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Celebrate Holi – Delicacies That Are Prepared Across India On Holi!

Holi, the festival of colours, water, unlimited laughter and all the good things in the world is just around the corner. Holi 2022 is quite special for everyone because since two years corona and the fear of pandemic has taken a lot from the people all around the world and had forced us to stay indoors not allowing us to play Holi with our family and friends. Hence, after everything that we have went through together as a country, we deserve to feel relieved and enjoy this year as much as we can.

India is a land of traditions, of cultures and most importantly a land of unity. It has always been that way. And there are food delicacies that are prepared in every household when it’s time for Holi and colours to knock on our door. These delicacies make us wait for Holi to come all year and makes us enjoy the whole festival even more. The best thing about food is that it has the power to bring people close, together, and it doesn’t only enhances the joy of every festival but we soon start to remember the festival by the food that we will get to eat.

Hence, below are some of the most popular and tastiest of the delicacies that are prepared in every house across India on Holi and make our stomachs happy and our hands colourful.

The Most Popular Delicacies Prepared on Holi


Gujiya Indian food for Holi festival

Gujiya is one of the most loved and the most popular of the sweets that gets prepared during Holi. Holi means Gujiya. It is as simple as that. There’s a lot of types of Gujiya that are there – chocolate Gujiya, Mawa Gujiya and so on. It’s basically a fried covering made of flour and it has delicious sweet creamy filling inside that will simply melt in your mouth. It is not that sugary, and hence can be enjoyed by everyone, even by the one’s who are not that fond of sweet things.


Traditional Indian drink thandai with saffron

Thandai is very easily that one thing which you will simply regret not having while playing Holi or on Holi. Thandai is basically a prepared mixture, a syrup kind of thing that gets mixed with ice cold milk and is then turned into a perfect Thandai milkshake. In the hot weather, while playing Holi, Thandai mixed with a bhaang is the best way to enjoy the day of the Holi to the fullest. Grab a glass for yourself and don’t miss a chance to have Thandai, because Holi’s second name is Thandai.

Dahi Bhalle

Dahi Puri Chat

One of the other tastiest delicacy is Dahi Bhalle. The proper, Dahi Bhalle made out of moong dal Vada and creamy yogurt with green and red chutney with the garnishing of coriander leaves and the sprinkling of spices and masale, might be just what you need in life. It’s so delicious and yummy and fun to eat, that there would be no way you would stop eating it if you could help it. Dahi Bhalle will leave your mouth watering for more. Try it.

Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa or Mung Daal Halva is an Indian sweet / dessert recipe, garnished with dry fruits

Now that it’s spring time and the winters are gone, we start missing gajar ka halwa. However, to much of our relief we have moong dal ka halwa for our rescue which is said to be made for the first time in the year on Holi. Topping the delicious Mawa halwa with pistachios and almonds and saffron will just not make it look like the best thing ever but also would met your heart right when you put the spoon inside your mouth. You can ignore and avoid everything, but not taking a bite of moong dal ka halwa and then another one.

Puran Poli

Puran Poli

Now, Puran Poli is delicious, tastes perfect, and is appropriately filling right after you play a very tiring round of Holi, running around with your friends and family. Puran Poli is a covering just like Paratha and is filled and stuffed with a slightly sweet filling of chana dal that is just delicious and widely loved by people all over India. You can simply pair puran Poli with a sabji or aachaar and it can simply be the best dish you ever had.

Bhang Pakode

Indian Crispy Corn fritter or pakora, pakod

Although, surely, the bhang pakoda is not for everyone, especially not kids, but nonetheless it is a great addition to put a cherry on the top for the Holi preparations. Bhang pakoda is not only yummy and fried hot which you can totally have with thandai, and that would be the best combination you will ever put in your mouth but it will also make you slightly tipsy, a lot more excited for the day and very easily you can just snack and Chee it around while playing Holi.


Angoori Rasmalai

One of my personal favourite is Rasmali. How can anyone, ever say a no to Rasmali. Rasmali is basically a very soft rasgulla dipped in creamy and kesariya milk with slight amount of sugar allowing it to absorb the milk inside the rasgulla too. Holi will be totally incomplete if not for the sweetening end of Rasmali that not only fills your mouth but also your stomach as it can be consumed by keeping in the refrigerator too.

Kanji Vada

Kanji Vada

Kanji Vada is just another and the most loved salty and spicy snack that is prepared on occassions of Holi and Diwali, mostly. The Vada that is prepared is made up of moong dal batter and is then deep fried in a very delicate manner allowing it to take up it’s space and is then left for about 3-4 hours in the plain water. After that, it is left in the spicy and salty kanji that is prepared, that is also slightly sour and is then kept in it over night, allowing the Vada to swell up and fill in the kanji inside the Vada as well.

We sincerely hope, you have a safe, and joyous Holi 2022, filled with too much food, colours, laughter and memories.

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