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Long-Distance Relationship and Covid: Things Which Can Make It Work

‘’Is it getting harder with every passing lockdown? Think’’

No one would deny that since 2020, every relationship [practically close or long distance] has become long-distance. A lot of you might have struggled to keep the spark burning, while a lot of you might’ve easily adapted. This totally depends on the level of understanding and acceptance of the situation while at the same time keeping them as a constant part of your life. Long-distance can sometimes become tedious and sometimes you may feel that it is needed for personal and couple growth. Now, following the title, we will here list down a few things which you can apply to your own long-distance present or potential relationship.

Interactions with meaning to avoid idealizing

In a long-distance relationship, there are two types of couples, one who have met each other and then separated for a long-distance and the other who haven’t had any chance to see their partners. While the former would be aware of intimacy at a more personal level, the latter is very likely to ‘Idealize’ their partner. When such a thing happens, their partner for them is more like an imaginary image or an idol. This shan’t be going for long.

Do not idealize your partner. Interactions are the only solution for this. The more you talk, the more that image gets converted into a real-life friend. So, the first point for a healthy long-distance relationship would be healthy and emotionally painted conversations.

Think about the future

The best thing to think about in a long-distance relationship is that you can be together once and then it would be amazing. No one can deny the point that during Covid, a lot of people met online and a lot of relationships sowed the initial seeds of love in this lockdown. This is something to dwell a little on.

Any relationship be it long-distance or no-distance, to gain fruition, needs the partners to settle together. Some relationships then, considering this point are doomed to fail. Why? Because you have to be real about what is going on. A long-distance relationship is always about the future. It is always about a longing to be together once and forever in the future. So, just think about it and talk to your partner about the ‘how’s’ of your relationship and what will become of you guys as time flies.

Quality time over quantity time

Constant conversation can become boring and sometimes insufficient. This can be solved by being more inclined towards spending together a quality time. Set a fixed amount of time for each other, but do not pack each other’s day by having a constant vigil on your life. You might talk once, but that one time should be worth the drill. You cannot overdo things. It is always an exhausting thing for any relationship. A few texts with meaning can suffice over larger texts of repeated things. The main concern for a long-distance relationship is to really maintain the relationship and not let it become a different part of your life with which you feel really unconnected.

Be old-school

Some gestures can never become insignificant. To really help your long-distance relationship, you can turn into an old-school lover. You can send love letters, roses or any small thing which would hold you two as a couple. This is sometimes better than sending larger gifts. These small tries can actually be worth the while if applied practically to a long-distance relationship. This point actually also highly depends on how your partner is and what do they like. Some people are way too far from liking poems or letters or cards. So, in that case, this point would be chucked-out. But, most of the time actually the distance overrates the efforts and emotions.

Accept the situation

It is inadvisable to dwell on what you don’t have. It can be hard and annoying at times with the distance creeping between you but remember, jealousies and insecurities aren’t just a part of a long-distance relationship but also of a no-distance relationship. Trust is the biggest factor for working out a long-distance relationship because you don’t get to see your partner and are hardly aware of what they say is true. In this case, the only method for everything to go smoothly is by accepting what you have and building the bridge of trust for the betterment of your relationship.

Include them in your life

You should not close them off from your life only because you can’t meet them that often. Make them a part of your life and things will start falling into place easily. Whatever is there in your life, share. This will grow you as a healthy and good couple. It is unhealthy to make them an outside and unconnected part of your world. This is a point that will actually help you to ‘know’ and connect on a deeper level. It is great to talk and set times. Your partner has a life beyond a relationship which can actually be a little bit difficult to track all the time. This can be well-done by including them and making them a larger rather than a small and insignificant part.

When you visit each other, do not stuff it with activities

A lot of people, in order to make the visit more eventful and exciting plan out their meet with activities. Activities are good, but they fill up the day and you really tend to forget about the conversations which are more important for the relationships than hanging out. Talking is the ultimate remedy of knowing and connecting.

Thus, these are some things that you can put in into your long-distance relationship to make it work out better. Implementing a few of these small things into your relationship would actually make you feel close and less tense. A healthy relationship need not have hours and hours of conversations as just a few happy moments build and add up to its well-being.

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