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Right Career Path – For one who aspires for higher education

The primary important phase in a student’s life is deciding, choosing the suitable and best path for the future as our career and growth depend upon our decisions. Most of the time we have to create a career choice for which we are not even ready. Although, we don’t have much experience or knowledge about that so it becomes quite difficult to approach the correct path out and hence becomes a challenging task. The thing that matters the foremost is what you love, what’s are your interest in, what do you specialize in. An early start has never hurt one’s chance but gives more opportunities for building your future.

Teenager years are undoubtedly the best part of everyone’s life. You may receive lots of opportunities in your life but constantly studying and not having a social life will surely cause you to be a nerd. Shutting your teen years for the sake of the long run will make you a millionaire but at the cost of having no real life outside books. Appearing for IIMs or IITs or IPS or IAS isn’t where your life is prescribed to be. Even the world’s richest and successful people weren’t from these prestigious universities, they build themselves out. Rejoice and luxuriate in your teen years as this time will never come and you may crave it. But also don’t ditch your motive and not indulge yourself in all this that you just lose your focus towards life!

Warren buffet the 2nd wealthiest man said that ‘do that job that excites you like whether you’re getting paid or not. Selecting the trail where your interest is and where you get excited while doing that, as once you gain the experience and enhance yourself with the proper exposure then you build your future in this and nurture in l

Some tips for career education

Here are few tips to test out, so it makes your decision easier:

  1. Do deep research – If you’re still in chaos for what to opt-out and don’t know anything regarding that, do some research about it. Check review for various courses offered by universities that interest you, and also the placements they’re providing. Examine it, explore it and then finally decide about it.
  2. Take counselling – there are many universities that provide career counselling for college students otherwise you can visit on your own for guidance. This provides a transparent clarification of our interests, taste, and scope for the longer term.
  3.  Reprimand professionals and experienced people – talk over with people who have already got experience with it and to grasp the important facts and figures. Comprehend the professional daily activities and problems faced and also the possibility of growth in a very particular field, analysing everything and so opting out for the acceptable.
  4. Doing internships and attending workshops – working as an intern if you are in college or school enhances your experience during a particular field of interest and dealing it different companies and organizations gives you exposure to the skin world.
  5. Self-awareness – the foremost important point while deciding your career path is to be self-aware that because getting influenced by your friends to opt the identical field. You wish to grasp what you’re dedicated at, your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to understand your preferences and decisions more.
  6. Not making decisions when you are pressurized – decisions that are taken under a pressure never work, take it slow, feel relaxed, and with no doubts in your mind. Analyse yourself well and therefore the investment within the future, time, and also the area you wish to go for.

‘With great powers comes great responsibility, so it’s never easy to accomplish something without putting the efforts into it. What you sow now so shall you reap in the future. Everything needs time, even recognizing yourselves we want patience. But to people who have the privilege to grasp what their true passion is about, can follow it and endure the most effective out of them.

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Is start-up a good idea?


The idea for start-ups or entrepreneurs is kind of interesting while many start-ups use the challenges and also the kinds of skills you’re listed or good at, like start-ups there come many risks related to it. It basically a roller-coast ride and within which not everyone can slot in.

After if you are determined to start-up up your own addition to it firstly an enormous sum of investment is formed additionally it joining a start-up is to leverage your skills the ideas, strategy, failure, success, marketing, and promotion everything being related to it and plan accordingly thereto.

Start-up ideas generally come from our brain as kinsfolk our brain works constantly based on good or bad experience as 60% of ideas come from past experience only. These are the ideas that help us create better products or services. If we got no experience with something then new ideas can’t be cultivated as our past experiences what we learn and search out the items. If your brain works out how the ideas are created and what are its result one can surely work on start-ups.

Are tough choices really difficult to achieve?

Tough choices are difficult to achieve because there are no best options available, the selection of hard choices is something big, something that actually matters to you. Hard choices are difficult to form because we have a higher alternative than that so it puts us in a very situation where we just stuck out which one to opt or not. Although not all hard choices are large enough, small choices also can be hard because it all depends on how we tackle them out. The very fact is that the hard choices aren’t that tough but because we make them hard! Even having two alternatives with set reasons then also choices are often hard because we don’t know what may be the possible best and appropriate us.

One must take an opportunity and pursue what they like and need to try and do whether or not possibly be a bust out of it. If you succeed you may grow and glow in life and if-else you wouldn’t or fails a minimum of you recognize that you simply have given the most effective out of yourself and march on to something else it no regrets which is what life is all about.

Final statement

‘Not all glitters are good’, and not everyone is born to be perfect we learn, we fail, we try, we run but never stop that what your life taught us. Irrespective of what matters life puts up ahead of you. If you are not ready or haven’t selected something for your future- look, set things out but enjoy your teen life never burden or pressurize yourself.

You can learn and grow from other’s experiences, so cultivate a mindset of openness to just accept challenges in life, eagerness to grow, stand and learn or seek knowledge from people whenever you may and from whom you’ll grow. Don’t stress out an excessive amount over a thing ‘do am I making the proper decision? Don’t stress an excessive amount about your career instead target your studies and you.

“If it’s your goal, achieve it
If you haven’t decided, work on it
Sometimes it seems difficult but never impossible
It’s your future that’s at stake.”

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