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React JS Recruitment: Finding the Perfect Developer for Your Project

Finding the right react developer for your project is a time-consuming process involving various factors such as technical skills, experience, cultural fit, budget, and soft skills. To simplify the process, we have compiled this definitive guide on how to hire React JS developer for your next project.

For starters, you can begin the hunting process by looking at venues such as networking events, job boards, and freelance platforms like Upwork. Moreover, there is also an option to hire ReactJS developers using specialized recruiting agencies. But there is a catch here. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, so consider weighing the options.

Once you have selected the potential hires, the next step is assessing their skills and experience. Apart from checking references and qualifications, inquire about react developer coding skills, work management skills, and how they adapt to new working spaces.
In the world of developers, effective communication is a crucial factor. The developers should be able to deliver complete messages without any buzzwords and articulate complex concepts when necessary.

Lastly, budget is the biggest factor, playing an important role when looking for React JS developers for hire. React salaries can vary widely, primarily based on experience and location, ranging from $50,000/year for newbie developers to $150,000/year for professional React developers. When creating job offers, ensure that you offer competitive packages to attract top talents and avoid losing them to better-paying clients.

React JS Engine

React JS engine
React JS engine

React JS, commonly known as React, is an open-source Javascript library used for creating state-of-the-art user interfaces and UI components for web applications. Developed and backed by Facebook, React has gained a wide user base over the years since 2013. Here is an overview of React.


React comprises a declarative approach to describe how UI should look based on the current design. In simple words, you specify what you want, and React will make it happen.


React is based on the design of reusable components. Developers can create modular components and encapsulate them through the application.


React incorporates a document-objected model to optimize rendering performance. When the state of a component changes, it creates a virtual DOM, compares it to the previous version, and updates desired components.

React Native

Where React is used for creating web applications, Native plays a role in developing mobile applications for iOS and Android using the same components and concept.

Desired skills of perfect React developer

When tracking down to hire React JS programmer, there are certain skills that you need to look for. This part of the guide covers those points. Let’s see what you need to seek for.

Know-how of Javascript

Javascript is the backbone of React. A developer should know how to interpret code and explain the specific purpose of that part.

Front-end development

It is important that developers know about front-end tools such as HTML and CSS to be effective at creating projects using React.

UI/UX understanding

The ability to create interactive UI/UX design is crucial when developing react projects. The ideal candidate will be able to create such an easy-to-use design.

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Cybersecurity knowledge

We are not saying that the candidate should start bug bounty and throw brute attacks. React developers should understand the cyber security concept and prevent data from leaking out while developing applications.

Tips and tricks to hire React developer

Always check out the portfolio

Good React developers will always have a portfolio showcasing the projects they have done in the past. Looking at portfolios will enable you to get a deeper insight into developers and the work they have done.

Determine technical aspects

Ask technical questions to determine the tech skills of developers. Ensure that the developer for hire has proficient knowledge of core React concepts, Javascript ES6, Redux, and JSX. Also, try to find out if they have knowledge of other libraries such as GraphQL and Node.js.

Communication skills evaluation

We have mentioned that React developers should be able to communicate effectively. Clear and effective communication is essential for the successful completion of a project. Before making the final decision, talk to potential pick-outs and see how they respond to the questions.

Cultural fit is important

Going for a remote working model, cultural fit is important here. Ask candidates how they handle remote work. Have they used any remote collaboration tools? Or if they are comfortable using written mediums such as emails or chatting applications.


Finding your next React developer is not easy because you have to weigh in every factor available out there. This world of modernization is revolutionizing the process, but it is also making it complex. When you hire React developers, ensure that they are meeting your needs and you are meeting their needs. We hope this blog specifies all the information needed for this process.

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