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What Factors Should Take Into Consideration While Taking Up Animation Course?

Animation is the art of bringing alive inanimate objects or illustrations or photographs or static images or 3D generated characters. These inanimate characters are transformed into frames which are then stitched in a sequence. These sequenced frames are projected quickly to create a simulation of life.

24 frames per second are essential in order to create a smooth movement. Today, animation finds usage in varied fields like cartoons, computer games, ads, mobile applications, TV Shows, films & websites etc.    

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Factors to be considered while taking up Animation course

Skills required:

  • Artistic capability: He must possess artistic, unique visualization & sketching skills along proficiency in use of colours, thereby enabling him to conceive innovative concepts and accordingly develop storyboards.
  • Immaculate Organizational skills: His organizational skills will not only assist him in being on top of the things but also enable him to handle multiple projects while adhering to deadlines.  
  • Observation skills: Incisive eye for detail is essential since it will allow him to incorporate, expressions, reactions, structure movements, characterisation etc. in the content.
  • Networking & Communication skills: Exceptional networking & communication skills will enable him to collaborate with teams from multiple departments, vendors & stakeholders so as to not only ensure timely completion of projects, but also to sell concepts and seek new business. 
  • Passionate: He must work to stay relevant in the market by updating his skills, learning modern techniques, tools, software & technologies etc.

Eligibility Requirements: To enrol, students must meet the following conditions:

  • To be eligible for entrance test, clearing of class 12th in any discipline is a must for students. The school must be affiliated with recognised board.
  • On clearing the entrance test, the aspirants must clear group discussion and interview round. Once students pass all three rounds, they are allowed admission to the desired course in the desired college.

Identify the right college

  • Hone skills: Aspirants must select the animation course from a college that assists them in polishing as well as sharpening their skills, focusing on technical aspects besides guiding their imagination to create impactful messaging. The college must assist students in overcoming their weakness. Furthermore, the curriculum must build proficiencies so that students are inspired to explore and experiment without hesitation.
  • Infrastructure, Latest Technology & Equipment: The identified college must boast of appropriate infrastructure including library & studios etc. Furthermore, studios must be equipped with latest equipment including computers with latest softwares like Machine Learning & AI, 2D and 3D etc. The college must offer competencies in use of latest tools & technologies like narrative, modelling, simulation, and prototyping etc, thus not only enabling students to be in sync with the latest but also encourage them to experiment & develop engaging characters, situations and locations that are important to communicate a story. This will also help students in gaining confidence and be job ready on passing out of the college.
  • Trained Faculty: The trained, well-educated and industry experienced faculty will pass on their wisdom to students, thereby teaching them tricks and tips in handling live projects, overcoming issues or handling of problems.
  • Placement & internships: The college must offer certification that is recognised at both international and domestic level. Besides this, the college must have good connects in the industry, thereby ensuring placement and internships. This will help students build portfolio, gain confidence as well as knowledge in use of latest tools & techniques.    
  • The Animation Course must help develop self-awareness and empathy so that the students evolve as resilient flexible animation designer. 

Factor in the above essentials and walk the path of success

Sangita Kumari
Sangita Kumari
A law student at Vinoba Bhave University.

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