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7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re Working From Home

Dogs thrive on companionship and activity, so it’s important to ensure they have plenty of both while we’re busy working. One way to do this is to set up an “activity station” in your home office, stocked with toys, chews, and other engaging items. It will give your dog something to do while you’re working and help to prevent boredom and restlessness. You can also take breaks throughout the day to spend time with your dog, whether going for a walk or just playing a quick game of fetch. By ensuring your dog has enough stimulation and companionship, you can help them adjust to your new working arrangement and keep them happy and healthy.

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Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy

1. Invest in a few interactive dog toys that will keep your pet entertained for hours

Golden retriever dog puppy playing with toy
Golden retriever dog puppy playing with toy

A bored dog may start chewing on your shoes or furniture or digging holes in your yard. They may even become aggressive. Interactive dog toys are excellent to entertain your pet and help prevent boredom. One type of interactive toy is the food dispensing toy. These toys require your dog to use its nose and paws to figure out how to get the treat inside. It provides mental stimulation and can help tire them out. Another option is a toy that dispenses a ball or other object. It encourages your dog to play fetch, keeping them active and engaged. Puzzle toys require your dog to put together pieces or solve a task to get a treat. These toys provide a tremendous mental challenge for your pet. Investing in a few interactive toys can help keep your dog happy and healthy.

2. Set up a designated spot for your dog to rest and relax

Dog resting at sofa under blanket
Dog resting on sofa

A dog’s designated relaxation spot should be a comfortable place for them to wind down and relax. It can be a secluded area in the yard or just a tiny corner of the living room. The key is ensuring the space is quiet and calm, with minimal distractions. A few toys and a comfy bed or pillow are also essential. Once you have created the perfect relaxation spot for your dog, it is essential to stick to a routine. It means taking them to their designated spot at the same time each day and giving them time to adjust before leaving them alone. You can help your dog relax and enjoy its personal space with patience and consistency.

3. Create a play area in the corner of the house where your dog can run around and explore

An elderly woman with a dog sitting outdoors on a terrace on a sunny day in autumn.
An elderly woman with a dog sitting outdoors on a terrace.

If you’re looking for a method to keep your dog entertained and exercised indoors, creating a play area in the corner of your house is a great solution. This can be as simple as setting up a small gate to block off an open area, or you can get more creative and build a more elaborate setup with tunnels, obstacles, and toys. Once the play area is set up, your dog will have a blast running around and exploring. And you’ll love knowing that your furry friend is happy and healthy. The important thing is to ensure the space is safe for your dog and that there are no potential hazards.

4. CBD Gummies can help your dogs keep busy

Woman Playing with Dog in Park
Woman Playing with Dog in Park

As any dog owner knows, keeping your furry friend entertained can be difficult. Dogs are active creatures that need plenty of exercises, mental stimulation, and social interaction to stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, not all dog owners have the time or energy to provide their pets with everything they need. This is where CBD for dogs can help. Cannabidiol is a natural compound that has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing anxiety and promoting calming effects. It can help reduce stress and promote relaxation when given to dogs. As a result, CBD gummies can be a great way to keep your dog calm and relaxed when you need them to be. In addition, they are a safe and easy way to provide your dog with the benefits of CBD without worrying about side effects.

5. Take your dog for walks or runs in the morning and evening to help them get some exercise

Young woman playing dog
Young woman walking with her dog

It’s essential to give your furry friend some exercise every day, and what better way to do so than by enjoying some fresh air together? Taking your dog for a walk in the morning is a great way to start the day. Even a short walk can benefit your dog’s health, so it’s worth getting up a few minutes early to enjoy quality time together. If you’re looking for a more vigorous workout, consider taking your dog for a run in the evening. This can be an excellent way to wind down after a long day and get some much-needed exercise yourself. Ensure that you take it slow at first and build up to longer distances to avoid overworking yourself or your pup. 

6. Make time to play with your dog every day

A cute girl playing with her dog in the park
A cute girl playing with her dog in the park

One of the best ways to spend time with your dog is to play with them. Playing with your dog every day builds a special bond between the two of you, it helps release any pent-up energy they may have, and it tires them out, so they sleep better at night. Games such as fetch or tug-of-war provide valuable exercise and give your dog a sense of purpose and mental stimulation. And let’s not forget, playing is just plain fun! So set aside some time each day and enjoy quality playtime with your furry friend. They’ll love you for it – and you might be having a blast too.

7. Feed your dogs twice a day so they don’t get bored of their food bowl being empty all day long

Two hungry dogs are waiting for feeding. The owner gives his dogs the bowls of granules.
The owner is feeding his hungry dogs the bowls of granules.

Just like humans, dogs get bored of eating the same thing day in and day out. This is why feeding them twice daily is important, so their food bowl isn’t empty all day long. This way, they can look forward to mealtimes and enjoy their food more. Not only will this help keep them from getting bored, but it will also help them stay healthy and fit. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog! So if you want your furry friend to be happy and healthy, feed them twice a day.


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