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Foods You Can Cook In Your Hostel Room To Survive The Day!

Hostel and hostel memories are one of the best things you will remember about being in college. While hostel and roommates, will be the most amazing part, there’s also something that can be equally tough and can make you struggle. Food. Yes, it’s a fact that has been experienced by students all over the world that the food that is provided by the hostel mess can literally be a mess sometimes. And in times like these were you feel that the food is not edible and you are starving, it’s always a good idea to know that you can cook something for yourself.

Surviving hostel days can be different and overwhelming sometimes, but having good or at the least food that is edible can make it all a tad bit easier. Obviously, it’s not possible to create a perfect three course meal in the hostel because not all the hostels have gas stoves, but preparing some good and familiar snacks that can be easily counted as healthy too, might really be the only thing that you would need. Let’s read further to quickly know some recipes that you can cook in your hostel room to survive the day.

Vegetable Poha

Pohe or pohe or pohaa is an indian breakfast recipe

Vegetable Poha or is something that is easily everybody’s favourite and is one of the healthiest of the dishes that can be made without any hassle and you certainly do not need to be a high level cook to be able to make this. Even if you can’t arrange the stock of all the vegetables in the hostel, potatoes and onions are always a good option to keep around. Just sauté the small cut potato and onion in the pan, sprinkle salt and black pepper, address flattened rice, and it will simply be one of the best thing you can have for breakfast.

Vegetable Upma

Semolina Upma

Again, just like Poha, you can also easily make yourself some potato and onion Upma. Upma is made of Sooji, that’s again one of the most classic dish in India and is highly loved for breakfast or evening snack. It’s also healthy and can be simply delicious if you eat it with some kind of chutney or only with tomato ketchup.

However, if there’s a chance that you can arrange all the vegetables, then this will most definitely be your favourite thing go eat in the hostel even if you think that it sound boring, hunger pangs will make you learn to accept the food that is right in front of you.

Besan Cheela

Chilla or Besan cheela or veg-omelette

Besan Cheela, or also can be called as gram flour pancakes is another easy dish that doesn’t need much ingredients and can be literally prepared in just fifteen minutes. You can just garnish it with some chopped onions and can easily let it be on the non-stick pan until they are crisp and golden brown, by putting some ghee on the sides. These pancakes or Cheelas are even filling and can make you get rid of your hunger in a fun, easy and delicious way.

Moreover, you need nothing but gram flour, some water to make a perfect batter and one onion and it would give you just what you want in such a simply manner.

Oats Khichdi

Khichdi and fried vegetables

Oats has always been one of the most recommended and healthiest way to lose weight and stay healthy. It is rich in proteins and starch and helps you to fill your stomach very quickly. Making oats Khichdi is also easy and it just tastes delicious and also doesn’t take much of your time. Oats is said to be the very important source of fibre, which makes you stronger and keeps your digestion system good.

You just have to toss some vegetables into the pan, add oats, add water and some salt and spices and you will fall in love with how tasty this boring sounding dish can actually be. And the best part is, it is filling, which means after consuming this, you won’t feel hungry for a good four to five hours.

Mayonnaise and Cheese Sandwiches

American hot cheese sandwich. Homemade grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast.
Homemade grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast.

Bread is a thing that is easily available everywhere and almost every time. And what we forget is that bread can be used to make amazing mouth-watering sandwiches. You can’t always prefer health dishes and none of us likes to not have a change every now and then. This is where the mayonnaise and cheese sandwich come from. You can simply dice some cucumber, tomato, onions in a small size, take a good amount of mayonnaise of your choice, grate the cheese cubes and mix it to make a good filling.

Now stuff the fillings in the bread and smash it properly together. Cut them in small triangles and eat it with tomato ketchup. What more can any of us want with such delicious and cheesy recipe?

Vermicelli (Sweet/Salty)

Fried vermicelli
Fried vermicelli

Vermicelli is another one of the great recipe you can have if you are looking to eat something light and yet tasty and filling. Vermicelli can be made in two ways. You can either use milk to make a sweet version of it which can be a dessert. Just roast the vermicelli with a little amount of ghee in the pan and pour a descent amount of milk in it. And garnish it with some almonds. Or you can toss the vegetables in the roasted vermicelli, add some water and let it get absorbed and add salt and pepper and other tastemakers and it’s just great to have.


Kids Tiffin

No matter where we are, or how much healthy we want to eat, maggi, yippee, top ramen is something that none of us in any cost can avoid. And when you are in the hostel, maggi will be always a must. Right friends? But try to make things interesting with Maggi.

Sometimes, add some vegetables, other times add some different kind of sauces and mayonnaise or sometimes just add our very favourite cheese. Because no matter what, maggi noodles would always be out favourite thing to eat and when we are with our roommates in the hostel? That’s a bonding moment. Yes.

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