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Some Interesting Facts Across the Globe Which May Blow Your Mind

''The world always amuses you’’

Be however well-read you are, there will always be mind-boggling and almost unrealistic facts that will always be far from your mind. Curiosity shall never die, because the facts surrounding the world can be so interesting that you will almost always scratch your head and laugh because they were so near your mind, but still so far away.

However, it would not be humanly possible to jot down every fact that is there in the world because the world always amuses us, and who knows what surreal thing might become the next interesting fact. We will try and tell you the few facts which must have slipped your understanding and they will definitely hook you to know more.

Bangladesh imposes taxes on people for speaking or learning the English language

Strange? Yes, all facts are. While in your country, you may be allowed to be a multi-lingual with a hold on many languages, but it is not likely the case with the people of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh 15 percent additional tax is charged to learn or speak the English language. This tax is called ‘ENGLISH TAX’. It is especially imposed on private schools so that the children under these schools do not get heavily influenced by Western culture.

Head operated typewriter

What do you need to operate a typewriter? Obviously your fingers. What about handicapped people who have no hands but want to type? Keeping this thing in mind, the typewriter was invented which operated using a person’s head. How? This is what you will enjoy knowing. In 1968, this unique typewriter was made and for operating it, the person who wished to type was given a torch which was put behind their ears on their heads, and whichever letter was touched by the light of this torch used to get typed. The rest was done by the machine. This was a master invention of that time and still, there is no such invention made in the world of typing.

Dead bodies to be given to Algordanza

Why would someone give the dead body of their loved ones to any company? Read further to know this. This is what is happening in South-Switzerland-based company, Algordanza. This company uses the dead remains of the people and makes artificial diamonds out of them which are then kept as a souvenir by their family members. The people of Switzerland keep these diamonds with themselves because it makes them feel connected to their dead family members. Wasn’t this a great fact?

What will happen if every person in the world becomes a vegan? 

Vegetarian people have to take a heavier diet compared to non-vegetarian people. If every person would become a vegetarian, then the demand for fruits and vegetables will increase and plantations will grow. This will lead to finding better ways for agriculture. Because humans would not eat animals, the government would then be compelled to take care of their natural habitats and it will address the concern of deforestation which will in turn aid the air pollution.

There are certain diseases which are found only in flesh-eating people so it would also be reduced and this would help to save almost 80 lakh lives every year. On the other hand, the jobs of slaughterhouses would be lost and this would make farmers richer. So, everything has its own implications and it gives us pleasure in thinking what would happen if things were a little different from how they are.

North Korea and its tyranny

Come on, everyone heard this news from a few months back when North Koreans were actually banned for ten days from laughing on the 10th death anniversary of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim-Jong-il. If you try to know more about North Korea, you would be shocked and compelled to know more. This is a country where people vote, but the candidate is always the same person, Kim-Jong Un. He is known worldwide for his cruelty as a North Korean dictator. North Koreans are subjected to death for wearing jeans. This country has so many weird laws which will make it difficult for you to digest.

The people are also made to mourn loudly (even if it is without any feeling) at the death of any member of the Kim family so that in the eyes of the world, it may look like they really love their leader. There are a lot of things which can surprise you hardly, but all of it cannot be mentioned at a time. So, we would end this one by telling you that foreign movies and music is also banned in North Korea. This country is full of unbelievable facts.

How much do you pay for potato chips?

In India, a packet of chips can be bought for 10 rupees and this is what you would expect when you go to any other country. Everyone knows how cheap these potato chips are. But, do you know the price of the most expensive chips in the world and why is it so expensive? The Sweden-based company, St. Erik’s Brewery sells its chips for 56$ which is around 4000 Indian rupees. Well, what makes it so special? The packaging. Its packaging looks like a jewelry box and contains just ‘5’ pieces of chips kept in different slabs which gives it a royal look. The world is really full of fancies.

Google maps are banned

Every nook and corner of the world is accessible to everyone with the help of Google maps. But. Baunei town of Italy has imposed a complete ban on Google maps. This happened after repeated incidents of people being lost while using Google maps. This compelled the government to go on and ban the application completely. Actually, the routes shown by Google maps in this town were mostly unkempt and dangerous and many people were about to lose their lives in this scenario. Not only this, the police had to do 144 rescue operations due to failed use of the application. You will be amused to know that the roads of this village actually have the signs for awareness which says ‘Do not follow the directions of Google maps’.


Jyoti Paudel
Jyoti Paudel
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