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Importance of Iron for Health and How to Get It

Nowadays people around the world are aware of what is good for their health and what is not. People are trying to be fit and healthy. Exercises and yoga are good for health but not only these factors can help you to get good health, you have to maintain your diet and your eating habits also. Eating a good amount of nutritious food may help you get a healthy body.

Here we are going to talk about iron. What is the main role of Iron in our body? Iron plays a very significant process in oxygen functions in our body, many other things that Iron can do for our body.

Food Items that Increase Iron in our body

We can make Iron at the gym a few times but our body pumps it every day and continuously. Iron is the most needed element for making hemoglobin, a part of red blood cells.

  • Spinach: These Leaves are very healthy for our body it provides many benefits but fewer calories. 100 grams of raw spinach contains 2.7 mg of iron, which can improve iron in your body. Not only spinach every green vegetable has Iron and many vitamins. Always add more green vegetables to your diet.
  • Pumpkin seeds: These small seeds are the best source of Iron, if you don’t like to eat the whole pumpkin try its seed they have more benefits than pumpkin. Add these seeds to your diet and you will get a great source of iron for your body.
  • Sesame Seeds: Small in size but Great with benefits. It has a nutty and rich taste and is a good source of Iron. Add these seeds to your meal and take benefit from it.
  • Meat and Chicken: Meat is the best source of iron, eating red meat can really help you to fight anemia. Iron deficiency is common nowadays and eating chicken and meat will be very beneficial for us.
  • Oranges and Kiwis: Vitamin C is an observer of Iron and that’s why Oranges and kiwis are the best sources of iron and vitamin. Oranges are really good healers and beneficial for skin though.

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Benefits of Iron

Iron helps to functions the body, including energy and focus for work, and main protect the immune system. Iron deficiency can be harmful to humans these days it causes heart palpitation, pale skin, breathlessness, fatigue.

1. Pregnancy


Being pregnant is a challenge for a woman, make sure that you are healthy and your baby is also healthy. Red blood cell production and Blood volume production increase to supply the fetus with nutrients and oxygen. And also demand for Iron is neutral increases, and your body maximizes iron absorption during pregnancy.

If your Iron is low it can cause the risk of premature birth and low weight of a child, and it can also store behavioral development in infants. It is clear that Iron supplements are needed for all women who are pregnant or have low Iron in her body. Eating Iron-rich food can help to maintain Iron in the body and gives more energy.

2. Power and Energy

Iron is a source of energy for your body. Iron carries oxygen to the muscles and brain so they can function properly. It is very important for mental and physical performance. Low iron levels in the body may cause a lack of focus, increase irritability, and low stamina.

3. Increase hemoglobin level

The main thing that Iron can do is boost our Hemoglobin level for blood. Hemoglobin is a protein for red blood cells in our body. And Hemoglobin is very important and additional hemoglobin helps to create more Hemoglobin because people lose their blood in many ways. Women lose blood every single month because of their menstrual cycle, and it can cause anemia.

4. Immunity

Iron plays a very important role in the Immune system. It can improve Hemoglobin levels in the body that can provide oxygen to damaged tissues, cells, and organs, and many other things that fight against Infection. Low iron in our body can harm the immune system.

That’s how iron plays a very significant role in our bodies. If we take care of ourselves we can fight against iron deficiency these days.


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