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Top 15 Small and Everyday Habits That Make a Big Difference

It’s a common piece of advice: if a large work on your plate appears overwhelming and frightening, try breaking it down into smaller chores to make it more manageable. While these words of wisdom are typically used in very specific situations (such as a business), they are also valuable at almost any other moment. In truth, there is a slew of small daily behaviors that can have a significant impact on your life over time – and incorporating them into your usual routine is far easier than you might think.

Whether you believe it or not, you can make a difference in the world by doing small things. However, in order to have a long-term impact, you must turn your small modifications into consistent behaviors. For many people, making significant life changes can be challenging and daunting. The truth is that almost everyone finds change difficult. Change and comfort are incompatible. Expect nothing to change if you want to be comfortable. On the contrary, if you’re ready to sacrifice your comfort, you can make a significant difference in your life. 

Here are 15 small behaviors you could include in your daily routine. They may not appear to be much, but if you practice them on a regular basis, they can have a significant impact on your energy level, fitness, relationships, career, community, and environment. 

1. Exercise on a regular basis

Exercising on the floor

Both the mind and the body benefit from regular exercise. When you make it a habit to engage in some form of exercise on a regular basis, you will be able to cleanse your mind of stress, relieve tension in your body, and improve your overall health. 

2. Read a book every night

Black lady reading a book at home

If you want to improve as a person and advance in your work, you must continue to educate yourself. Reading something every night is one of the finest methods to learn more and get wiser. Doing something non-electronic, such as reading every night, is one of the best methods to shut down your body.

3. Consume a well-balanced diet

Balanced diet concept

Maintaining this may be one of the most difficult chores. People are becoming increasingly reliant on fast food businesses as the world’s population grows. They overlook the dangers of processed foods and fail to eat a well-balanced diet. Attempting to eat a well-balanced diet on a regular basis, on the other hand, will become a habit. You will live a healthier life if you make it a habit.

4. Take some time to meditate

Young woman meditating on sofa

Meditation is frequently misunderstood as a time-consuming activity. It is, however, simple to understand and you can devote as much time as you need. Make it a daily ritual to meditate for a few minutes. You will notice a mental and bodily difference over time.

5. Gratitude should be practised

Happy positive woman expressing her sincere gratitude
Happy positive woman expressing her sincere gratitude

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but thanking someone for everything they’ve given you is a nice thing to do. It’s a good habit to remind yourself what you’re grateful for on a regular basis. Count your blessings because you’re continually outperforming others. 

6. Increase your water intake

Black Man Taking Glass Of Water In Bed In Morning

The survival of your life depends on the availability of water. Drinking water cleanses your system and keeps you hydrated. Drinking enough water each day is the first step toward good health!

7. Prepare for tomorrow

Concept on VAT in UAE. Two stacks of bills, representing income of today and tomorrow, salary raise.

We have a daily goal that we wish to achieve. However, far too many individuals are preoccupied with the present and fail to consider the future. Think about and plan for tomorrow as much as you do now. You will have daily success if you achieve this. You will be successful in your daily life if you make this a habit.

8. Start with the most difficult task

Girl in front of computer with task stickers
Girl in front of computer with task stickers

Identifying the most difficult item on your to-do list and doing it as soon as possible will give you a sense of relief that will make the rest of your day look simple in contrast. Furthermore, focusing on your most difficult activity most likely indicates you’re focusing on the task that will provide you with the most profit in the end.

9. Break your goals into smaller objectives

Target and goal concept with darts and arrows

Projects or goals can appear so enormous that it’s difficult to know where to begin, leading you to put the project off over and over until the entire concept becomes stale. Break down your overall goal of reading 25 books this year into monthly chores and allocate which novels you will read each month. These smaller objectives will appear more attainable and manageable.

10. Learn to say no

Say no - blue neon light word on brick wall background

Most people despise saying no because they are polite. Don’t get me wrong: I’m also the kindest guy on the planet, but priorities matter. The more you learn to say no, the more focused you’ll be on your goals, and the more likely you’ll be to achieve them. 

11. Pose open-ended questions

Young content creator journalist recording informal interview conversation with modern woman

It’s not enough to just ask questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Ask questions that will allow you to have a more in-depth conversation, learn something new, and connect with people. Imagine the wisdom you will receive in the near future if you make this a daily habit. 

12. Sit in silence for a few minutes everyday


We don’t have to name it meditation because that would be too daunting. It is not necessary to sit cross-legged. There’s no need to close your eyes. You are not required to be Zen in any manner. Even if your mind is racing at a hundred miles per hour, don’t say or do anything. For a few minutes, just relax comfortably and breathe.

13. Learning a new language

Learn a new language concept.

It never hurts to be bilingual or multilingual, and learning a new language offers numerous advantages. Self-education is a foreign language does not necessitate going to school or following a rigorous curriculum. There are internet apps that can help you master the fundamentals. Learning a new language can be exhilarating, and it can also engage portions of your brain that aren’t used as much.

14. Keep a record of your expenses

The girl is sitting on the couch and counting the budget. A woman plans expenses and records them in

While this may appear to be a laborious task, it is likely to be the most important financial decision you will make in the long term. You can discover where you’re squandering money and what you can take out if you write down everything you (and your family) spend money on. Paying for coffee at a coffee shop every morning rather than making it at home is a regular example of a money trap that comes up. But, whatever your money pit is, having all of your expenses written down will make it easier for you to spot it.

15. Read everyday


Reading offers numerous advantages, including aiding in the continual improvement of cognitive function, increasing creativity, and reducing stress. All of the tiny benefits of reading pile up over time to help you stay a lifelong learner and slow the progression of age-related cognitive decline and diseases.

Conclusion: Your life is a culmination of the decisions you’ve made up to this point. If you want to make a change in your life, you must first make a change in your daily choices. If you’re tempted to do something bad, think about whether or not it’ll get you closer to your final aim. If you start making bad selections, explaining your justifications, and repeating little errors, your small choices will add up to big problems.

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Aayushi Chopra
Aayushi Chopra
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