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The Impact of Climate Change on Human Lives

Environmental Issues and Awareness

By climate change, everyone is affected in several ways. This problem is not just moderate to one particular county, this problem is worldwide. We all know about how climate change is affecting our surroundings, mostly the environment. We can see how the earth’s temperature is rising day by day and this is only known as climate change but climate change is more than what you think. The Impact of climate change on human lives is the most important thing we have to focus on. 

How Climate Change Affecting Human Health

Climate changes are generating new health harms in communities across the world. Ultimate weather, mortal air quality, and disease outbreaks are becoming more general, affecting more folk in more places. Climate change does not only increase the temperature on earth, weather changing events, and enhancement of sea level. But it can impact our lives and health as well. This is spreading globally day by day.

In developing countries, this may be the biggest crisis they are facing. Increasing temperature creates hotter days and it can frequently affect the environment. Death is now common from increasing temperature. Heat can impact our body system and our organs too, like the brain, heart, eyes, kidneys. Studies show that the impact of heat can lead humans to do suicide and numbers are rising of people who committed suicide.  

Climate change does not just have hot days. In winter, in many countries, people are suffering from cold and end up with cold death. Climate change is enhancing infections most probably, we have evidence that Climate change is the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate change is not only an impact on the human’s body it can also impact on human’s mind. Increasing temperature can change the human lifestyle and it can lead us to an unhealthy life. As we are talking about how climate change can affect mental health too. There are many problems like depression, anxiety, and stress caused by global warming. Not only physically we have to face this problem mentally. If you’ve been impacted by a natural disaster, these emotions can set in much deeper, running into shock, trauma, false relationship, substance abuse, and loss of respective identity and sobriety.

Accompanied by climate change we also see compounding air quality through a type of mechanism. But as we combust fossil fuel we not merely release greenhouse gases into the air but we release baneful pollutants that are immensely unhealthy for our health. Things that excess the centralization of ground-level ozone as well as particulate pollution matter.

climate change

When you inhale things like particulate objects into your lungs it purposes inflammation leading to things like asthma and COPD exacerbations as well as diseases like pneumonia. And even in the long run things like lung cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that air pollution is the single biggest environmental cause of immature death globally. Every year air pollution causes 7 million immature deaths, and we are bringing this to ourselves.

We are radiating these poisonous pollutants that are causing disease and millions of deaths each year. We’re also noticing that an increasing repetition and stringency of ultimate weather circumstances like hurricanes, wildfires, floods, droughts, extreme precipitation incidents like storms, and not only do these incidents themselves affect health over things like shocking damage during the incidents.

Also, the results of these events have remarkable effects on health. It also harms power infrastructure so people without power for months, its impairment and destroy roads and it damage telephone communications so, after all, people were not able to approach their health care faculties. They are unable to obtain medications refrigerate medication that needs to keep cool. And some are even unable to access emergency medical services. So months after the actual event that happened it was responsible for thousands of deaths. We would only anticipate these incidents to worsen in the future as well.

Our water safety is imperiled by climate change with things like storms and extreme floods. Climate change can impact our water in several ways, and it can impact the cycle. Warmer air can clasp more humidity than cool air and it can cause heavy rain and storms. And not only natural disasters are only things that impact our water, there are many several human activities that also the main reason that we cannot get fresh water. And after that farmers don’t get pure water for agriculture and people don’t get fresh water to drink.

climate change

Human need pure water for their body if they don’t get what they body needs, they have to face many diseases and infections. WHO claims that if we didn’t stop this may be nearly lost our water sources and we cannot get fresh water by then. Water is also connected with our food souses, the main food source is agriculture. In agriculture farmer needs freshwater (without toxic objects) then they get fresh vegetables, grains, and fruits. The Development of factories and urban cities can create a huge impact on human health. Human needs fresh air, pure water, and clean environment to live but we are in health emergency right now. We can see how climate change has a huge impact on human lives. Now we are looking forward to it. How we can prevent climate change (global warming).

How to Prevent Climate Change

Every individual needs to know that preventing climate change is important for our lives. Many human activities that cause global warming and we are the main reason that damaging our own Earth. A Human can solve this deadly problem before it is too late.

There are a lot of solutions to climate change. Humanity has a problem on its hands, humans are the central driver of climate change. How to solve this crisis, we have to try to stop human activities that cause climate change.  If we do nothing the consequences are just going to get worse.

  • We have to interrupt putting greenhouse gases in the air. And where technologies like wind, solar and nuclear energy come in. Eradication would likely be the cheapest and most easy solution to bring our emissions to zero fast and a lot of the awful consequences of a warming world would be avoided.
  • Keep our planet cool. We have to plant more trees and rebuild forests. Humans already cut down trees for their needs. Trees are the main source of oxygen and they can prevent CO2 and stop Earth from getting warmer. So, plant at least one tree on your birthday and gift plants to someone, and save human lives.
  • We have to protect animals as well there is the main aspect of the environmental cycle. Humans kill animals for their satisfaction and needs. And while they cut trees from the forest animal cannot survive in the warm environment. Not only soil animals sea animals are harmed as well. They are the treasure of our environment and it is connected with us.
  • Recycle is the way. If we use things like paper, glass, plastic objects doing recycle we can save many trees, and even we can control climate change.          
Small steps can lead us to big success. we can solve this global situation by doing all these things.

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