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Yoga for Beginners: History, Importance and Starting Asans

The first visual strikes in our mind when we hear the word “YOGA” is someone sitting with their eyes closed. But that is not the actual YOGA. There are a whole lot of things happening behind those closed eyes. In simple words, YOGA is not something that is understood without experiencing it. You have to go through it if you want to enjoy the real flavour.

History of Yoga

Yoga originated thousands of years ago, long before the first religion was born. According to Hindu religion first ‘YOGI’ (one who obsessed with YOGA) is lord Shiva also known as ‘Adiyogi’ and ‘Adiguru’. 

In the Himalayas, there was a lake knows as ‘Kantisarovar’. Long ago at that place, Adiyogi (lord Shiva) poured his precious knowledge on seven sages who are also known as Saptarishis. Those sages with their impeccable yogic knowledge travelled to different parts of the world including Asia, South America, North Africa. However, India is the country to show the fullest expression of the yogic system.

The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘to unite’ or ‘to join’.

What is Yoga?

Most people might think that meditation and Yoga are the same. But they are far more different. Meditation is a process that helps the mind to get its peace. But Yoga is the key to open the ultimate treasure of reality.


Yoga is also known as a process that unites and balances the thoughtful nature of mind, movement of body, and purity of soul. 

Why Yoga?

Health is an essential thing in our life. Being physically fit doesn’t mean you are healthy. Mental stability also matters. What if you get benefitted from both? 


Yoga rises our mental strength immensely, improves body flexibility exceedingly, reduces stress tremendously, relaxes our body thoroughly, enhances our heart health outstandingly.

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How to do perfect Yoga?

There are few important things you should know before doing Yoga. The following are the most necessary tips you should know and remember. 

1. Involvement:

Yoga shows no effect on you if you do not get involved in it. You have to be very passionate about Yoga so that it will transform you into a new you. 

2. Committed Atmosphere:

We have to suit ourselves in a place where there is a good committed atmosphere. The place must be the one which gives you the sense of enormous peace. 

3. Avoid Distractions:

You know what things distract you from doing work more than anyone. You must avoid them in the first place so that you can find a suitable environment.

4. Start Simple:

We all familiar with the sentence “slow and steady wins the race”. This is also applicable to Yoga. Start Yoga with simple Asanas (positions or angles) to not get ourselves caught in problems related to body pains. In simple words do not go directly into complex Asanas.

5. Explore:

One can give little idea about Yoga. But, it’s your call to know what made Yoga so special from other similar activities. It’s your decision that how deep you will swim in the depths of it. It’s your responsibility to learn how it helps you find the reality of life and understand the mechanism of body and mind. 

Start Yoga with Simple Asanas

Yoga Asanas are different postures or positions or angles which are done by people to increase their body stability and flexibility. Asanas can give better and long-lasting results. You don’t need any equipment. All you need is passion and dedication towards it.

Here are the few Asanas that can help.

1. Sukhasana (the easy pose)


The name itself says it is an easy pose. It seems easy but the benefits for the body are abundant. You have to sit with your legs twisted as shown in the picture. Make sure your spine is straightened. It is one of the resting Asanas. It helps you calm yourself. It helps you balance the level of anxiety. This Asan help women to reduce menstrual pain. 

2. Vrksasana (the tree pose)


Shift your weight to one of your legs. The other leg should be placed on the inner thigh of the standing leg. Balance yourself on one leg as long as you can. Stability depends upon how you distribute your weight on your standing leg. This Asan improves the balance of the legs, strengthens the standing leg and hips.

3. Savasana (the corpse yoga pose)


This is the most simple, relaxing, and easy pose. Lie on your back on the floor with your legs and hands are straight. Relax your arms on both sides. Feel yourself heavily on the ground. Helps you lowering your blood pressure and calming your mental state.

4. Navasana (the boat yoga pose)


This requires great balance and stability just like the boat on the ocean.  Sit with your knees bent, straight your legs on the floor, and then put your hand behind your knees. Lift your feet up and spread the toes. Bring arms parallel to the floor holding your legs to attain balance. It helps you with the digestion of food, building strong abdominal.

5. Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog pose)


Stand on four limbs (both legs and hands) so that your body forms a table-like structure. Lift your hips, straighten your hands and legs. Make sure your body forms an inverted v shape. It helps strengthens your arms, helps your brain to get fresh oxygen, calms your mind.

6. Balasana (the child pose)


Sit on your heels, bend forward bending your forehead to touch the floor, keep your arms alongside your body. The palms should be facing up. Try to press the chest on the thighs. Stay on that pose for one minute. It is also one of the restorative and calming Asan.

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Yoga makes your body flexible. The flexibility of the body improves the efficiency to do work. Doing work with perfection makes your life easy. There are plenty of ways to be fit and strong like doing heavy exercises in the gym. But the result from that is very temporary while compared to the results from Yoga Asanas.

Chowdary Jayendra
Chowdary Jayendra
Chowdary Jayendra is a 3rd-year student of IIIT Srikakulam pursuing his B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. His focus is on improving knowledge and skills other than academics.


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