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Top Tips to Create Amazing Music Videos for YouTube

Music videos are a great way to promote an artist’s career, whether on social media platforms or Television. Because of this reason, you need to know the tips for making amazing music videos.

As a producer or filmmaker, learning the methods and techniques to make an outstanding music video is crucial. Some of the steps are assembled below:

1. Take ideas from successful music videos 

While creating a music video, you can take some ideas from the successful music video. In this way, you will know what worked and what didn’t. Also, you will get enough motivation to create music videos like them. 

2. Determine your budget

Making a well-defined budget helps you to know what you need to do. If you could know how much money you need to spend on music videos, you would use the money wisely. It does not matter whether your budget is small or big, and you will always find a way to make quality music videos within your limited budget in this world of music.

3. Make a unique concept

It is essential to discuss with the artist or band before you jump into the shooting process. This is done to know what they expect from the music video. Plus, you should know the song that will be used in the music video and ask the band members whether they have any special plans for the music video. While planning the video, it is essential to work according to the previously determined budget.

4. Make a plan 

Make a list of the equipment you need to conduct the music video project. At the same time, determine how many crew members you need to make the video. To make the process systematic, you can authorize everyone with a specific duty. You need to make strategies and plan accordingly.  

5. Select suitable destination

The location of the music video is determined by the theme of the music videos and the storyline you are featuring. If you have a low budget, it is better to shoot in a single location, and this helps make the video shooting process simpler and prevents you from spending extra money. Besides, if it is the first music video project, you should plan to shoot your music video in a different location. It is better to reach the set before if you plan to shoot in multiple locations.

6. Develop a unique storyline 

Every music video needs a basic storyline made with the help of multiple sketches. Determine the shots and camera angles you need for creating the music videos.

7. Hire experts for managing specific roles 

If you don’t know the process of how to make a music video, then consider hiring crew members, including a camera person, a director, a lighting man, choreographers, dancers, props, sound man, and last but not least, the band members. After you have gathered everyone, you can share your storyline with them. If you have the required skills and experience to take responsibility for the abovementioned roles, consider doing it yourself.

8. Provide all the necessary equipment to crew members 

The type of equipment you want to use in the music videos tells the desired standard of the video you want to create and your budget. As a producer or filmmaker, you need to check whether all the crew members have the required equipment to discharge their duties efficiently. The props play a significant part in music videos, which actors or band members use. While shooting the music video in different locations, you also need to have all your equipment from one place to another, so it is important to ensure that you have a suitable transportation system to make this possible.  

9. Jump into the filming process

After finishing all the preparation, it is time to drive deep into the shooting process. You should keep a record of the completed shots, and you should have a goal to take good shots for each scene. While working on the music video project, you should occasionally take a break and ask your team members to have some food. To set up the mood of the music video, you can even play the music as you film. 

10. Consider the lighting condition

Lighting is an essential element that you need to consider while shooting because most camcorders cannot maintain the recording standard. It mainly happens due to the low light condition. If you do not want to stretch your budget further, you can consider shooting outdoors to get the required lighting. However, if you have an expensive camera, you can shoot the video in low-light settings. Besides, you can consider buying lightning kits separately.

11. Use stock footage

If you are searching for extra footage, go for copyright-free stock footage from authentic free websites. It can save you much time and effort. Therefore, it is beneficial when you cannot capture the actual shot you are looking for.

12. Record live footage

You should consider recording the footage live. Live shooting allows you to capture the raw energy of the band, and you can get the original feedback of the audience. Make an effort to blend the live footage with other video clips. It will provide you with a great result. If you have not yet recorded a live stream, then consider hiring an expert for this task.

13. Be creative

You should think out of the box to give a special effect in the music video. For instance, you can experiment with color saturation that will help to make the music videos unique. You can promote your video content on youtube easily with well-planned strategies.

In most of the viral music videos, you find that the musicians are experimenting with flashing lights. But be careful not to overdo it as it may ruin the entire video quality. Giving a special touch of yours consumes much effort and time, so you should be aware of that. Do not focus more on zooming effects, and keep it as simple as possible. When you zoom your videos, consider including sound effects also. 

All these tips are effective and tested for making creative music videos. Follow all these tips religiously if you are a beginner. 

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