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Most effective skincare ingredients to look

5 scientifically approved ingredients

Building a skincare routine is simpler than it sounds. With so many products available in the market that are promising you that lustrous beauty, lasting hydration and smooth even-toned skin, reaching out for ingredients that actually keep the promise can sometimes get intimidating and time confusing. While skincare enthusiasts will leave no leaf unturned to find out on products that are helping them achieve that everlasting glow and solving all their skincare issues, it is a huge wastage of money and trying out bad formulated products or even products that social media promotes but are not for your skin type is wastage of products and is highly impacting the environment for bad. 

So to solve the issue of what looks like the most confusing topic of all time, we are here to provide for you a list of 5 scientifically approved ingredients that your skincare routine shall love. Let’s get started with it. 


With the winters knocking at your door, it is a good time to mention niacinamide and its benefits for your skin. While the harshness of winters damages and dehydrates your skin, niacinamide protects it. It traps water in your skin due to the presence of ceramides and helps your skin stay hydrated during the cold. Also, it is a pretty versatile ingredient. It is also helpful in improving pigmentation and improves pore clarity giving you smooth glowing skin. It can be used by everyone because it is the solution to many skin problems but especially for the dry skin types, this works wonders. 


We all love scrubbing our faces with walnut shells, or other sharp scrubbing particles, mostly because they leave our skin feeling supple and baby soft after. We are all convinced that our face is finally clean and is devoid of any dead skin cells that are trapping our glow. But in reality, you are damaging your skin like nothing else and are aggravating your skincare game.

Physical exfoliants are not safe for your skin or it is safe to say that you need extra care and technique if you are using one. So switching to chemical exfoliants is a much better option not only because it is safe but also because it saves so much of your time as physical exfoliants need to be scrubbed as gently and slowly as possible.

Chemical exfoliants like every product can damage your skin too if used recklessly without information. You need to do your research as to what skin problems your acid tackles and then pick the right exfoliant for you. It is very important to start by doing a patch test. Depending on your skin concern, choose the right exfoliator among the AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs. Chemical exfoliators are not similar to physical exfoliators but work on a much deeper level and heal problematic skin like acne, overly dry/oily skin, pigmentation, textured skin, and even works as an exfoliant in removing your dead skin cells. 


This naturally potent ingredient is not only great for your body but also for your skin. A nature-loving ingredient, green tea can be used by people of all ages for its benefits for their skincare and haircare. Especially for oily and irritated skin people, it is your holy grail. Green tea helps your oily skin by controlling the production of excess sebum at the same time hydrating your skin as it is a naturally soothing and calming ingredient.

Therefore the next time you go shopping, read your ingredient list and choose products that have a stable concentration of green tea and are not just there for the sake of mentioning the ingredient. Otherwise, an inexpensive and effective way to use pure green tea is to dip a green tea bag in boiling water, leave it for half an hour, cool it, store it in airtight bottles and your DIY green tea toner is ready to be used. 


Who doesn’t love healthy, dewy, and glowing skin? But using too much highlighter still tells people that you have makeup on and the glow is only but of cosmetics. So is there a way to achieve a highlighter-like glow without putting makeup on? The answer is Yes! So for all the natural glow goddesses, Vitamin C is here for your rescue. This active ingredient prevents oxidizing of melanin from reacting with the oxygen present in your body, thus preventing darkness and pigmentation and in turn brightening the skin.

It is however recommended to use at Vit C nighttime as it oxidizes after coming in contact with sun, air, or liquid. Depending on how fast you want your results to show, you can go from a lesser concentration of Vit-C to a higher concentration. However, keep in mind that you still have to do your research while working with potent ingredients like this and do a patch test before you start applying it directly on your skin. 


Hyaluronic acid is very popular for its ability to retain moisture and keep your skin hydrated for long. It is definitely an ingredient to watch out for the dry and combination skin type especially during winters. Apart from this obvious function, hyaluronic skin is the ingredient that smoothens your skin tone and gives you that supple baby skin that with age is the biggest challenge that people face, and therefore it has a milder form of anti-aging properties

With all that being said, it is very important that you know that all of these ingredients are not for your skin. Some may work, some may not, some may even irritate your skin while the same ingredient may heal someone else’s skin. It all depends on your skin type, your age, and sometimes the climatic conditions that you live in. Teenagers should stick to natural or ayurvedic ingredients if they do not have too problematic skin as their skin is naturally in a state of repair.

You are advised to do your thorough research on each particular ingredient and always start using your skincare products with a patch test to test for reactions or allergies. It is better to use lesser but effective products and your skincare regime should definitely not be complicated as they have more potential to harm the skin than restore beauty. 

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