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8 Most Popular Birds for Making Good Pets

It is easy to have some beautiful birds as pets as they are naturally affectionate rather than going for a pet that would be aggressive and frightful. Just like dogs and cats, birds also have a charming personality that made them one of the popular kinds of pets. They are all friendly, sharp, quick-witted species capable of learning a few tricks and adding some colourful delight to your home!

Every bird is unique. Some can sing and mimic sounds while some of them can even hold something of a conversation! There are so many pet birds out there that are affectionate towards people.

However, healthy and well-socialized birds will make the best pets. Here, we are going to talk about some of the most common as well as popular pet birds and their characteristics. So, let’s get started….

1. Budgies (The shell parrot)

Blue and yellow budgie birds

Budgies or parakeets are among the best pet birds to bring home. They are very friendly and affectionate pets when you take care of them properly. They are just small and cute measuring 6 to 7 inches long, and you can also train them to perform several tricks.

Budgies will chirp when they like the music you are playing, and you may find that they have their own favourite song! Budgies are among the most low-maintenance pets, being among the smallest companion birds as well as relatively easy to train in their youth. They are also eager to learn and perform a lot of bird tricks, like learning how to talk.

2. Cockatiels

Cute cockatiel parrot in the hands of the owner

If you want a big pet bird that is also affectionate and friendly, then you might be searching for this one. Cockatiels are one of the most popular pet birds in the market. They simply come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. Famed for the crest on the top of their head, they use it to communicate exactly how they are feeling to you.

When the bird is comfortable with you by its cage, try and get the bird used to the presence of your hand by placing your hand on outside of the cage near the cockatiel, but never above the cockatiel. You must dedicate enough time to play with these birds. A lot of them learn to hoot and imitate common household sounds like the ringing telephone, doorbell, or microwave.

3. Peach Faced Lovebirds


Lovebirds can be quite delicate to keep than the rest of this list. These birds are as small as 5 to 6 inches and they can simply fit into your pocket if you wish to take them out for fun. Unlike what is thought about these birds, they can live single without any issues.

Lovebirds are named for the loving attentive bonds they form with their mates, as well as their owners. Place your bird’s cage in a busy room. Your bird will probably need about two weeks to adjust to his new environment before you can begin taming him. Some birds will take longer, and some will need less time to adapt. They enjoy much with tricks and whenever you play with them.

4. Doves

Stock dove

Doves might not appear friendly like parrots and lovebirds, but the domesticated and hand-fed ones gradually become very gentle and sweet to their owners. When one bird of a pair returns to the nest, they often greet each other with very low, raspy coos, proving that they are very affectionate ones. But the fact to be kept in mind is that forcing interaction can result in terrifying the bird, or worse, causing a broken wing.

Offer treats, such as mealworms, pieces of carrot or spray millet, by hand. If a dove won’t take the item from your hand, drop it a few inches away. Ensure that each bird gets at least one treat each time. They also enjoy being with their favourite humans but will never be found craving for attention.

5. Canaries

Canary bird

These birds are regarded for their amazing vocal talent and vibrant colours. They are chiefly found in colours such as yellow, brown, green, and bright orange. Canaries are a diverse bunch, having been bred into more than 200 breeds, each with its own appearance and temperament.

Most canaries are somewhat timid and shy little birds. While many canary owners are happy to keep their pets as caged songbirds, it is possible to tame a canary so he’ll happily sit on and interact with you. These birds are not demanding. Much like doves, canaries require a large flight cage to stay happy and healthy. So, if you are looking for a pet for your child then canaries are a good option.

6. Finches

Male House Finch Perched at Bird Feeder Courting Female Animal

If you are looking for a pet bird that is easier to care for, then finches will be a good option. They are fast moving and lively as well as fun to watch. In order to bond with your pet finch, you need to get them used to your voice and hand. You should always buy them in pairs or in multiple numbers as finches are very social in nature. They have different songs that people commonly hear sang by their wild counterparts.

Try giving them treats so that they can create a positive association. Start by holding your hand near the cage while you talk or whistle soothingly to your birds. Eventually, you will be able to handle them and even remove them from their cage when needed.

7. Parrotlets

Pacific parrotlet in studio

Parrotlets are tiny, cute and are very easy to maintain. They are recognized for having personalities that are much bigger than their tiny bodies. While no official Parrotlet IQ has been established, these little parrots are extremely intelligent birds. If you are looking for a great companion in a pet, then parrotlets can be a good option.

Don’t ever approach the cage and start talking loudly. Let the bird just sit there, look around, familiarize him or herself with the surroundings, hear new sounds, see new sights, and just get used to things. If you don’t give enough time for them each day, parrotlets will become a bit wild without proper handling.

8. Hyacinth Macaws

Scarlet macaw parrot bird, beautiful red bird perching on the wooden log

Dubbed as the ‘gentle giants’, these birds are the biggest of all species of parrots. Hyacinth Macaws are known for their sociable as well as friendly demeanour. Hyacinths are quite gentle by nature. If they were not socialized, it may take a much longer for it to gain trust on you. They are easily trained by positive reinforcement and tend to bond strongly with their human caregivers.

Though somewhat frightening in appearance due to its elegant enormous size and power, sharp hooked beak, the hyacinth macaw is something of a gentle giant. These beautiful birds can have a lifelong companion, as these parrots are known to live for over 30 years when properly cared for.

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