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High salary career options after 12th (PCM)

10 most in-demand career options

Often it happens with the students who pursued science that they find no clue after PCM. There are many who go for engineering after their twelfth exams. But there are many who struggle to find their calling. It’s a common belief amongst the masses that one has to go for engineering after the 12th PCM exams.

In order to break this rumor, we are here to provide some most enthralling and high-paying career options. So let’s get started with some high salary questions.

Here are the 10 most in-demand career options:

Web Developer

A web developer is a person who builds a website, maintains it, and updates it according to market needs. Web developer requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, MySQL, PHP, and other backend technologies, testing and debugging, JS libraries and framework, etc. Various duration courses are prevailing in the market. It depends upon an individual’s grasping capacity to learn and have a grip on web development. Starting salary for this qualification as career option is Rs. 25000/- and it can be more than 1.5 lakh per month as you gain and grow in experience

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UX/UI designer

The main role of the UX/UI designer is to create consumer-friendly interfaces for a variety of applications and software. It’s basically how you design an application interface and what experience you provide to your users in getting their hands over the technical complexities involved in running apps and software. This is one of the most lucrative career options. The average salary ranges from 6-7 lakh per annum in India.

Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers find ways for hacking varied information networks. They help governments and national organizations with safety and security concerns. The starting salary ranges from 6-7 LPA.

App Developer

As the name suggests, the main role of the app developer is to design and build an app. An app developer maintains the track of the market, requires a programming skillset, takes updates and feedbacks, makes necessary changes in the projects, monitor the functioning of the apps and software, discusses issues and solutions with the team. This is a popularly growing and exciting among other career options.

Air Force

This is another thrilling alternative for PCM students to go for joining the Indian Air Force. The minimum criteria to be satisfied here is to secure 60% marks in PCM. The starting salary over here is 45K per month and increments take place as you progress in your experience.

Merchant Navy

Merchant navy is related to transportation of passengers and cargo concerning services. Do not mistake Merchant Navy with the Indian Navy. Indian Navy is a naval division of the Indian Armed Forces. You require a score of 60% in your twelfth PCM to join the merchant navy in the officer category and if you secure a score below that you can opt for the non-officer category. The salary depends upon your qualification.


You can pursue a teacher’s course and start teaching in schools and colleges up to the standard twelfth syllabus. A teacher’s salary varies in accordance with the qualifications, teaching skills, the grade of students you are teaching, and the subjects that you will be teaching.

Graphic Designer

If you have that creative worm bouncing in you and you love to update yourself with the social media trends and vogues, this career option is a perfect fit for you.  A Graphic Designer is a person whose role is to assemble a few pictures, motions, and design a piece of innovative and appealing work. A Graphic Designer basically makes graphics for social media posts, advertisements, pamphlets, magazines,  brochures, etc to attract the masses. It’s a high-demand skill in the US.


After one has completed one’s 10+2 education, one can go for a five years LLB course. Good communication skills, active involvement, convincing skills, and great personality along with fearlessness are the pre-requisites in this field. You can go for on-field work like filing and fighting cases if you are confident about the skills mentioned earlier else you can also go for admin work as well. This career requires a good period to get established in this field. Your starting salary absolutely depends upon you.

Yoga Scientist

For those who have always preferred something physical to sitting jobs, this career option can certainly be of your interest. Although it’s an industry that does not specify any particular qualifications, still there are many National and international courses that can be pursued and they can really help you to boost your career as a yoga scientist.

So here we have been through all the Ten most rewarding careers after 12 apart from engineering. Happy learning and growing!

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