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How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

FAQs questions for interview preparation

Graduating from an elite university and holding degrees doesn’t guarantee that one will crack up the job interview. But with the appropriate planning, efforts and hard work will help you to reach the milestones of your dream job. The most important part of the job interview is preparing for it and how you represent yourself, how much confidence you have, your personality and body language speaks a lot about a person, and yeah that is what matters for a job interview. Even experienced people also need to prepare for the interview and learning and practicing interview skills is the only way to crack up for the interview.

What is a job interview?

Job Interview is the last stage in the recruitment process where the interviewee is being questioned by the hiring manager or the panel of representatives of the company in order to find out the potential candidates who are best suited for the company. Although, a job interview specifies the question and answers between the hiring manager and the interviewee. Job Interview is the most crucial moment in a person’s life because the way, the interview goes decides whether the job applicant gets the job or not. 

Types of job interview


The most casual or common job interview is the personal interview i.e. in it they have to walk into the company to give their interview along with their CV. And it is a two-way process between interviewer and interviewee.


The second type of job interview is of group interview in which there are multiple candidates are being interviewed at the same time and the benefit of doing it is that it saves a lot of time rather than interviewing personally each candidate.


In screening a brief introduction is being taken to move them to the next process of hiring and make sure to have a good call service.


Nowadays it is the most common and casual job interview being taken because of the pandemic and usually takes place in zoom meetings, Google meet, or Skype. During this make sure to have good access to the internet to avoid any inconvenience.


In a panel interview, there are more than two persons to take the interview, and while answering them make sure to make eye contact with the panel rather than a specific person.

Rules for job interview

Etiquette rules that will really handy helpful while preparing for a job interview. So, here are some of the basic rules:

  •  Well dressed up: Now, the question arrives in the mind what is the right dress or attire for the interview? So it could be in business casual or formal depending on what kind of company and post they are applying to. And being well dressed up goes well with the set mindset and that they look the best possible way and now they are ready to achieve their dream job.
  • Time of Arrival: Punctuality Matters: It’s obvious arriving late will give a bad impression of you in front of the company because a person who doesn’t know how to value time and lacks time management skills then how will you be able to manage other things which increases the chances of getting rejected. So, it’s better to be early, than to be late’ and should arrive minimum15 minutes early to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Research for the FAQs or questions for interview: While preparing for the job interview one must make sure for preparing the common questions that are being raised through the interview like tell be about yourself, what are your strengths and weakness and why we should hire you? So these are the few most asked questions during a job interview and the best way to prepare it to do Google the most frequently asked questions and prepare it a few days earlier before the job interview.
  • Research about the company: Doing research about the company shows how well prepared they are and it shows how professional one person is and while giving your interview and talking about the company shows the interest in their company and confidence during the interview.
  • Ask questions: At the end of the interview, the interviewer usually asks if we have any questions regarding for them regarding anything then it is the best opportunity and doesn’t say no as it shows that we are not interested and lack interest with them do ask questions and show your interest towards them.
  • Say thank you before leaving: Once the interview is being done don’t forget to mention and say thank you to everyone before leaving and it shows how well-manners and do write and send an e-mail or handwritten or thank you notes to the company before heading for the next interview.

Common mistakes while giving a job interview 

A few of the mistakes that are being made while giving a Job Interview and what should a person do to overcome these common errors.

  • Lack of Self-Confidence: It is one of the common weakness that most of the people possess is that not having enough confidence among themselves, as it might reduce the chance of being selected which may lead to disqualification.
  • Talking too much: Usually the mistake that they made is talk way too much than it is required do try not to talk about your personal life too much and maintain professionalism to increase the chances of selection.
  • Poor body language: While walking inside for the interview one must have some basic etiquettes do smile, shake hands and greet with good morning or hello. Keeping a good body posture and maintaining eye contact is must to show the enthusiasm and confidence about the job. 
  • Asking about the salary and incentives: The mistake that usually job applicants make while going through the job interview is that they ask about the salary way too early which reflects that they are not interested in the welfare of the company or goals but doing only for the sake of salary which will leave a negative impact on them.

Few tips and tricks for a job interview

  • Facial expression
  • Practise, Practise and Rehearsal
  • Be prepared for small talk
  • Try to stay calm and positive
  • Don’t act desperate
  • Use formal language
  • More emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills



While preparing for a job interview one must have a lot of questions in mind if they are going to crack it or not? Have they given their best out of them, will they be able to make it through it or not? With each interview a person learns new things and what are the past mistakes done to not repeat in the future.

Giving an interview should not be treated as an exam one needs to be calm and focus rather than taking up any stress that can really put a bad effect on the interview. One should try hard and give their best no matter what result they came up with if they are well determined and hardworking then no one can stop them from achieving greater heights of success and it is rightly said ‘Do smart work not hard work’.

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