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How to Improve Spoken English?

Do you often hesitate to get involved in any conversations just because of English speaking phobia? Although you write amazing English but fumble and mess up while speaking? Or do you just have to think a million times before delivering conversations in English? If you are facing any of these situations, you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will provide you with some most effective scientific methods and tricks that almost all the most influential English speakers must have followed in their lifetime. Also, we will be sharing with you some ice breakers in order to begin any conversation along with a pack of some amazing everyday phrases. So folks let’s get going.

Tips to improve your English

1. Focus on the Listening


As it’s rightly quoted ‘You learn more from listening than talking. Try watching some English movies or web series on Netflix or Amazon Prime with the subtitles on. You can also watch some YouTube videos. The flow while watching these should be like this:

Listen, read, pause and imitate

Now over and above the difficult words that would not fail to catch your attention, there is something else that you should pay your attention to. The connecting words such as However,  specifically, nevertheless, significantly, etc.

It is of utmost crucial to put your ears to the emphasis given upon certain words.

In English, it so happens that emphasis often changes the entire meaning of the sentence.  It’s indeed a good choice to word on emphasis giving and voice modulation techniques.

While listening your attention is worth the slang and conversational English used making you look like a native English speaker.

You can start listening to some podcasts in English. Some of the popular ones are Google Podcasts, Spotify, iTunes. You can go for any free podcast App and just begin your listening journey.

The BBC World Service has two absolutely good channels called ‘ The English We Speak’ and ‘6 Minute English’. The British council has the ‘Learn English Podcast’ and there are many more.

2. Read till you Lead


If you are a beginner, you can start with the children’s books that are generally graded books. These books are generally interesting as they are designed in such a way that they hold the attention of the children. They are colorful and consist of many pictures. Gradually, you can start heading towards more difficult books. Just make sure that you read often and more interesting material. Slowly and steadily you can start progressing towards more challenging material as well. When you start reading any book, just read it holistically in order to understand the meaning of the test completely. You need not hustle for the dictionary to find the meanings of that exotic words. It would slow down your pace and make reading a monotonous job for you. Try to understand the meaning in general and you will slowly get to the word. Another tip, while you read, is to read aloud. This impacts your pronunciation as well along with your reading and grasping power.

Also make sure to learn some phrases, idioms, and short sentences. These can prove much beneficial and sounds good when you have some casual talks e.g.

  • A1 since day-1, to be at par, top-notch, etc.
  • Make sure you add at least one new word every day into your dictionary of the English language.
  • Dedicate 20 minutes of your day to the reading activity.
  • Following this for a period of 4-5 months persistently will surely make you reach more nearer to your English learning destination.

3. Start penning down


Every day make it a habit to write something. It can be a short paragraph on a topic, you can frame some news, write an essay. To avoid the efforts of finding a topic, you can simply start maintaining a journal. You can write about the activities that you performed or whatever you wish in that diary. While writing makes sure you incorporate the new phrases or vocabulary that you have learned.

speak, speak and speak

‘You can’t learn to swim without going into the water’.

Similarly, you can’t learn to speak English without actually practicing speaking English. Speak every day in English. Speak English amongst your friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. Don’t take a back seat while communicating in English. You will miss a whole lot of learning if you do so. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it’s all fine. The first step to achieve greatness is to make mistakes. Then learn from your mistakes, try to minimize them but never stop from attempting because of the fear of failing.

Ask your parent to give you a topic and try speaking on that topic for 5 minutes every night before you go to bed. Do some hand gestures, expressions, work on your voice modulations, etc.

4. Few ice breakers


Let’s break the awkward silence and start the conversation. The more you use them, the more you compliment people, you are going to be loved by all because you are the one that makes them feel special. So let’s get started:

  • You are hilarious/funny: When you laugh out at someone’s jokes don’t forget to praise their sense of humour.
  • You are an inspiration: Whenever you feel that trigger within you due to some person don’t hesitate to let them know how much they have contributed to the generated liveliness within you.
  • Heard you are a great dancer: Try to compliment people for their talents. It would be great if you know already about their talents and then you amaze them with your genuine compliments. Remember you don’t have to flatter, let your compliments be sincere and true. This way you can truly convey your feelings and build bonds.
  • You are fun to be around: It always is soothing for ears for anyone to hear that their company adds fun and live to others lives. Let them know that you love talking to them.
  • I love that you are so dedicated to/passionate about: If in case a person is really concerned about physical fitness and exercise and takes constant efforts for the same, appreciated their efforts and motivate them to continue the same way.
  • I am so proud of you: Make them feel like a showstopper. Make them know that you feel proud to have them with you.
  • You always go that extra mile: Let the efforts taken by them be recognised by you. Don’t take a back seat to recognise their extra work.
  • Hey, both of us like dancing: Find similar interests and dig out more about their choices, likes, dislikes in that field.

Some phrases you can use in your daily conversations

  • I am on cloud nine:

Sentence: I was on cloud nine the instant he proposed to me.

  • A hard nut to crack:

Sentence: Raman is indeed a hard nut to crack in Chess.

  • On any grounds:

Sentence: Both the parties weren’t ready to settle on any grounds.

  • My way or the Highway:

Sentence: When it’s about his daughter’s happiness, it’s his way or the Highway.

  • All agog:

Sentence: I am all agog for the Navratri celebration.

You can master anything you desire with some effort, consistency, and a happy mind. Have faith in yourself and the techniques mentioned here. You will definitely have the fluency and efficiency in English that you desire. Happy learning!

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