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Vegetarian Breakfast Options under Limited Calories!

Healthy Diets That Will Help You To Be In Shape!

Egg omelets for breakfast. Or maybe a brown bread chicken sandwich. All these do sound interesting, tasty, and yes healthy too. But have you ever noticed there are a lot of options in nonvegetarian if you want but the number of varieties goes down considerably when it comes to vegetarian options?

We generally think that there are not a lot of healthy vegetarian options without having to eat fruits and vegetables. But, homemade food especially vegetarian breakfast is really healthy and yummy at the same time. Let’s read more to check out the amazing options:

Vegetable Poha  


There’s a lot of different names by which we call this particular dish. Some people call it Poha, some call it chudwa and then some call it chidwa. But in reality, it’s the same and it’s one of the lightest and healthiest breakfasts you can ever have. Consume this with a glass full of chaos or mattha and it would simply become your favorite.

Vegetable Upma


Upma is another dish made of sooji that is super yummy and healthy for a perfect breakfast full of veggies. Add carrots, beans, onions, potatoes in a finely chopped manner and enjoy a delicious hot, and amazing breakfast.

Idli, Sambhar, and Chutney  


Though idli is made up of rice batter but still stays one of the most preferred and recommended breakfasts for those who want to stay light and healthy. Many people think that idli is not a healthy breakfast. But that’s wrong. Because idli is a perfectly steamed cake, there’s no excess oil and fats that are there. Make Vegetable sambhar and coconut chutney with the idli and you wouldn’t want to have anything else for your breakfast.

Brown Bread Sandwich


First of all, before picking up any kind of brown bread make sure that it’s actually made up of wheat and is not just colored. And then, make the filling of paneer or normal round cut cucumber and tomato and sprinkle a minimal amount of salt and black pepper. It will be one of the most delicious breakfasts and trust me, that’s my personal favorite too.

Steamed Dhokla  


We are sure that you might have heard about dhoklas a lot of time. It’s a dish mainly from Gujarat and is widely loved all over India. But have you ever thought about having dhokla for breakfast? No right? But why not? Dhokla is the healthiest breakfast you can ever have. And let me tell you. It is super easy to make.

Wheat Pancakes and Fruits


Have a sweet tooth? But can’t eat anything sweet or sugary or else the diet will be ruined? Well, worry not guys. Pancake batter that is generally available in the market is made up of plain flour that is a pure no for your health. But what if I tell you that you can make its own variation and version? Yes. Make your pancakes of wheat flour and eat mangoes, bananas, apples, and grapes or whichever fruit you want along with every bite of your pancake. One dish that’s so healthy and you will no longer have cravings for sweets.

Now, who says that a healthy breakfast, for a vegetarian person is not possible? Show them that it’s not just possible but it’s so yummy that you would forget your egg omelets in a second. Ha.

Other healthy diets that will help you to be in shape:

Healthy snacks

There are a lot of times when we get hungry in the middle of the day and go around the kitchen looking for anything that we might get our hands-on. But if we just keep healthy snacks ready for future use then a lot of things can fall into place. Replace potato chips with Makhana, replace oily snacks and pakodas with a bowl of fruits and salads or sprouts. Try to eat whenever you feel hungry, but try even more to eat what is healthy.

Water – best friend for all times

Feeling thirsty? Drink water. Feeling hungry? Drink water. Feeling to have something cold? Drink water. No matter what, always remember that as much water you can intake much healthy you will be. Replace all your sugary drinks and energy drinks with a glass full of water and see the results for yourself.

Have small portions at one time

There is also a very used myth that when you sit down to eat, eat very properly and then stay empty stomach for long hours. But let me clear another thing out, it’s wrong and moreover, it simply doesn’t work that way. Always make sure that whenever you sit down to eat, eat small portions. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you are eating, it’s how much you are eating. You can eat all your favorite junk and still be the ideal healthy person. But eat in control.

Eat as many fruits and salad

Salads are boring and fruits are tasteless. This is what we have been thinking all our life. But again it’s a big NO. When we say to have a lot of fruits and salads, it is not necessary that it should be plain vegetables and fruits cut. There are so many creative ways to make your healthy food tastier these days and you will simply fall in love with being healthy. Add spices and chickpeas, a little dash of lemon, a spoon of coriander leaves and you will love what it does.

Try to cut back on solid fats and salt

Lastly, we would like to mention that salt and the amount of it in your food can be a very big reason for your weight misbalance. There are a lot of us who like to have the amount of salt in our food higher than normal. And this is where the problem starts. Research shows that you should eat less salt. Lesser than it’s needed. And foods like ice cream, pizza, anything that is a solid fat count, try to cut back on them. Don’t completely ignore them, but try to like less of them as you can.


Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal
Muskan is a psychology and philosophy student at Ravenshaw University. She is passionate about reading novels and has always been interested in writing blogs.

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