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Keys to Happy Life

In the bustling cities, amidst the frantic and hurried pace of our lives, striving for the H life is utmost essential and difficult to strive for. Oh! You are wondering what the ‘H’ life means. It simply means the 4 H’s in the following way: Happy, Healthy, Humorous, and Happening life. We all desire to have these H’s in our lives and work constantly in that direction. But how often do we realize any of these H’s? And how easily we forget them focusing our energies on the missing parts in our lives.

The simple pleasures and delights of life are lost in the cut-throat competition that we are always into. So if you want to experience these limpid yet vital pleasures of life, we have some key points for you to consider. The following ten tips are the solutions you would wish if you had known them earlier. Here we go then.

Ten ways to lead a ‘H’ life

1. Live in the present

Many times, many of us either think constantly about the past, the grudges, the arguments, the disagreements, or about the things and situations we want to take place in the future, events, revenge, etc. We engage in self hallucinations or fussing over some particular happening. Gradually we get habituated to this and this habit slowly and steadily gets rooted into ourselves. As and how it drains away most of our energy. We become less productive. Our anxiety levels go high and as a result, our brain is consumed the entire day without actually being productive. We feel stressed and sleepy all the time taking our interest in life. This indeed focuses on the need to live in the current moment, being mindful of our situations and surroundings. It’s essential to be mindful and not mind full. Live fully today, don’t keep it for someday which we never know if it would ever come. Life is certainly uncertain. Therefore, make it a point that no day is half-lived or not enjoyed.

2. Improve your standard

Improving your standard here doesn’t mean that to have the latest trends in your claws. However, it simply means that you need to take efforts to actually how you make others around you feel. What your aura has to convey to the people around you, what vibes your presence gives. People certainly feel like spending more time with those who make them feel special, listen to them, make them laugh, and sincerely care about them. So make it an endeavor to give your all to whatever you do and with whosoever you are.

3. There is no room for any toxicity

Don’t let any negativity interfere in your circle. Remain aloof from the people disturbing the sanctity of the temple of your mind. Stop wasting time arguing with those who are never going to understand you. Instead start investing in those people who need you, who respect others’ opinions and care for their feelings. It’s difficult to find such people. Spend time with your parents as you have always been the apple of their eyes. Have some light-hearted talks along with those whose absence will matter to you the most and often you neglect their presence.

4. Care for your personal temple

Many temples and churches are a place of high respect and reverence. It’s crucial for them to visit the temple once in a while. In the same way, happy and joyous people never forget to worship the temple of their bodies. They make it a point to exercise regularly and keep their health at the peak of their position. As when you have your health in your claws, you can capture any other wealth, as ‘a Sound body resides in a sound mind.’ Give your body the time it deserves.

5. Reconnect with the nature

Nature is the Greatest teacher, nurturer, healer, and friend. It’s a blessing in disguise to mankind. Connecting oneself with nature and surroundings is similar to connecting to one’s own soul. After a busy long week, when you simply go in some natural surroundings say for instance in a near park, village, dam, waterfall and calm your monkey mind will really help a lot. You could even go for a mini-vacation. It won’t just reinstall life within you but also rekindle a new spark within you enough for some great productivity. Maybe listen to some light music or read a book or just observe people and beauty around you in the park. So is rightly said by W.H Davies, “ What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.

6. Stop fussing about things you cannot change

There are some things where you have no control and you just can’t get over it. Remember to do what you can and the rest will be done itself. There is no point in thinking about something you can’t control and creating pressure. Leave the holds of the past, the pressures of the present, and the expectations of the future.

7. Do your passion

It is the passion that you have that leads you to the purpose of your life. It is due to this passion you live fully with each passing day. Give your passion some time every day. It can be from dancing, reading, painting, etc.

8. Monitor children around you

There can’t be anything more entertaining and lively than watching children around you. Watch them play, talk to them, know them and bless yourself with all the happiness in this world. ‘Live life, Children wise’. Have the thrill, excitement for every day, for every task, have peak confidence, and absolutely zero worries. Try to inculcate their enthusiasm and zeal. Life changes when the child’s spirit and innocence touches one’s heart.

9. Volunteer a NGO

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give ‘. Helping others, giving donations, volunteering organizations, providing social help gives you inner satisfaction that ultimately leads to lasting happiness. The help need not be always material help or financial help. Help can be in the form of your skills, physical help, creativity, etc.

10. Have your circle

Last and the most important ingredient in the recipe to live an ‘H’ life is having friends. A person who has three close friends is the wealthiest person of all. Friends bring laughter back to our lives. They are memory creators. They are shareholders in most of our great memories. One can pour one’s heart out to them. Travel and spend time with them. Watch movies, eat and take up some encouraging tasks together. Meet often and that’s all to make your days even more fulfilling.

Culminating with, no one else can make you live the life you always wished, get up yourself, make the first move and that’s where you set the momentum to live ‘A Happy, Healthy, Humorous and Happening life’.

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