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Connection Between Mental and Physical Health

We don’t know how our body works, our mind is connected with our body. What we think to affect our health. Sometimes we can tell that people are not well as Physically we can saw their emotions that something happen to them. But sometimes many health issues we can not see.

We all want a healthy life, no one wants illness or depressive conditions. But sometimes what we have or sometimes it is genetic we get from our parents when our parents have diabetes or heart related conditions that are we get with DNA. Not only physical illnesses we get sometimes mental illnesses can also be transformable.

Poor mental health can lead us to major physical conditions also. Mental and physical health is linked to themselves. When we feel sad or depress our mind sends signs to our body that the person is feeling depressed and then suddenly we feel not well. Suddenly our body feels low and sometimes our blood pressure decrees itself.

Mental health

We can see what is Mental Health? A person is suffering from emotional conditions that are connected with the person’s feelings how he/she is dealing with the different kinds of situations and his/her emotional states, that is called mental health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) found the meaning of mental health as the state of well-being where every person knows his or her own potential, manages the general stresses of life, works productively and fruitfully, and can contribute to her or his community.

Mental is all about our state of mind, what we think or overthink that connects to our mental health. Everyone is suffering in his own life but how they think about the situation and how can they handle, it depends on the person.

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Connection of mental and physical health

Research shows that most of the adults in the world experience mental illness. And that means mental illness can affect anyone and this is the issue of concern. When a person is suffering from mental illness he is not able to understand anything, that’s why most people commit suicide. They think that no one can understand them and there is no purpose in life.

This topic is sensitive if we know someone who can do such things or they behave weirdly we have to help them. Researches show that most people in the world committed suicide because they are suffering from mental illness.

Mental health is important because it affects everything around us. Our surroundings become more negative and we always feel negative vibes around us. We have to talk about this condition, this is not a topic to be ashamed of and this is connected to our physical health too. Most of the people take professional help and some of those don’t even know that they have that kind of problem.

We do not have to ignore this kind of situation, because this may become serious. That’s why we have to talk about this to our friends and family. Because this is connected with our emotions.

Benefits of physical activities

Our mental health is connected with our physical health so that’s why our physical health is also connected with our mental health.

  • If our body is healthy automatically our mind feel stress free state. Exercise is the best way to keep your body energetic and physically healthy and also good for our mind. Researchers says that if you are doing physical exercise it can improves your mood and yo feel relax.
  • Being Physically healthy is that you feel healthy and have no illness.
  • Playing sports helps you to get healthy and fit body and you can have healthy mind too.
  • Doing yoga can get you healthy body and healthy state of mind. And doing yoga can also release your stress.
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