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Top 12 Movies Every Dog Lover Must Watch

Dog owners know very well how fun it can be to watch your dog play. Somehow, it just warms our hearts to see our furry friends play with their favorite dog toys, run around the backyard, or do those adorable sleep runs. Spending time with a pet has been proven to reduce stress and increase happiness, but if you’re looking forward to a real cinematic adventure, check out one of these gorgeous dog films.

Popular streaming services provide films with animal themes that range from the thrilling to the emotional, with furry stars pulling off amazing (and awww-worthy) feats. These films starring a man’s best friend are ideal to watch whether you’re looking for a decent choice for family movie night, something light and enjoyable for an indoor date night, or just a cute movie to watch in the background while you play with the kids.

This weekend, put on your coziest clothes, grab a tub of popcorn, and watch one of these movies. No matter your preference for screen time, there is something for everyone (and perhaps your dog would like playing with a dog puzzle toy while you indulge?).

1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale


Even grownups will cry while watching this movie. It is based on a real-life love story of a professor who adopts an abused dog named Hachi and develops a close relationship with him or her.  In truth, the United States has a statue honoring Hachiko.

2. Marley & Me 


When thinking about the best dog movie, Marley & Me was undoubtedly the first that came to mind, and with good reason. This movie is the perfect illustration of what life with a dog is like, with all the ups and downs, thanks to the bond that develops between Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, and the titular Labrador retriever, which every dog lover dreams of possessing.

3. Air Bud 


If you’re looking for a sports movie that will warm your heart and is great for the whole family, even the dog, Air Bud is always a top choice. You’ll feel good after watching this uplifting narrative of how the little golden retriever helped a basketball team made up of underdogs win and find a real loving home. It makes sense why an entire franchise was made.

4. Snow Dogs 


Despite their initial reluctance, people can develop relationships with animal friends even in the frigid tundra, just like in the movie Snow Dogs. After inheriting a winter home in Alaska and seven sled dogs, Miami celebrity dentist Ted Brooks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) initially feels utterly out of place, but he soon warms up to them and forms a sincere connection. It’s a tale that will make you laugh and feel good within.

5. Eight Below


Even though Paul Walker will always be linked with the Fast and the Furious flicks, and for good cause, no fan should miss Eight Below. Eight Below has a beloved performance by Walker and an epic and moving narrative of survival that regularly alludes to the special affinity people share with dogs. It’s an adventure that skillfully explores the love of that bond and immediately wins your heart.

6. Bolt 


Bolt is an animated movie. The dog, Bolt, thinks he can achieve this because of his superhuman skills. But after getting separated from his buddy Penny, he finds that he is devoid of any special talents. After meeting up with some pals, he then goes on the search for Penny.

7. Dog Days


This romantic comedy starring Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, and Eva Longoria will appeal to anybody who has ever started up a conversation with another dog owner on the street. The movie Dog Days, which had a star-studded cast and some adorable dogs, not only emphasized the special bond that people have with their dogs but also the manner in which we communicate with other people via them.

In the film, a range of stories about how dogs have united people and strengthened their ties are highlighted. Dog Days has the right amount of warmth and compassion for its cute dogs, making it a film that will make you smile, even though it wasn’t exactly a big smash when it first aired. 

8. Beverly Hills Chihuahua


Adventure comedy Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a great film. Vivian leaves her Chihuahua with her niece Rachel as she heads out on a brief trip to Mexico. While Rachel leaves for the dancing club, Chihuahua stays at the hotel. Chihuahua tries to find his house after getting lost while looking for Rachel.

9. Frankenweenie


Tim Burton’s animated movie Frankenweenie told a heartwarming story about a child and his dog that had a delightful frightening twist. After his dog unexpectedly passes away, Victor Frankenstein (played by Charlie Tahan) decides to try a powerful experiment to bring him back, and he is successful. At first glance, Burton’s magnificent stop-motion animation in Frankenweenie seems to be a spoof of the Frankenstein monster, but the film’s heart is in the compassionate and endearing bond between Victor and his dog, Sparky.

10. Megan Leavey


Megan Leavey’s touching portrayal of the close relationship that military veterans have with their pets is based on a true story. The brilliantly executed performance by Kate Mara tells the true story of the titular U.S. Marine falling in love with the military canine Rex and wishing to adopt the dog after they are both hurt in combat. It’s a heartfelt true-life tale that unquestionably will strengthen your relationship with your dog. 

11. The Shaggy Dog


Justin Forrester and Dave Douglas, a social studies teacher and activist who works for a pharmaceutical corporation. Forrester rejects doing improper work for animal experimentation. The greedy geneticists Mr. Lance Strictland hired took an isolate from a dog and utilized it as a vaccine. When Dave arrives home from work, he lets the dog out in the garage, and the dog goes to collect the newspaper. He asks the dog to give him his newspaper, but the dog bites him and injures him

12. Max


Max is a unique type of military dog story that places more focus on the bond that develops after the catastrophe than on the friendship between soldiers and their canine companions. After a U.S. Marine passes away, his family adopts his dog, Max, and over time, the dog and Marine’s younger brother Justin (Josh Wiggins) develop a close bond.

Even though it surely has its painful moments, Max does have a strong heart and serves as a reminder to viewers of how the love you share with your dog can help you through challenging times.

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