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Developing Healthy and Godly Relationships

Great relationships take work, patience, and time to go on well. Knowing the actual fact that relationships are difficult sometimes even a disaster if they won’t work out or don’t have much in common. Human beings are really difficult to understand as what they think, what they understand, and also the way they go to perceive it, and also the sole thing that one can do is to assume it but nothing else. Sometimes people seem something else out once we came to know them they’re much better or worse than what we expected.

Between love and work there’s a silver lining, the farther and also the complex thing is love because it’s complex and challenging to hold. Nobody could be an ideal match as within the start you have got to speculate and once you invest within the correct person, you have gotta see the only harvest from it. Falling crazy with someone is comparable to getting high on drugs as you become obsessive about that person and start spending more of your time wondering about them.

There’s no such ideal thing or word called ‘perfect relationships’ but if both are willing to work things together then definitely it’ll be a contented relationship. The foremost powerful element that one can do to stay a relationship stronger is to form a trust in each other, mutual respect, loving and caring, team and helpfulness with of those things makes the link stronger and compatible. If both don’t have each other back and trust in it then what’s the aim of getting a relationship with no basic values.

Selecting a right partner

The question is that how we are selecting the right partner because it differs from person to person. But before jumping to any conclusions ask yourself it’s the proper person for you? And therefore the core value cannot be compromised, but expectations can be changed. Imagine you’re in love or you already are otherwise you hope to fall in love in the future but what if the partner you are dating or having a relationship with isn’t your type or it didn’t work out? So, don’t rush yourself for locating the correct partner as great things happen after you least expect them to. Set your goals and standards accordingly because the one that loves you is willing to do and do anything to pass that standard.

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Key steps to build a healthy relationship

Many couples are committing to relationships but then the other couples are falling apart. The relationships that last longer are built amorously, emotional responsiveness, respect, and trust, these are the things that are valued the foremost. After you are connected emotionally your relationship tends to boost and surrounding yourself with a like-minded partner encourages one to grow in life.

Most people know the way a healthy relationship seems but don’t understand the way to figure thereon. For this, an individual must have these items

1. Insight understanding
2. Maturity to grasp things well
3. Emotional regulation or emotional intelligence
4. Putting efforts from each side
5. Selecting the person with whom you’ll make the commitment

Trust, understanding, and communication
 is especially element to any relationship, find new ways periodically when a relationship has of these key elements in it then outgrows as a healthy relationship. Find a partner who is okay along with your flaws and accept your shortcomings and also the way you are rather than trying to change or suit your needs into something else. Accepting your imperfections and filling them together may be an indication of a healthy and robust relationship because true relationships flourish when people find fulfilment with what they have. Your emotional responsiveness can make or break your relationship and when people choose these overlooks and a six-figure salary, there will be minimal breakups.

Why do relationships don’t work out?

Unspoken expectations are the death of most relationships and the general public is self-aware of this fact and by the time they realize this has expectations. But what if two of you get into the relationship and so the relationships don’t work out? Except for nurturing the growth enjoy each other presence and cherish the moments of life. And if still, it doesn’t determine then there are often quite reasons behind it.

  • Toxicity– being in an abusive relationship is what toxicity is because when the alternative person can’t see you cheerful, you prospering in life and achieving greater heights. Once they are not happy in your happiness, but instead demotivate and feel worthless is where a toxic relationship lies and much of the relationships are surfing it.
  • No personal space– sometimes it’s seen that your partner gives you no freedom or space of your own and which creates chaos between the two.
  • Fights and misunderstandings– we are mostly misunderstanding each other most of the time. Fighting in and of itself is inevitable. There’s no relationship without conflicts in it but solving and dealing thereon is that the ultimatum solution.
  • Trust issues– nowadays mostly everyone got their trust issues but not having faith and trust in your partner can affect and ruin your relationship.
  • Insecurity– A relationship can survive fights but it cannot survive safety and insecurity and it is the evil root of the relationships.
  • Not giving time– the biggest issue due to which relationships won’t work out as they’re unable to relinquish time to every other. Everyone has their busy schedule to work on but lending some of your time can save the connection.

Understanding your partner can sometimes be tough but not impossible, it’ll surely take time but at last, your sacrifice are worthwhile. The time you see and spot that relationship not determining either resolve the issues or cut it down. If one is broken the relationship becomes unstable. As human beings, we are capable of constructing mistakes and errors in life. The foremost important issue isn’t knowing the simplest way to create things better up and which is that the evil root of all the issues. Once you realize the aim of a relationship then you will understand and value it.


The decision to be in a very relationship is to stay in a committed relationship where there’s loving, affection, security, and protecting each other from all the hazards out there which is what a true relationship means out. Having a partner with values and beliefs which is like-minded with yours is what matters. Attraction and infatuation can fade after a long time but true love is enough to create a relationship healthy and stronger. There are many ups and downs for a life-long relationship, but despite all that, both should remain committed to growing together.

“People tell you who they are, but we ignore it- because we would like them to be who we wish them to be”

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