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Best Apps to Understand Stock Market

Today, it’s imperative to stay current with minute market fluctuations if you work as a stock market trader. Current traders keep a close eye on the equities’ ups and downs on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

The simple, quick, and efficient existence of traders has been made possible by high-speed internet and useful smartphone apps. These financial apps keep traders informed and prepared at all times.

Everything is now available from your smart phone or tablet, including checking the stock’s real-time streaming market price, creating a virtual portfolio, creating stock charts, watching market trends, and tracking your portfolio.


This is the app that we personally use to stay up to speed on the financial market. If you only intend to have only one app on your smartphone, we highly recommend that you download this one. Although the money management programme is simple, it is jam-packed with news and information.

With the Moneycontrol App, you can keep up with the most recent developments on the Indian and international financial markets on your smartphone. You may easily track indices (the Sensex and the Nifty), stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, commodities, and currencies because it covers a variety of assets from the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX markets.


This is a brand-new, potent app for researching the market. Utilize Market Mojo to explore equities fundamentally. It provides pre-analyzed data on every stock, every financial indicator, every news item, every price change, every broker recommendation, every technical indicator, and every other relevant piece of information in the Indian stock markets.

The company’s long-term performance in comparison to its competitors is reflected in the Mojo Quality rank. The stock’s valuation at the current price is determined by its valuation.

The company’s ability to make money and its present financial trend show whether it is now on a growth path for the business. Rather than simply tracking, the Portfolio Analyzer evaluates every undiscovered opportunity and risk in the portfolio and advises the investor on what to do.


Trendlyne is one of the top share market apps in India for market research and analysis. Users of this programme can access real-time newsfeeds, portfolio and watch list tools, notifications, stock screeners, stock recommendations from analysts, SWOT analysis, stock statistics, and many other useful features. A handful of the Trendlyne App’s main features are listed below:

Market inputs from the NSE and BSE, as well as Trendlyne’s logo, DVM Stock Performance: Technicals and Fundamentals Track price feeds, technicals (SMA and EMA), delivery, volume, insider trades, large-block transactions, and other information.

SWOT evaluation of each stock

Strong stock screeners, from red flags to expert strategies.


Although it is a little bit newer than the other apps on this list, this programme has recently earned a lot of popularity as one of the best apps in India in this field. Tickertape is a cutting-edge stock analysis application that gives you complete control over the process.

With a strong ecosystem supporting it and effective tools that may teach you more about the industry and how to engage in it, it focuses on key metric analysis. Key features include:

For each of India’s publicly traded corporations, a detailed stock analysis is provided. You may evaluate any Indian stock using an advanced screener with 130 filters.

Market mood index (MMI), a market emotion indicator that traders rely on to time their trades accurately,

News, events, and peer comparisons are presented in a way that will support your investment choices.

To help you log in and link your broker account to the Tickertape account, there is Broker Connect.


Our Best Overall Broker for 2023, Fidelity, offers a variety of mobile apps for iPhone and Android smart phones, with its investing app serving as the main option for trading and regular investment.

Fidelity’s investing app is great for regular investors because it allows you to perform your banking, transfer money between accounts, manage orders, and place trades. Novice investors will benefit from Bloom and Spire.

In keeping with Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro desktop platform, the app offers streaming TV from Bloomberg in addition to a customised feed, news headlines, and research.

Drawbacks: The programme is not designed for day traders or more demanding traders, and the charting is simplistic. However, the design is superb, and new features are constantly being added. Users can also switch to the beta experience for a more condensed version.

Portal for Trade Brains

An app for researching the stock market that is quickly gaining popularity among users in India is called Trade Brains Portal. It has many other important features, including a stock screener, the most recent market news, stock buckets, and more.

It is one of the greatest alternatives to the Money Control app for the Indian market. The high-quality fundamental data and illuminating visualisations in the Trade Brains Portal App assist investors in conducting effective research and analysis.

Users of the software can make numerous watch lists and portfolios to track their stocks in one location. The “Superstar Portfolio” function of the portal app allows users to follow prominent investors and their most recent portfolio.


TD Ameritrade has two robust mobile apps and charges no commissions when you trade, making it a top candidate among mobile apps in 2023 for both iPhone and Android smart phones.

The bundle contains both TD Ameritrade Mobile, which closely resembles the client web interface, and the powerful Thinkorswim app, whose features and sophisticated charting almost exactly mirror those of its web and desktop versions.

With features including news, price alerts, syncing watch lists, basic charting, ratings, and research reports from third parties, TD Ameritrade Mobile is excellent for novice investors.

For technical analysis experts, the thinkorswim mobile app’s array of cutting-edge charting packages, which includes more than 400 indicators, is significant.


For its mobile app suite for both iPhone and Android devices, E*TRADE comes out on top. The E*TRADE package comprises the feature-rich Power E*TRADE app, which is more focused on trading, and the E*TRADE Mobile app, which is optimised for regular investing.

With a surprising level of depth and range of tools, E*TRADE Mobile is suitable for both novice and more experienced investors. It has a tonne of hidden capabilities. There are reports on advanced study, and charts have ten indications. The app’s interface is simple, making it easy to find new functions.

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