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All-Time Best New Year Resolutions for an Individual

What is the best thing I can do this year?

With a history of almost 4000 years, right from ancient Babylon, New Year resolutions have become a part and parcel of our conversations every year. A lot of you might struggle to think, ‘What is the best thing I could resolve for this year?’ While there are many of us who can speak words and call them a ‘resolution’, there are only a few of us who actually work for it. Resolutions might differ from person to person and from the will-powers because they can be as minute as a resolution to wake up early, to as grand as changing the way of one’s lifestyle completely. While, the one who is writing this might not themselves be aware of what would suit you but, at least you can get a kick-start to think about your resolution. So, let’s pen down what could possibly be your resolution for the even year of 2022.

Promise yourself to fulfill the resolutions

This one can also sound funny to a lot of you reading this, but 99 times out of 100, a person actually fails to do what they thought of doing when the year began. This could be a basic but promising resolution that can stand as a wall for other future resolutions of yours. Remember, ‘it is always easier said than done’. While everything else might come late in the queue of your priorities, but being true to yourself is the key to catching hold of your mind. So, if you like this, then just go ahead and promise yourself that from the coming years, you will do what you intend to do, without excuses.

Prioritize your mental health

Humans made machines to simplify their tasks, not to compete with them. These past years have actually affected people mentally and emotionally. It is alright to cry, and it is alright to take breaks and not heap yourself up with stress every time. ‘A sound mind lives in a sound body’, this means that both body and brain are needed to co-exist mutually in peace for you to function well. Part yourself away from the things that sadden you mentally. Do things that make you feel at home and make your mind a little happier. So, this can be a great resolution for the year, to not be hard on yourself and treat yourself well. 

Make yourself flexible

A lot of us become rigid with the ways of our lives and this can be seen as a big hindrance in achieving our goals. Things aren’t always fluid, they can sometimes be solid and for that, you have to be ready to mold yourselves accordingly. What this means is, suppose, if you are a night-owl then you shouldn’t be passive to wake up in the morning sometimes if it seems necessary and vice-versa. Flexibility is essential to get you out of your comfort zones which is a very difficult thing to do.  So, if you feel that there’s a tint of rigidity in you, then this could be a good resolution for you to take.

Start working out

This point is not to make you feel uncomfortable for your body. Every size is perfect and everybody is beautiful. Working out doesn’t actually mean having abs or being muscular to look appealing to others. Working out does not even mean that you have to hit the gym, it just means that you have to take care of your body. It means that you have to eat what you want and at the same time, make your body sweat to prevent it from being affected. It is a good resolution because it will increase your immunity and ultimately it will do you good.

Be more sympathetic and donate

We are not living in a utopic world as this world is full of blemishes. So, this year you can think of taking out at least one day from your year and lending it to those who actually would be grateful to take it. Donations don’t have to be monetary. You can also donate your time and talk to the people who have no one to open up to and listen to them speak. This will give you life lessons and wake up your senses to approach things from quite an emotional perspective. When you donate in-kind, try not to give just torn and old stuff. This can be a pretty heartwarming resolution, to begin with, and trust me, helping others would actually give you peace of mind.

Try new things

Even if you are involved in co-curricular activities, try to look out for new things where you can try your hands on. There are a lot of things that can keep you involved: painting, singing, dancing, learning a new language, and many more. These will not only be a good way to pass your time but also be a temporary refuge from your routine reality. Trying is always better than not trying at all. These aforementioned things are both valuable and fun and can be a good new-year resolution to start afresh.

Take a break from social media

What you see always affects your mind. Social media can sometimes be really harmful when it comes to seeing all glitter and show. It can easily make you regret your life as it is just a show of a happy life. Once you start comparing your life to the life shown on Instagram or Facebook, you are very likely to feel anxious about most things and it is very toxic. Thus, instead of surfing on social media, you can find new ways to be engaged.

Thus, see what you can do this year and make your year worthwhile. Resolutions aren’t meant to be said but they’re meant to be implemented with entire will and honesty. So, this new year, let’s be an abridged version of ourselves, and let’s make a resolution with a will to not break it at any cost.

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Jyoti Paudel
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