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Top 10 Must-Watch Bollywood Movies of All Time!

Indian cinema is posh, glamorous, famous and to die for. We know that, we have all known that for a long time. Bollywood movies live on drama and tragedy, it feeds on dialogues so cliché and scenes so magical, they will stay with you, at the back of your mind for always. Although most of the movies of Indian cinema are something that will slowly creep inside your heart, there are some tales, and some characters that simply become your favorite.

These tales are distinct, and something about them binds us together so tightly that it no longer stays a movie – they become our comfort characters, our comfort movies, our go–to collection. Today, we list the top 10 such movies that are our all-time favorite and will forever be evergreen.

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Veer – Zaara

Veer-Zaara is a movie that makes you realize that love doesn’t care for countries and rivalries and that true love is worth the wait. Veer-Zaara is a movie that is an evergreen saga of love, separation, loyalty, and a roller coaster of every other emotion that exists. It makes you realize that so many individuals suffer in the enmity between two countries, and that blood is not the only family one can have. Veer-Zaara will forever be etched in the hearts of all the people who are romantic at heart and believe in a love that lasts for a lifetime.

3 Idiots

A movie that will make you clutch your belly with laughter and make you cry bitter tears all at once. This is a take on friendships that go beyond college and job and makes you a better individual. 3 idiots portrays the perfect comical characters we come across when we are in the hostel and college, it makes us laugh and get nostalgic about our own class bunks and makes us appreciate our friends a little more.

It makes us realize that in the race of life, there are some people that our wholly ours, and we need to hold onto them. We laugh when “Chatur’s” speech goes wrong, and we cry when Raju gets the job after his suicide attempt. 3 idiots would forever make us realise that some friends truly do become our family.

Hum Saath Saath Hain

A movie filled with marvelous actors and an even more amazing storyline. Where life teaches us to grow in our careers and earn a six-figure bank balance, we truly do forget that our families are our whole support system.

‘Hum saath saath hain’ is just another story that shows that family do stick together, no matter what. It takes a lot to have peace within the family and it takes the sacrifices and love of a lot of people to make the family imperfectly perfect. This movie is an enigmatic saga that will continue to make the viewers fall in love with it, both old and new.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

This movie had the songs of the decade. It’s not that the movie was lacking at some point, as much as the viewers loved the movie, there are songs that are timeless, evergreen, and would forever be the favorite of the one’s who loves to dance to the Bollywood beats.

The movie however shows the beautiful bond of siblings without which our lives are truly empty. Our siblings are the one’s we love to hate and hate to love the most, but when he’ll crashes over, they are the first one’s to stand over us, protecting and fighting. And this movie makes you fall in love with all the imperfections a family brings and appreciate all the members a little more.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge

The 90’s kids call it popularly as DDLJ. This movie is the perfect packet of uncontrollable laughter and too much fun. You are in a bad mood? This movie is the solution for that. The silly pranks, the angry glares, and eventually the perfect songs and romantic glances will make you believe that true love is real.

For the one’s who are old school, for the one’s who are tired of today’s fast dating life, this movie stirs emotions so deep and shows exactly how opposites attract and do fall in love. The songs are to die for, the dialogues are something that the kids remember till today, the “Jaa Simran jaa, jeele apni zindagi” is something that all of us use every once in a while. This movie is nothing short of drama, comedy, love, friendships and a whole lot of pranks.

Jab We Met

Personally, I have watched this movie more than 15 times. And even today when I am too exhausted to find new things to watch, or life gets hard, this is the first movie that pops up in my mind.

Geet and Aditya are the one’s we call soulmates. Starcrossed lovers, you know. They are the one’s who takes care of us more than our parents, they are the one’s who accept defeat just so we can be happy, and they are the one’s who travel across the world just to find us and to let us know that they are right beside us. The grumpy Aditya falls in love with a sunshine girl Geet. Classic. Boring. Right? No. It’s a gem of a movie that will show you that guys like Aditya do exist, even if we have to go through some of the Anshuman(s) to find them.

Kal Ho Na Ho

“Pretty girl, dekho dekho naa, oh pretty girl” we love the movie, definitely, but this song, is everything that one could wish for. The beats, the dance, the looks but over everything the lyrics. It’s sad but it’s true, they don’t make such movies now, not do they sing songs like this anymore. This movie is the perfect example of “love triangle” and perfect one to watch if you want to experience heartbreak. Aman was, and will always be the lover who will stay in our hearts. He does, but the bonds that he made and the relationships he bettered will always live on. Just like his love for his lover.

Main Hoon Naa

“Tumhe jo main dekha, jo hosh tha who toh gayaaaaa” really they don’t at all make movies like this anymore, which is truly just sad. The chemistry, the story, the twist, the love of a mother and the protection of a son, this movie holds everything in it. SRK truly lives in our hearts because he has given us reasons to believe in love time and again.

The jokes we make in college, and the principal we fear, the classes we bunk and the homework we miss with all the danger our country constantly us, and soldiers like Ram who let us have peaceful sleep at night, this movie represents everything that Bollywood is.

English vinglish

A heart-touching family movie that makes the viewers realises the love a mother holds for them and how they are sometimes blindsided by their own children. It’s a journey of a woman who finds the confidence in herself to be better, to be more of herself. It’s a realisation that sometimes our respective spouses make us feel small and forget to appreciate our qualities and push us to be better.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Again, they were best friends for years, before he falls in love with the new girl and leaves his best friend behind. But fate, fate always has it’s way to make us stand right there in front of the one’s we belong. ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’ is an evergreen saga and story of honest friendships, love of a family and how some people are truly just made for each other, even if sometimes, it takes years for them to be together again.

Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal
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