the negativity of our lives. We will be able to have more focus and be able to achieve the very purpose of our life.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Every 20-year-old guy or girl desire to have a cool personality amongst his/her friends or family circle. All of us wish to have that enthusiastic, humorous, happening vibes and be in the spotlights. But it’s quite difficult to figure out the HOW? For all your hows and doubts there can’t be a better solution than this book by Dale Carnegie.

Since the inception of the modern era, concrete and time-tested advice has taken numerous people to climb the success ladder in their career, personal, professional lives, and areas of interest. Irrespective of you being a student, adult, teacher, poet, or businessman, you are surely going to have a deep insight. It’s going to have behavioral changes within you

Shoe Dog

This book is a memoir by ‘Phil Knight’, the creator of Nike. This book has been the Newyork Times bestseller and has also been on the recommendations list of Bill Gates. This book makes you believe in not letting other people’s vision of the future dictate you. ‘

When Phil knight was thinking about the idea of opening a shoe company, many thought that he was completely crazy because back then sports or to be more specific running wasn’t as popular as it is today.

‘You need not know everything before you start’. This could be considered another takeaway. People might initially consider you crazy for your weird ideas but if you have concrete faith in it never take a backseat, continue with it. This book is one of the inspirational books that one must read.

The Subtle art of not giving a f*uck

In today’s era, those are said to be happier who have mastered the key to handle adversity in a better way and understood that it’s not always essential to be positive.

This book written by Mark Mason is an exemplary piece of self-help. Not giving a f*ck does not mean being indifferent, it simply means being comfortable with being different. This book also focuses on the power of rejection. We are defined by what we choose to reject and if we reject nothing, we simply have no identity. This book can be a life-changer. Thus, it’s a definite read for any individual.

The Winner’s Brain

This is a book by Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske. This book puts forth eight strategies that great minds use to achieve success. The book offers us two case studies. In the first one, the cab drivers are asked to use their own memory instead of the Google maps, they found that their hippocampus actually grew over a period of time. Hippocampus is a part of the brain responsible for visual and spatial memory. This shows that we can actually change our brains with time. The second case study was on the performing musicians. When they did their functional MRI, they found out that when the artist was performing inflow without worrying about his audience or performance, the entire brain lit up and not just a part of it. This focuses on the principle of concentrating on one thing at a time and the importance of the state of flow.

This book offers us five powerful tools to program our brains in our way.

The Rudest Book Ever

This book by ‘ Shwetabh Gangwar’ is a hard-hitting, straight-faced book that will help you find your own identity in all the chaos around you. It will make you laugh, ponder and analyze your own inner thoughts. It shows us different responses from individuals when confronted with rejection. Firstly, they feel as if they are losers. Secondly, they try to prove others wrong and the last one is a sort of negativity and hates message like ‘Everyone is bad ‘ and so on. In this book,  Shwetabh has some unique ways to deal with rejection. Read it if you are too affected by rejection that can be detrimental to your own self.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a more practical and financial educational related book by ‘Robert Kiyosaki ‘. It starts from teaching the finance-related terms right from the scratch like the assets, liabilities, income statement, etc. The teachings in this book are in the form of a very interesting and effective story. It’s a must-read for all those who want to create a wealthy fortune by improving their mindset and growing their wealth. It says, don’t work for money, let the money work for you.

Pride And Prejudice

A piece of work by Jane Austen beautifully narrates a classic love story between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. The story proceeds in an extremely flowing and romantic manner bringing out the human behavior when two souls feel true love. It subtly reflects the need for love in everyone’s life. This novel is a sure read for all those romantic story lovers.

So this is a set of eight books from varied genres that anyone should read as well as would enjoy reading at the same time. Reading, listening to audiobooks or podcasts will always add to your existing knowledge and transport you to another world. So keep reading and expanding.

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