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The Ultimate Skincare Guide You Need To Know Before And After Playing Holi

Holi 2022 is going to be a blast. Preparations all over India has been started and people are to excited for the upcoming days. Unlimited good, dance, pictures, photographs, music and colours.

It’s time to finally feel the beauty and fun that comes on the day of Holi. After about two years, we can see Holi parties being organized and there’s no more than 24 hours left for us to get drenched in water and colours. With unlimited laughter and foods that will make you drool, there’s nothing that will dull your spirits on the day of Holi.

However, what we cannot ignore is that on Holi, our skin goes through a lot damage. When we play with colours and when our skin comes in contact with the colours and all sorts of chemical powder. This process does destroy our skin and give ways to acnes, dryness, breakouts and other sorts of dermatology issues.

Hence, it’s very important and it should be our foremost priority that we thoroughly know about the skincare routine for both after and before you go out to play Holi. Let’s read further to know how and what are the steps that should be taken to keep your skin and body safe.

Skincare Tips To Keep In Mind Before Playing Holi

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The most important prep you need to do before Holi is keeping your skin prepared with the help of the pre – Holi skincare Tips –

1. Keeping The Skin Hydrated

One of the most important responsibility you have towards taking care of your skin this year is to keep your skin and all the other exposed areas hydrated. By hydrated we mean to apply lotion on the arms and legs as the lotion will act as a barrier for your skin and won’t let the chemicals of the colours penetrate your skin.

For face, go for a hydrating gel based moisturizer that will safely layer itself on your face and guard it from the paints and colours that would be thrown on your skin. Put your lotions and moisturizers in a healthy amount to make it work and sustain the damages.

2. Never, Ever, Forget The Sunscreen

You might think that because your face will be covered by the colours, why is there a need for sunscreen. But the truth is that a waterproof sunscreen would not only protect you from the chemicals of the colours and paints but also it will protect you from the heat of the sun and the water that will be splashed on you. So no matter how much time you spend outside playing Holi, or what moisturizer you put, a sunscreen is a must.

3. Caring For Your Nails Are Also Important

It has always been a very common complaint of the people that even though they somehow manage to take off the colours from their body and skin, but the colours stay embedded on the nails and at the side and under the skin of the nails too. So the best thing you can do to protect your nails is that trim your nails in very small size, and Put nail paints on them so that the colours won’t get stuck on your nails.

4. Protect Your Body Too

It’s not just the skin of your face that has a high risk of getting damaged, the skin under your clothes too have the same risk. So make sure that after washing your body from a hydrating body wash you apply sunscreen all over your body to protect it from the harmful rays of sun. One of the oldest traditions we follow us to rub coconut oil on our body which not only keeps your skin soft, but also barricades it with a greasy layer that doesn’t allow the colours to stick.

Post Holi Skincare Tips To Keep In Mind

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We hope that you have followed the pre Holi skincare Tips, however, it’s also important to keep the post holi skincare tips in mind too –

1. Avoid Your Skin From Coming Into Contact With Any Harsh Products

The skin of our face and body remains very sensitive until a few days after playing Holi. Hence, it should be brought to everyone’s attention that you should skip your normal skincare routine for some days. Avoid the alcohol based toners, any harsh scrub or exfoliator and try to make your skin as relaxed as possible. Use gentle serums and face washes and tread your skin with as much softness as possible.

2. It’s Better To Go For Oil Cleansing

As we have already established the fact that our skin is sensitive and it also needs gentle treatment. So make sure that you don’t make your skin dry and try to take off the colours by too much exfoliation which will in turn make your skin dry a d scratchy. Stick to soft oil cleansing and don’t worry about the colour, they will eventually come off.

3. Be Careful While Taking The Shower

Most of the colours are fat soluble and the biggest mistake one does right after playing Holi is that you get into the shower immediately. And that’s absolutely how you mess things up. Right after you enter your home, rub the colours off with coconut oil and then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Only after you have done that, get into the shower and then make sure you are not using hot water for taking a bath. Make sure you are using either cold water or warm water. But hot water will make your skin more dry and that will in turn create a problem with removing the colours.

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